Chase Bank - Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

bad nanny sighting 5 Hi I was just at the Chase bank in the ATM area at about 9:45 am 4/21/11 when I saw a nanny wearing a grey beret and two boys with light brown hair about 6 or 7 years old with her. Not sure if they were twins or not. She has a west indian accent. One of the boys was playing with the atm machine and she said something to the effect that he must be a baby to be playing with it and ask if he was a baby several times in an irritated voice. She pulled him roughly towards her and when he pulled away she hit him on the back. Not hard, but not gently, either and pulled him by his arm holding him harder than necessary to restrain him on his arm. He complained that she was pulling him and she pinched him. She was on the phone for some of this conversation. Although it wasn't extreme "abuse", I would say that if these were my kids, I would be in a big hurry to replace her with some one who seems to actually like kids and someone who is a better role model! My concern was that if she does this in public, what does she do to them in private. It was obvious to me that the kids did not like her. I hope someone knows someone who might have an idea of who the parents are -- I didn't say anything because I thought it would escalate the situation and I don't know who to report to... Just concerned, Park Slope


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

You're right OP, these children need to be in the care of a nanny who genuinely loves children and isn't out just to make a buck.

I have been a Nanny for a very long time and I have NEVER hit a child I was caring for...not even a light hit. What this woman did was inexcusable and is grounds for immediate termination. True...imagine what she does when they are not in public. I shudder at the thought.

Serena said...

You mentioned this incident occurred in the ATM area of the bank: There's an excellent chance at least part, if not all, that happened during was caught on the ATM's camera. Too bad any footage recovered won't help much, given you're unsure who to report the mistreatment to now. Were you to find yourself in a similar scene in future, perhaps alerting a manager/employee to what is transpiring on the premises would be a start? If things escalate, they're within their rights to summon the appropriate authorities. The ATM/security camera tapes would then (hopefully) back up the claims made, and result in charges being pressed. Just my thoughts on the subject, for what they're worth. :)


american kids need to be toughened up, there is a whole generation of wimpy babies running around!
When I was in school there was no bullying not like there is today why because if you got made fun of you kicked the shit outta the kid
today kids are taught to be so passive and every one has to be politically correct

bluebell said...

Monkeyshines, attitudes have thankfully changed since you were in school, and while you might think it's okay for a child to be verbally and physically abused like this I'm sure there are plenty of people - including this poor little boy's parents - who would disagree.

nanny2 said...

Wow, that nanny needs to get a grip...Who even cares if he's touching the ATM machine for 10 seconds? Not worth getting that irritated about it.

OP, did you also post this on the Park Slope parents board? You might have more luck actually having someone recognize these boys if you post over there, and include any other details that you may remember.

NewishMom said...

Sounds like it's just a bad match. The traditional West Indies approach to child rearing is very strict so if you have an older West Indies nanny be aware of that. I have heard older nannies are better for infants and young nannies are best for children this age. I agree with that completely. At this age they want somebody who doesn't let them get away with everything but who is far less uptight and can actually be fun to hang out with.