Good Luck, Denise!

reader sbmission This isn't something typical ISYN would do but I found it to be inspiring. A Nanny and longtime Reader of this Blog wrote us a letter asking if we could support her quest to be the face of Fitness Magazine. Here is her story:

I have worked hard to lose over 100 pounds through exercise and healthy eating. My whole life began to fall into place when I prioritized my heath! I shed more than pounds, I shed insecurities, personal doubts and fear. I gained confidence and found the kind of happiness that can only come from being absolutely true to yourself. I even met the man of my dreams and he too lost over 100 pounds before we even met! I try to motivate and be an example to my family and friends, even strangers! I am passionate about fitness and would love to share my story in hopes of inspiring others who (like I once thought) think it's impossible to acheive your fitness goals and become their best selves. It's more than possible, it's attainable for each and every person. I want to be the person who tells them and makes them believe it. ~ Denise (AKA Deni)
Here is the link to Denise's Blog for those wanting to know more:


nycnanny said...

uh, thats great but what does it have to do with this blog??????

lover of monkeys said...

I think this is great! As a nanny I have struggled with my weight. For me it's hard because being a nanny can be very lonely and I'm stuck in a house of food that I'm welcome to eat. Bad combo. What I'm really craving is connection with other people and I've had to work hard at building that for myself and dealing with my food issues. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think many nannies struggle with similar issues.

I've lost 50 pounds so far, I love that my family is supportive of this and that I can take long walks and get in some natural exercise throughout the day.

Way to go Denise!

Manhattan Nanny said...

I think this post is of interest to both nannies and employers. Many nannies struggle with their weight, and find it difficult to eat healthfully when they work ten hour days or more without a break. That doesn't leave much time for shopping and cooking. It can be especially difficult for those who live in if the family favors processed foods, and fresh fruits and veggies are scarce.

So employers, the next time your nanny is going to stay on for date night, do what my terrific momboss does. Make extra for dinner the night before. She would probably prefer leftover chicken and veggies to yet another slice of pizza.

Marissa L. said...

Being that she is a nanny and a reader seems to have a lot to do with it as this site has become a community for nannies, former nannies and parents who employ nannies. I appreciate the positivity and support of your readers :)

Too much Mac N Cheese..Ugh.. said...

I think this is something that is a silent struggle for a lot of nannies. It is hard to be with children all day and eat healthy, because kids are such snackers! The family that I work for eats pretty healthy and organic food, but I think it is all the snacking that adds up.. I have gained 15 pounds in the last year :( Ugh. I work for the nicest, most generous family. My MB brings me home treats all the time and every morning before I get there she goes for a coffee run and gets me a latte. If they go on a date night, they bring me home a dessert. I love how well they treat me, but I really need to cut back!!

NJnannyC said...

NYC nanny why you being so uptight?? Many many many nannies including myself struggle with being overweight! We don't have the time to get to the gym because we work 60 + hours a week, so instead, we just sit at home with the kids, and munch on their kid food! I think this article is very uplifting, and inspiring.

nycnanny said...

not uptight-I just do not get the relevance to the blog. I did not realize that so many nannies are overweight. I find the opposite thing at least with the nannies in NYC. We chase after kids all day which burns energy and are on the go constantly. I have never "sat at home all day" with any nanny job that I have had so I really do not buy that excuse.We dont own cars in NYC, so we walk everywhere. Even if you are somewhere that you need a car, I still say you are burning a lot of calories chasing after kids ( that is if you are an active nanny doing your job and not just sitting on the couch watching tv) And I do not eat junk food here as my bosses do not buy it. I eat healthy. I never associated weight problems with nannies-ever. Hence the reason why I am confused to the relevance.