a day in the life
By Nanny Lexy
7:50: I walk through the door and call "hello?" I hear dishes clanking and see the baby running towards me with a big smile on his face. At almost 2 years old, he is now a toddler, but I think I will always see him as a baby. I scoop him up into my arms and give him a big kiss.

7:51: I greet Dad who is busy finishing up the dishes and I pretend not to see "Bear" hiding under the table and begin our morning routine of "looking" for him. Normally we keep this up for a couple minutes but today he decides to hide a little longer.

8:00: Mom comes downstairs and greats me with a big hug and asks how my weekend went. After I get the details of their weekend we talk about the schedule for the day.

8:10: Mom and Dad both head out the door and I start to make the boys breakfast. Depending on their preference that day I make either oatmeal, eggs, cereal, or french toast. Today they decide on cereal and I begin cutting up some fruit. I then help the boys into their chairs and I sit down with them while they eat and we talk about what they did over the weekend.

8:45: After cleaning up both the boys I start to pack the diaper bag, fill the sippy cups with water, grab the stroller out of the garage and let the boys fill up the basket with sand toys and balls. We then go up stairs and get dressed. I always have "Bear" pick out his outfit and help me pick out babies as well.

9:00: I slather sunscreen on the boys and put their hats and shoes on. We then make our way to the park.

9:30: We are greeted at the park by the normal "group" which consists of nannies and mommies. Normally we have a mom or nanny set up at each station of the park so we know the kids are all safe. Today I got the sandbox and began filling up buckets of water from the water fountain to dump in so we can make sandcastles.

11:00: We arrive home. After arriving home we all wash our hands and I turn on a show for the boys to watch (PBS of course) while I prepare lunch.

11:30: We are all gathered around the table eating a lunch consisting of sandwiches, carrot sticks and a plum.

Noon: I walk the boys up stairs to "Bears" room where we read two books of his choosing. I then take "Baby" to his room and read him one book of his choosing. After stories I kiss "Baby" and go back to "Bears" room. We read one more story of my choosing and then I kiss him and head downstairs to clean up the lunch mess.

12:40: After finishing tidying up, I lay down on the coach and watch a show. After that I read my book until "Baby" wakes up.

2:00: "Baby" wakes up and I bring him downstairs to have a snack. We sit and read books while he eats some cheerios and drinks his milk.

2:30: I hear "Bear" coming down the stairs and see him peek his head around the corner. I smile at him and tell him to join us when he as ready, as he often wakes up grumpy.

3:00: After the boys are done with their snacks we go into the play room and play games, do art projects, or play hide and seek.

3:30: Dad comes home from work, he is a teacher, and the boys run downstairs to give him hugs and kisses. Dad gives me a big hug and asks how our day went.

3:45: After a recap of the day, I play 2 more games of hide and seek. I kiss the boys good bye and they all walk me to the door. As I get into my car I can see them all standing in the front window waving to me. I wave back, get into my car and drive away. Another successful day with "my boys". I drive home while planning the next days activities...park, beach, pool, disneyland, mall, harbor?


NapTown Nanny said...

Sounds great, but why all of the hugging? Hugging the parents is a little weird to me.

Morgyn said...

Haha, I read most of this assuming that "Bear" was the baby's favourite teddy bear, rather than the older child!

I said...

hhaha ^ I thought it was the dog!

Nanny Lexy said...

I call him bear because he is like a cuddly teddy bear! We do all hug a lot. It was weird at first since in my 9 years as a nanny I've never hugged the parents. But we are super close. Their sons are going to be ring "bears" at my wedding next year and their parents are paying for the flowers as our wedding gift. We have had them over got dinner many times and are included in their holiday traditions. I hope to always be in these boys lives and feel blessed to have such a strong bond with the family!

Vanessa said...

I don't see why hugging is weird. Some nannies are lucky to have families who treat them like a family member, not an employee. I am one of them. Dad hugs me sometimes, he's an affectionate guy. And no, it's not the dirty perv or flirty kind of hug you all think ( he does it in front of mom). It's a genuine, caring "you are family, you are my pal" hug. Which is awesome.

Sounds like you work for great people OP!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I agree that it there is nothing wrong with hugging your employers. They sound like a great family who appreciates you not only as their Nanny,but also as their friend as well. The children seem to adore you Lexy and from what you wrote, I can see why. It makes me want to be a little kid again just hearing how much fun you guys all had. It's obvious you enjoy your job and it is refreshing to see after just reading the previous "bad" Nanny sighting.

You are a winner (not like Charlie Sheen) and you sound like a great Nanny. Keep up the good work!!~

nycmom said...

Sounds sweet!

Neither DH nor I hug our nanny on a daily basis, but we do for special occasions such as right before Christmas, congratulations on something, etc. I tend toward more of a professional relationship with our nanny and try not to cross over too far into "family" as that has caused me problems in the past. Nonetheless, I have genuine respect and affection for my nanny so it's hard not to show it with a hug sometimes!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I love the obvious enthusiasm you have, and the way you balance the needs of kids 3+ years apart!