.... WHAT?!

1) Part Time Nanny (Boston)
Part-time nanny needed for post-school pickup and care for two awesome kids for about 15-20 hours/week in lovely East Cambridge home. The kids are 3.5 (girl) and almost 6 (boy), they need to be picked up around 2:30 and kept from killing each other or the dog for about 4 hours until folks get home. Keeping them from killing the dog is easy -- they're all very sweet, funny, smart, and happy to do art, read, snuggle, listen to music, or follow you around, annoying you with questions about dinosaurs, yoda, princesses and why they can't kill the dog.

You need a driver's license, although not a car; you need a sense of humor and creativity, and the ability to prepare dinner, do some laundry and other kid-centric light housework, and keep them away from poisonous stuff.

This is a good gig for a grad student or part-time professional who wants some fun, love, humor and laundry in their life. Firemen would also be welcome. The house is nice, the kids are nice, the parents and the dog are fairly neurosis-free and we'd all love to meet you. Scheduling interviews now -- job starts in Dec./Jan., although early get-to-know-you babysitting sessions will be a good idea. Please, no freaks or drunks.
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idiots. said...

Maybe the OP of the feature ad meant to be funny but I don't really see the humor in talking about killing the dog. If the kids ask why they cannot kill the dog, something is not right. At best the children are learning to have a dumb sense of humor from their parents.

CongestedMissDee said...

Either I had too much cold medicine or my facial was that good; wtf is a "dipper"? So I guess when someone makes fondue or chocolate covered fruit, a diaper is used to "dip" the fruit in chocolate? lol

These parents want someone to watch their child from a monitor; do they not know you have to check in on children even though they have a monitor?

Anonymous said...

1) Don't kill the dog. Hysterical. I think this would be an honest, fun family.
2) Maybe he'd be better behaved IF YOU QUIT HITTING HIM!!
6) Make the boss happy? That wouldn't be a happy ending, would it?
8) Education much? Languages are best learned before age six, while the brain is still malleable.
12) ROOMS rent for $3400 is SF? Thank goodness I don't live there. Sure, I'll pay you two grand to watch your kid.
17) Kudos to #17. She knows what she's worth, and she's only 17. But I wouldn't call that cheap. (Perhaps she is used to working with Ladies of the Night.)
19) $200 a week for both a nanny to FOUR children and a housekeeper? Good luck with that.
20) Math much? Wants someone to put in 10 hours a day, but the hours are 6 a.m. to 6.:30 p.m., 12.5 hours a day or 62.5 hours a week. At $100 a week, that's $1.60 per hour. And oh, I forgot: prefer multilingual. I'd tell you where you ought to go with this, but I don't want to get banned.
21) Stay in school. Their supplies (are) here. And you were paying $25 a day, but now offer $8? That doesn't make any sense. Did you mean $8 per hour? I hope you are proofing your school work better than this.
23) I'd get a $25 reduction in pay. STAT!
25) $6/hr. isn't much, but at least she is clear with the definition of a nanny.


Rocket Scientist said...

#2 is just so sad...I don't care what your opinion on spanking is, this is just terrible. The ONLY description the parent can think of is "very poorly behaved little boy"???? He deserves a MUCH better parent!

#5...way to get the parents' attention right off the bat! Bringing up child molesters is the perfect way to find a job. Why didn't I think of that?

So I guess #7's babysitter is going to work the day after she gives birth?

#8 uses the worst reasoning I have ever heard for hiring a legal nanny. There are many, many good reasons to hire legal nannies (and no, they do not have to be American), but the fact that the job market is down the toilet and maybe you can find someone good who is willing to work for pennies is not one of those good reasons.

Maybe #12 knows a college student (to whom they appear to be marketing the apartment) who can afford to pay $2000, in rent alone, above what they make from their part-time job (even if it does "pay" $17.50/hour). I sure don't know one.

And again, with all the last-minute strangers coming to be alone with children at all hours of the day and night. Your date night is just NOT that important!

Rocket Scientist said...

Feel better, MissDee!! Maybe someone will make you a pot of ginger tea...just boil ginger root, brown sugar and water. I'm not sure of the measurements, but you could find a recipe online. It's very tasty (only when it's really hot...when it cools off it's not so good) and when I was in Asia my friends there swore by it :)

M. said...

#12- yeah, $3400/mo for a 2 bedroom in SF is pretty average. Provided the MB is ok with roommates moving in, whoever did the babysitting could probably live rent-free. If I was a student in the bay area I'd probably follow up on that one

No Idiots said...


I actually found the ad very funny. Everybody has a different sense of humor, I personally like it.

Rocket Scientist said...

I guess living rent-free would be good, but that is not exactly the case here. The nanny would be working a part-time job and (if roommates were allowed) only making enough to cover her portion of the rent. What about food, transportation, utilities, phone, etc? Maybe someone could make it work, but it seems like a big "maybe" to me :)

etereia said...

What a heartwarming add #8 is...Jeez

MidwestManny said...

#3- Am I the only one who doesn't see a problem with this ad? They want a responsible, cpr certified, experienced caregiver. You name your price for watching a 3 year old for an hour and then do whatever. My only guess to why it was featured was that the ad included the word ''partner.'' Guess what, not all families have a mom and a dad. Honestly, I'm very disappointed in ISYN. Save the space for real outlandish ads not someone's phobia.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Are you serious? You must not be a regular reader of ISYN or you would know that we do not tolerate racism or discrimination of ANY kind... and that includes gender. We do not believe in censorship but any comment that even hints at either is deleted.

The reason #3 was picked was because they were willing to have a STRANGER come in and watch their children:

"Babysitter needed tonight from 7:30pm-10:00pm (Portland)"

wouldn't you like to know........ said...

maybe I am wrong, but the term partner doesn't always mean a same sex couple. Maybe just an unmarried couple that prefer to use that term? I personally knew an older, adult couple that were together and had no interest in marrying again (both had bad marriages that ended in divorce.) They didn't like the terms "boyfriend/girlfriend" as they were both in their 50's, so they referred to each other as their partner.

MissMannah said...

WYLTK, you're right. My sister and her "boyfriend" have been together 24 years and they call each other their partner. It isn't necessarily a gay thing, it is an unmarried couple thing.