Saturday, September 4, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Babysitter needed ASAP (Phoenix)
PAY IS 20$ PER DAY.... THAT'S IT. IF YOUR NOT OKAY WITH THAT THEN DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS ADD. $20.00 dollars per day is better then $0.00 per day and your basically getting paid to sit around watch tv and keep a kid company. Not exactly rocket science.
Kid is cute, happy, almost never cries - she just needs someone who can give her a little attention and while Im at work I cant.
Lounge has big comfy couches & a big flat screen. Ill bring movies and a computer so your not bored and if you need me to ill provide lunch.
Must be reliable = there on time everyday (if you cant make it call the day before so I have time to find another sitter)
Hours are 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday.
Ill feed her, Ill change her Ill take her if she starts crying aka you basically dont have to do anything but sit near her and play peek-a-boo with her if she gets loud.
She will be asleep for 4 of the 8 hours that I work....

Seriously this literally could not be easier... get paid 20 bucks to sit around for 8 hrs....
I will pay 20$ for everyday that you come............ Pay is in CASH every FRIDAY.
If I schedule you to come in and then I dont make it in, I will still pay you for that day.

After the second time you pull a no call no show or call the day of. I will terminate and find someone new.. This job is as easy as it gets but you have to be reliable.

* Response from angry CL readers:

2) RE: $20.oo per day is better than $0.00 per day (Phoenix)
Daycare providers DONT just sit around and do nothing---how dare you act like this.
What do you do? Sit at an office and JUST talk on the phone?

RUDE! Person! You will NOT find a person this way!!!!!!!!

3) RE: Babysitter needed ASAP (Phoenix)
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sad said...

I think CL should make a new rule: people offering jobs should be required to offer at least minimum wage.

Reading these are so depressing.

Anonymous said...

#16 from Phoenix is a lot of things, and one of them is not that bright. Bi-monthy is EVERY OTHER MONTH. So Phoenix is paying $400 every other month or $200 a month or $50 a week.

I think it was supposed to read bi-weekly, or $400 every other week, or $200 a week, which is still ridiculous. They think it's $10 a hour, since the job is 20 hours a week, but no one could get that much work done in 40 hours a week, much less look after the children.

And 1099 means they will report the income as if the nanny is a contracted employee who works elsewhere. Since the nanny is reporting to their house everyday, and the workplace is designed, and the same each day, a 1099 is illegal as hell.

I really want to make a crack about Arizona, and illegals, and working, but I'm. trying. to. refrain.

Marlboro Man said...

Sad, I don't agree. If it is a home-daycare the parent shouldn't have to pay minimum wage for one child. Although it is really low in our area you can expect to pay between 100 and 150 for a spot in a full time home daycare. The mom who is doing the childcare can have up to 3 non-related kids without a permit. So she can make up to 450.00 a week. 9 times out of 10 it's under the table around here.

I do think a nanny that goes to the child's home and takes care of the house, kids and even pets sometimes should be not offered below minimum wage. I agree with it in that level.

too quick to judge said...

Marlboro Man, read what Sad said again. Offering a job (requesting a nanny) is not the same as requesting a service (daycare).

sad said...


I don't mean home daycare, I was referring to someone who comes to the family's home to babysit or nanny for them.

sad said...

another point I just thought of: if you enroll your child in a home daycare, you will essentially be someone's client, not their employer. This is a huge difference. As a client, you can ask but cannot demand. As your home daycare provider's client, you can also be asked to leave if you do not follow the rules of the daycare.

I ran a home daycare for two years and to tell you the truth, it was more trouble than it was worth. The parents absolutely loved having the flexibility and the "homey" environment, but had trouble with the fact that it was my business and I ran it as I saw fit. They enjoyed the low rate but wanted one on one care for their child at the same time.

If I were to give parents any advice it would be: you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You can't get a quality nanny at home daycare prices.

East Bay Nanny said...

You know another trend I've noticed? Parents looking for a SAHM to *come to their house*.

I totally get a SAHM watching a kid or two for low rates just for some extra cash, but people expecting that same *stay at home* mom to come to their house totally defeats the purpose of staying home! What are they thinking!

See #19 for an example of this

Meme said...

While some of these people are clearly notjobs, as far as posting because of what they are offering to pay, in some parts of the country what they are offering is perfectly reasonable. Here in Michigan, moderately priced childcare with a licensed provider would run someone $125-150 a week for one child...full time (8-12 hours a day). Part time is typically about $4-6 an hour.

Floor dweller said...

Last time I checked bimonthly has two definitions,
One of them being twice a month.

Except said...

Meme, most of these people aren't looking for daycare.

Lola said...

I actually think #13 is cute, creative, and seems like a great job. I don't see anything wrong with it, although perhaps it's just on here for the reasons I listed above. Am I wrong?

Marypoppin'pills said...

Yes, you are correct. I thought it was too adorable not to share! ;-)

bi-curious, but not in that way! said...

I googled bi-monthly and under no circumstances is it twice/month. It's e/o month. I'm quite sure the person meant bi-weekly in the ad. I wouldn't want to work with someone who doesn't know the difference.

Meme said...

Except....I understand that but here the price doesnt change much either way. Where I come from, whether someone comes in or you take your children there, the pay is about the same. I know plenty of people who do both for a living and who use both types of care. A day center, though, would charge about twice that. But what I listed earlier is the typicaly price per week for home child care...your home or thiers....where I live. I am sure there are wealthier families who pay more, but this is typical of what most people here pay.

hillbilly daycare said...

what part of the country are you in? arkansas?

