Wooden Park in Highland Village, TX

good nanny sighting Good Nanny Sighting: The nanny was in her late 20's, had a european accent, long dark hair, glasses and was at least 5'10". She had four kids with her, 3 boys between the ages of 6-11 (one boy had Down Syndrome, and I heard one referred to as Jason) and one girl approximately 8. She carried a blue cooler.

They were at the wooden park in Highland Village, TX near Briarhill Middle School Today, around 2-3pm. This is a big, all wooden park that doesn't provide much visibility. I watched as she played with and encouraged her charge with DS while keeping the other three children in her eyesight and happy. It was refreshing to see another nanny who didn't sit idly by out of eyesight of her charges. Whoever employs her is very lucky!

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Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

How refreshing to hear about a nanny who actually INTERACTS with her charges at the playground. I know it must be hard to manage four children..esp. one with Down's syndrome. Kudos to this nanny. She is worth her weight in gold.