Corlears Hook Park in NYC

Received Monday, September 6, 2010
nanny sighting Bad, bad, bitterly bad nanny sighting. This woman should not be NEAR kids. Here,find the details:
The nanny was walking with the child, pushing the stroller and talking on the cell phone. Then all of a sudden, she goes, "Fuck, what the fuck do you mean". That is what I heard first. After that I heard a whole bunch of fuck words and variations on the word fuck. She pulled over to the side and was standing with one hand on the stroller shouting in the phone. Just then, the kid starts to cry. Maybe because his nanny is screaming like a banshee. So then with her one hand on the handlebar, she starts shaking the stroller like crazy! Like it was rocking on two wheels, even one wheel. So what do I do? I approach her.
I say, "that's not good for his neck"
She says, "What you know about his neck"
I say, "that's just like shaking a baby, you can't do that"
She says in to the phone, "Im gonna have to call you back now, some bitch wants to tell me how to push my baby carriage".
I say, "I'm not hear to argue with you, if you want, I can call the police and they can explain it to you"
She says, "Oh yeah, how you gonna call the police"
I say, "nevermind" and whip out my phone and turn around to walk away. She says, "what bitch: and spins me back around, then she punches me in the wrist of the hand that has the phone. The phone goes flying but I catch it with my other hand. Now I know this is a problem. So I go, "Never mind"
She says, "You're damn right never mind"
I walked as fast as I could in one direction. When I did dare to look back, she was scampering away in the opposite direction (despite her tough talk).
This is at the Corlears Hook Park on the walking path by the FDR.
This is today about 10:45 AM.
This is the nanny:
Black with no accent, tall, with very short hair, wearing dark reddish/purple lipstick, a plain white t-shirt and khaki colored capris with ties hanging off of them.
This is the baby:
A boy, under 10 months, smattering of dark hair. Veins on his forehead. Wearing a blue windbreaker, the nylon scratchy material.
Stroller was grey with black hnadles and a yellow M on it. Also the buckles holding the child in were also yellow.


Claire said...

When you say black with no accent, do you mean as in no African-sounding accent, or no dialect, like ebonics or something? Yes, this is a serious question, it makes a difference.

Also, why on earth didn't you call the police? You should have anyway, and you were prepared to, but then she assaulted you, LITERALLY assaulted you, and that's when you choose to let it go?

I mean, thank you for posting here, but you could have been done something, and you were ready to...what stopped you? Even if you feared your safety at the time, you were walking in different directions at the end. CALL THE POLICE.

Fried eggs overeasy and toast :) said...

I would have called the police when I saw her shaking the stroller and I would have followed her to see where she was going.

Going up to someone and telling them they are abusing their child is risky and will achieve nothing.

Now you've been assaulted and you don't even know who this person is or where they went. And the worst part of everything is you haven't even mentioned actually calling the police. What do you think they're there for?

I'm really sorry but I don't completely believe your story. It sounds really trollish.

Meme said... called the police after you walked away right? If not, shame on you!

Great to post here, but this woman committed a crime...actually probably at least two. The police needed to be called....provided this all happened just the way you described.

I hate to be the "are you sure this is a nanny" person, but you didnt mention the race of the baby. Are we to assume the baby was caucasian?

wtf said...

OP, you were assaulted. Why did you not file a report? It is not too late: you need to report this incident, with what happened including when she struck you and a description of the nanny and child.

all caps said...

If I saw a baby being abused I wouldn't rest until I got a cop on their ass. I really hope this is a fake because if not this person should be ashamed. Why report it to us if you didn't think it was important enough to report to the cops? You are one more person who saw that baby get abused and did nearly nothing. His blood will be on your hands if he ends up dead. You may as well ignored what you saw because that's what you ended up doing anyway. I'm sorry to be rude, but how could you let her walk away and not call anyone?

Lila said...

The post doesn't sound fake to me. At least she's posting something here. Let's be supportive, folks.

sharon said...

the poster is not wrong to get scared - physical violence can shock you - hopefully the child will not be harmed and maybe the OP can keep an eye out to get more info

Marypoppin'pills said...


Thank you so much for your kind words.

I am sure the OP needs them right now.

