Why Do Some People Become Parents?

opinion 1 Don't work for Craig & Leah G**** in Georgetown, Ma. The first few months were great, and then Leah just decided to quit her job and said "oh I don't need you for the next few weeks". I worked full time and that was my source of income to pay my rent/car/school, etc. My contract was for Mon-Fri 9-5, and then she kept pushing back the hours, 10-4, 9-2, if someone wanted to come visit, she would just say "oh can you leave at 1:00 today". I did laundry, cleaning, education, and caring for her child, and I was so mistreated. When I gave my month notice, she flipped out, and is still harrassing me now. She "doesn't wanna get stuck" with her son, hes "so annoying". Just awful. Why do some people become parents?


Nannycaroline said...

Wow that sounds just like my most recent former boss! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. They just don't understand that this is a real job, and we need the money to live. I hope you find a great job soon. (I am looking too. I live in the South though.)

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

She called her son "annoying?" mean. Anyway, that is mean that they have cut your work hours. But if she quit her job, perhaps her income is smaller and she cannot afford to pay you.
You gave a month's notice? Why? I think in the nanny profession it is not a good idea to give a notice once you realize the job is not working out. What your employer is doing to you is a great example of why I believe this. For some odd reason, once parents get notice their nanny is leaving, they turn into crazy and mean people. They know you are a good nanny and are not so easy to replace. Take it as a compliment OP. Anyway, you are not obligated to stick around. Since they didn't hold up their end of the contract since they cut your hours, you do not have to hold up yours by giving proper notice.

Wow said... states that if a nanny is available for the work day and the parents decide they don't need her for that day, she should be paid anyway. That's the agreement I have had with my full-time jobs. I make it clear that it is my sole income and that I need to work a minimum of a certain number of hours per week.

It's shameful that parents don't respect nannies, or should I say the nanny profession, to the degree that they think they can treat us any way they feel like. However, it's also a shame when we as nannies don't have enough self-respect that we put up with the crap the parents dish out. Many times parents do what they do because they can get away with it. In my opinion, it would improve the industry if we learn our rights, stand our ground, and act like we expect the same respect that we give.

Bostonnanny said...

Wow: I agree that more nannies should stand up to their bosses. Unfortunately a lot of them do not because they are in desperate need of a job and cannot survive without their jobs. The economy is not good now and most nannies know that they cannot go from job to job. It may be months before they find another position. Many out of work teachers and such are working as nannies which makes the nanny field ultra competitive now.
I place the blame with the families. They need to start respecting the people who care for their kids. Fuck them if they don't.


The last job I had the mom used the word "NEEDY" instead of "ANNOYING". God forbid if you have to comfort your own child!


Whoops! I meant her husband!

Wow said...

Bostonnanny: I understand what you're saying, but as nannies we have the same rights as any other worker. The more nannies that recognize this, the better. We should at least have a written contract so there's proof if there's a breech in that contract.

There's nothing wrong with a nanny not working extra hours without pay, or saying she needs to work a certain number of hours and earn a minimum of a certain amount per week. Any reasonable employer would understand that.

Until we as nannies know our worth and our rights, things will not change. Nanny is part of the childcare industry. We are employees, not indentured servants. We should not act like we are by allowing ourselves to be treated like we are.

Wow said...

I should clarify the last sentence of my last post. I meant we should not act like we are servants by allowing ourselves to be treated as servants.

Also, Bostonnanny, I agree that the families should respect those who care for their children. But reality is, we teach people how to treat us. If we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, we will continue to be taken advantage of.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Wow, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about standing up for ourselves in the nanny profession and demanding to be treated fairly. As a Nanny, I hear ya Sistah!!~
But I agree with Boston Nanny that in theory...that is true. But there are many women out there who do not stand up to their bosses because they need their jobs and can't afford to lose them. Being a Nanny is all they can do and they know that if they leave, there are already 20 other girls lined up behind her to take her place. Employers know this as well which they use to their advantage. Somehow they think this gives them a license to treat a Nanny like less than she is worth.
I empathize with all the Nannies that are stuck in jobs where they are being disrespected, used, over-worked and taken for granted on a daily basis yet cannot speak up since they know it is very possible they will be fired on the spot. They have little or no savings and no family to lean on. So they trudge along in hope that either things will improve and their employers will "wake up" and appreciate them more or they hope there is a better job out there, just lurking around the corner. Perhaps after work they go straight to the computer, log on either, or Craigslist. They keep their fingers crossed that their "dream" family is out there looking for a wonderful Nanny...just the kind of Nanny that they are! :)

Bostonnanny said...

What the fuck! I don't post for a week and someone takes my moniker and posts on every article!
Marypoppinpills- I'm upset how do I claim my moniker, so no one can take it? I know it's a generic name but I've been posting here for over a year and I don't want to be misrepresented.

Kloe K. said...

If I were you, I would create a google email account and use your ID name for that.
I have been a viewer for a year too and have had to change my moniker quite a few times.
Try not to get angry. It happens. I think it is a mistake and not anything done intentional.

Phoenix said...

Some people shouldn't be parents. I am one of them. I physically can't have kids but if I could I wouldn't. I think that some people should realize if they are going to be bad parents and not bring kids into the world. I have a step son that I don't really take care of. I do think children are annoying hence why I don't reproduce. Some people just don't understand they can do that for some reason

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Phoenix..I do admire your honesty.
You said you do not care for your step son. How old is he?

Phoenix said...

He is 11 now. And has always been very efficient. I mean I would feed him if his dad wasn't home and make sure he wasnt in any direct harm but I have never been able to form a bond with children.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said... you think it was fair to marry his father if you didn't think you would bond with his son? Do you think bonding with his son should be a "given" since you married his Dad?
Anyway, your honesty is refreshing and for both of your sakes, I do hope you eventually have a nice relationship with your step son. I am sure both parties would benefit from it. How can they not??!~

georgetown nanny said...

I am also a nanny in Georgetown, MA. Its such a small, close knit community, I just cannot believe there are parents like this! Parents never cease to amaze me in this line of work.