beware 3 I live in in Marin County and sometimes I go to Belvedere Park. I am spanish speaking. I always see many nannies from different countries, many of them are very good with the kids but there is a group there that don't treat very well the kids, since I speak spanish and I can understand what they say. The thing is there are there some nannies that just mistreat the kids verbally in spanish. A nanny that is new there also speaks by the phone using bad words in front the kids. I saw the same thing at Sycamore Park in Mill Valley so I stopped going to that park with the little one because I didn't want him to learn that kind of words or hear them. But I think I can't go from park to park trying to find a good place to have fun. The nanny who was speaking bad words was taking care of 2 kids, girl (around 3 years old) and boy (around 1 year old).

There is also another nanny that takes care the same kids on other days. She also doesn't treat very well the kids. It is just the way they do, like the kids are animals, they don't talk to them nicely, they do it sometimes when they want to show in front others moms, but when most of the adults at the park are nannies they don't care and they act totally different.

Not all the nannies there are like that, there are some that are really great with the kids. I think that the parents need to know and maybe send somebody the nanny doesn't know to check. I think the parents sometimes forget that their treasures are in other hands and they need to be sure.
I spoke at length with the OP and feel that she is genuine in her concern over the way some of these children are being mistreated. If any parents from either park know of these Nannies, please send someone to check on your children.

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