Whose to say how they would react in this situation? I am sure the last thing OP expected was for someone to put their hands on her and now that her adrenaline has stopped pumping is probably re-playing the scene over, wondering what if anything she could have done differently.

Cut out the trashing, please.

Jane Doe said...

I concur with MPP.

lalalalalalola said...

What an awful sighting OP. :( What was the race of the baby? I REALLY hope mom and dad see this.

For all said...

New rule:

Take a picture before approaching.

Tried said...

I'm sorry. I have no pity for someone who saw a child being abused and didn't call the cops. I would have had plenty of kind words had she contacted authorities. Otherwise I can't find any words of encouragement. If something horrible happens to him the OP would be partially to blame.

And it's true no one knows how they would react if they were in the same situation. Walking up to her was not a brilliant idea. If she'll shake the stroller I think that shows her propensity to be violent. Plus she did the opposite of helping. She obviously pissed this monster off even more.

Meme said...

While I understand that the OP was obviously frightened for her own safety and true that we cant know exactly how we'd react in the same situation...I KNOW I would have called the police, even if it was after the fact so, I'm really more in agreement with "Tried" on this one.

TC said...

Op I would recommend contacting police, sure the lady got away but there very well could be cameras some where and if you tell them the child was abused as were you they might be able to get a copy of the tape.

Op I would also recommend next time if you see something like that to either take pictures or video with your camera. Also if you have any bruising on your wrist, arm or hand make sure you document that as well.

I hope this incident doesn't deter you from reporting abuse.

ericsmom said...

The OP is human like us all. We can't judge her. We weren't there. No one is perfect. In the perfect world she would have called 911 and the police would be there in a blink of an eye.
But I can imagine maybe she would call. And the woman would really attack her.

At least she took a stand. It would be nice; especially, knowing how busy NY is. If another person came to her side. I am sure others saw, and just turned a blind eye.

hillbilly daycare said...

I agree with Ericsmom. Who knows how we would handle the situation?

MissDee said...

I would've called the police right there after I said something to her and had she hit me in the face, that would be assault, which would have gotten her arrested. I wouldd've liked to see how she got out of that one, being arrested for punching OP in the face if OP had called the police in front of her.

OP, hope you are doing better after your morning...

Lola said...

Miss Dee, I am rather certain no one was punched in the face in this instance. Please read again slowly, the OP was punched in the wrist. On that note, I am impressed with OP's Matrix-like abilities, catching the flying phone in mid-air like that.

yeah Lola said...

That was pretty ninja-like...innerestin'.

on sighting said...

I would reiterate the take a photo before approach notion.

prettiblue said...

What race was the child? Why do these posts exclude race when the person is white? Confusing....

sparrow said...

why didn't you call the police?

but are you sure this was the baby's nanny? I live in a sketchy building with a lot of dysfunctional families
There are parents here who seem to swear at their kids all the time. I had called the cops on my neighbors when they started arguing and I heard a thump from the other side of my wall that I was sure was a person, then I heard their baby screech and the mother yelling "shut the fuck up". I called in for domestic abuse.

I'm just saying, not every bad adult is a nanny, this could very well be the mother. Not all parents are loving and caring, many are self centered and annoyed with being a parent.

bottom line here though, you should have called the cops. She hit you. Now you lost your chance because you don't have a clue who she is.

What you should have done is call the police when you saw her shake that stroller. You never go up to a parent and accuse them of abuse. Why? You don't know what people are capable of if you don't know them.

fried eggs..I agree with what you say, except the trollish part, I don't like how on this site people decide that it sounds like rubbish so it must not be true...I'm thinking you probably think this because she didn't call the police, however there are more people then not who turn the other cheek and decide to do the wrong walk away and be done with the issue she walked into.

this of it this way, an abusive parent and the other pretends nothing is happening. that parent doesn't stop the abuse nor acknowledges it. Therefore, the OP did that, she was too passive and even though she had the right idea of calling the police, she turned away and decided to not do the right thing. This is why I don't think this post was fake, its actually more realistic for someone to not call the police, even though its the right thing to do.

fyi. I do agree she should have called the police, just wanted to make it clear that this post probably is real.

CuriousDad said...

Most people have the reflexes to catch a flying phone. Unless they have something holding them back. Like thinking about it.

However in this case calling the police might have been a better bet. That and getting as far away from the nut case as possible.