A little more polite... said...


Although "Hillbilly Daycare" is a bit of bitch apparently, I do have to wonder the same thing. I personally wouldn't have been so snotty in asking though.

It is a little odd to me to have a place where having someone watch your kids is the same price whether you take them somewhere else or have someone come to your house.

I think if someone has to come to your house they should be paid MUCH more.

If a person watches kids in their home it's more convenient for them, not to mention they can watch more kids than just yours.

If they come to your house they have to pay for gas and leave the comfort of their home. Plus they limit their potential income by agreeing to watch only your kids.

In my area I can make over 400.00/week by watching up to 3 kids full time. If someone wanted me to come to their house I would charge that 400.00 and I wouldn't really want to include any cleaning because that's not enough money in my opinion.

Meme said...

Sorry if it was missed in the other stuff I posted, but I did say in my original comment that I live in Michigan.

And real nice, Hillbilly...I shudder to think anyone leaves their children with you.

Meme said... A Little More Polite. First of, thanks for being polite.

But if you make $400 a week for three kids, that evens out to around what I said was normal for my area. I said the price I gave was for one child. $150 x 3 would actually equal $500. Of course some home days cares give discounts for kids in the same family, but it's still comparable.

The cost of living and the wages are not very high here either, though, so it evens out even if it is much less than places like NY or LA, where the cost of living and wages are much more than either is here.

Yeah so said...

To 'bi-curious but not in that way' or whatever, I also googled that when I read that comment yesterday because it didn't sound right to me and interestingly enough found this:

Definition of BIMONTHLY
1: occurring every two months
2: occurring twice a month : semimonthly

1. The group holds bimonthly meetings in January, March, May, and so on.
2. The group holds bimonthly meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Not sure what google you're using, but the result I saw yesterday is exactly the same as today...

hillbilly daycare said...


Why do you shudder? Because I said Hillbilly and made an Arkansas joke?

Wow. I continue to be amazed at how overly sensitive people are over a comment as innocent as that. People who curse are fine but say Hillbilly and you are suddenly more offensive than Howard Stern?

voice of reason said...

hillbilly, I swear! You are the same (and only) b i t c h on this forum who LOVES to start shit. Have you ever heard of tact, the golden rule or karma? Being a total cunt will catch up with you. But you're such an ass hole you'll probably blame your problems on someone else when karma bites your ass. You don't even have kids, right?

hillbilly daycare said...

again, why am I the one who starts things? you are swearing like a sailor. All I said was hillbilly.

I am really at a loss. ?????? wth???

Meme said..., not because you said "hillbilly." I could care less about that.

It's because you are a rude, tactless bitch.

Well, you asked.

hillbilly daycare said...


how so? what have I said that has been rude or tactless? can you give an example?

HBAC said...

hillbilly we know it's always you that starts things. There are probably only like 5 or 6 people here who post...if that. You are the one who loves to argue.

You have to use your cuntiness to get your point across because you really have no point.

hillbilly daycare said...

I'm sorry but I just don't see where you are coming from. I said nothing to deserve to be called those names. I have no idea who you think I am but I think you may have me mistaken for someone else?

cali mom said...

This is a new level of hilarity for ISYN. HBAC using the word "cuntiness" to describe the level of offensiveness she personally feels at someone's use of the word "hillbilly". How does the poor sensitive thing ever manage to read a newspaper??


MissMannah said...

Am I just extra-prude or what? Because I think there is never an excuse to use the "c-word." I can't even bring myself to type it, I find it so vile. I started laughing when I saw someone who thought she was a "voice of reason" swearing left and right. Is that really a reasonable way to get your point across. Come on ladies! Do we, or do we not teach our children to respect each other, whether or not we think they deserve it?

PS: Being from Oklahoma, I think we're about as hillbilly as they come, and I wasn't in the slightest bit offended. We know what we are and we can laugh at ourselves. :)

hillbilly daycare said...

thanks, cali mom and missmannah.I was beginning to think i was going crazy.

hey anyone remember that amanda show on nickelodeon? :) here's a clip

Meme said...

I dont think anyone was offended by the use of the word hillbilly...I know I wasnt.

I was offended by the implication that because child care was not a thousand dollars a week where I live I must be some kind of back-woods hick. Hillbilly's original comment was bitchy and rude.

That said, I was also not the one who used the "C" word (and I actually didnt even notice someone did until now)and I would never use that word. EVER. And I do not think it was justified here at all.

The comments including that word made about as much sense as a parent who's child says a bad a word and they correct them by yelling "Watch for f*cking mouth!" LOL

Meme said...

*your mouth (not "for"). Sorry

Enough Already!!!!! said...


You need to get over it and chill.
Grow up.

Meme said...

Enough need to go back and read the comments. I wasnt the one doing the fighting.

I was actually saying I did NOT agree with the instigator, regardless of the fact that they were defending me against Hillbilly's nasty comment towards me.

You are telling the wrong person to calm down...that is unless you are a drama instigator too.

actually... said...

Meme: you said, regarding hillbillie:
"It's because you are a rude, tactless bitch."

?? Seems to me that you are the name-caller/drama instigator. Hillbillie said none of these things. Seems you have a vendetta against this poster who really did not post much of anything at all. You are being overly sensitive, as other posters have pointed out.

... said...


HBAC? said...

Isn't it 'HBIC'???

Meme said...

Whatever...this kind of drama instigating is why no one posts on this site anymore.

AgreeGree said...

Agreed, Meme. I don't get why nothing is done about it.