a day in the life
By cheesenipsaregood
7:20 Pull into driveway. Chug the last of my coffee.
7:30 Go inside, greet the kids who are watching TV while mom gets ready for work.
7:35 Roll the baby, who is already in his highchair, into the kitchen and give him some cheerios to munch on while I make breakfast.
7:50 Call kids into kitchen for breakfast. Eggs for Baby and Toddler. Cereal and fruit for Big kid, who doesn’t like eggs.
7:55 Mom is ready for work. She comes in and chats for a couple minutes while she gets the last of her stuff together.
8:00 Mom kisses kids goodbye and leaves for work. Toddler refuses to give her kiss, but cries when she is gone.
8:05 Clean up Toddler and Big kid, clean up table, put dishes in dishwasher, wipe down counters. Baby is still a mess, but content in his high chair. Big kid and Toddler have gone back to the TV.
8:15 Clean up Baby, take him into his room and get him dressed.
8:20 Tell Big kid and Toddler to turn off TV. They fight over who gets to push the button. Tell them that Baby gets to push the button and they laugh as I carry Baby over to the TV and try to make him turn it off.
8:23 Take Toddler into his room to get dressed. Big kid plays on the floor with Baby.
8:30 Help Big kid get dressed while Baby and Toddler play on floor.
8:31 Grab Baby just as he’s about to get into the potty. Pat self on back for fast reflexes.
8:35 Get school stuff together for Big kid while the kids play some rendition of duck duck goose.
8:45 Get shoes and coats on.
8:48 Wonder why I started with Toddler who is already out of his coat.
8:50 Rush out the door, get kids strapped into car seats. Try to convince kids to listen to Spanish cd, but they want the radio.
9:00 Arrive at school just in time. Walk Big kid and her friend into school, while friend’s mom watches the little ones in the car. Wonder who had the bright idea to put pre-school on the second floor.
9:02 Help Big kid and friend hang up their coats and backpacks and put their snacks in the snack box.
9:05 Big kid and friend both decide they have to go potty.
9:10 Kiss kids goodbye, tell them that friend’s mommy is picking them up today.
9:15 Try to get out of busy parking lot, speech pathologist will be at the house in 15 minutes. Sing along to the radio with Toddler. He loves Lady Gaga!
9:25 Pull into driveway. Beat speech pathologist to the house! Rush inside.
9:30 Take off shoes and coats. Toddler waits by the window for speech pathologist while I get Baby ready for nap.
9:32 Speech pathologist walks up to the door. She comes in with her bag of toys and Toddler immediately asks for “tato” head. They sit down at kitchen table and get started.
9:40 Baby is asleep. I join Toddler and speech pathologist at the table. We play with playdoh, Mr. Potato Head, puzzles, and books.
10:15 Speech session is over. Toddler gives speech pathologist a high five. I talk to her for a few minutes about his progress and she writes a note for his parents.
10:20 Toddler and I read books and munch on goldfish.
10:50 Toddler wants to go outside. I explain that we can’t because baby is sleeping. He cries. I redirect Toddler to blocks. He tells me all of his colors and counts five blocks. I‘m so proud of him.
11:00 Baby is awake and talking to himself in crib. Toddler and I go to get him up. Diaper changes for both.
11:15 Get Baby and Toddler into shoes and coats and loaded back up in the car.
11:25 Arrive at school early. Sing with Toddler while we wait for friend’s mommy to bring out Big kid.
11:35 Big kid cries when she has to say goodbye to friend.
11:45 Arrive home and go inside. Help kids out of coats and shoes. Set Big kid up at table with crayons and paper. Toddler and Baby play with refrigerator magnets while I make lunch.
12:00 Help Big kid clean up crayons, get Baby in highchair, and Toddler in booster seat. Give Big kid and Toddler their soup and crackers. Feed Baby yogurt and give him vegetables and chicken from the soup to feed to himself.
12:10 Get Big kid and Toddler popsicles. Give Baby a small piece to try, he throws it at me and it goes down my shirt. Everyone laughs.
12:20 Clean up kids, change Baby's messy clothes, put Baby on floor to play. Tell Big kid and Toddler we are playing hide and seek, and they get to hide first!
12:25 Pretend to look for Big kid and Toddler while I change the bag in the diaper pail and take out the kitchen garbage.
12:30 Finally find those sneaky kids and tell them what a great hiding spot they had, even though it’s the same closet they hide in every single time.
12:35 Stand in the bathtub with Baby waiting for someone to come find us.
12:40 Baby screams, we’ve been found!
12:50 Back to pretending to look for Big kid and Toddler while I load the dishwasher.
1:00 Everyone is sick of hide and seek. Time to put Baby down for nap anyway.
1:02 Change Baby’s diaper, warm up his milk, rub his back, turn on his music, tip toe out of room.
1:10 Do craft with Toddler and Big kid.
1:30 Toddler and Big kid do their best to help clean up
1:40 Put Toddler down for nap. He’s asleep before his head hit’s the pillow.
1:45 Put on TV for Big kid. Sweep and steam mop kitchen floor.
2:05 Read books with Big kid.
2:25 Put Big kid down for nap. She says she’s not tired, but she’s falling asleep on my lap.
2:30 Eat my lunch, do sudoku puzzle, call my grandma, text another friend’s mommy to set up a play date later in the week.
3:00 Fold laundry. Finish cleaning up mess from the morning. Wonder where Big kid’s other sock is. Wonder where pink sippy cup is. Wonder where all Baby’s pacifiers are.
3:30 Baby wakes up crying. Crying wakes up Big kid. Change Baby’s diaper, tell Big kid she gets a prize if she can find her other sock, the pink sippy cup, or Baby’s pacifiers.
3:35 Big kid has produced a sock and two pacifiers. Give her a nickel. She thinks she’s rich and runs off to put it in her piggy bank.
3:36 Play catch with Big kid while Baby plays on floor. Then blow raspberries on Baby’s tummy with Big kid. She loves to make him laugh.
4:00 Toddler wakes up. His teddy bear has fallen down between his bed and the wall. Big kid climbs up on bed to find teddy bear, but Big kid and Toddler end up jumping on bed instead, which they know is not allowed. Big kid and Toddler go to time out.
4:05 Explain to Toddler and Big kid why jumping on the bed is dangerous. Have a three way hug and the time out is forgotten. Change Toddler’s diaper.
4:10 Big kid and Toddler run around between bedrooms, Baby sits in his walker while I put laundry away.
4:25 Big kid and Toddler sit at the kitchen table and eat granola bars while Baby sits in high chair and has a bottle and cheerios. I run around picking up last minute messes.
4:30 Dad is home. I tell him about the day and Big kid gets teary because it’s time for me to go.
4:40 Big kid and Toddler walk me out to my car. I watch them walk back to the door and blow them kisses as I drive away.


Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

What a terrific (and realistic!) DITL of a nanny to 3 - brought back memories for me!

Love how you handle everything and keep the kiddos amused!

Nanny who loves what she does said...

Sounds like a great day!!! I love the popsicle "incident"- made my day- laughing so hard.

Thx for sharing. And keep up the great work. Sounds like the kids (and parents) love and respect you.

Someone's Nanny said...

Didn't realize how long this was when I wrote it! Thanks for the nice comments. :)

nanny2 said...

Love it! You are able to balance everything (3 different-age kids, the household, the schedules!) very well. This feels really accurate to me, too, as another nanny of more than 2 kids...always just barely on time for school, therapy, activities, etc; running around in circles trying to get everyone ready to leave the house; cleaning up while playing hide and seek (that's one of my favorites); as well as discipline (I think you're the first one who has actually talked about that, which was nice to hear). Yet also a lot of fun, and definitely had me laughing while reading.

nycmom said...

You sound truly skilled at multi-tasking. Reminds me a lot of my current amazing nanny! It really is a different skill set to juggle 3 kids of different ages (even if 1 or 2 go to school) vs. one infant/toddler.

Your employer is very lucky!