Saturday, August 28, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Seeking Live-in Nanny/Housekeeper (Las Vegas)
Seeking loving,caring responsible person to take care of our 2 daughters, twins approximately 40 hours per week . We are seeking someone with a positive and upbeat attitude, who loves children.
« no criminal history
« Non-smoker
« Must have references; must approve of a background check
« Very responsible; dependable, on-time
« Must have childcare experience/history
« Fluent in English

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oh lord! said...


if your daughter is so "incredible" why would you pay such a low rate to any tom dick and harry off the street to care for her?

Oh wait a minute: she must be so freaking "incredible" that people should pay you to get to watch her.

Oh my lord. :(

Some Doozies this Week! said...

#4. Hi, my name is Christy... and I currently have a headache!

Lola said...

I don't see the issue with #15, am I missing something?

MB said...

That Grandpa one is kind of wierd. Sure he misses his grandchild but still very strange to advertise on Craigslist for replacement grandchildren.

Whizzers said...

I don't get how this first one made it as the feature, much less made it into the list at all...

Am I missing something? Very possible, lol. Can someone point out what is so odd/strange/disturbing about this, other than the typo?

This happens a lot to me, actually. I have submitted many CL-WTFs and some of them didn't make it in, but were clearly appropriate for CL-WTF, which is fine. it's hardly taken personally or anything...but kind of strange when some of the ones posted just don't seem to be very questionable.

Is there a certain criteria or something that must be met? Other than providing the link and copying the actual ad, I mean.

I have a lot of free time, I love searching for these crazy ads, but when I see some of these, I think...why's this here again?

I am asking an honest question here, not criticizing the site. I love it here.

duh said...

to whizzer:


in the last line it says "must be obedient!" and to boot they spelled it wrong!

to me it is a no-brainer: a nanny is an employee: not a servant. She need not be "obedient."

Whoever wrote this add is either an idiot or a stone-age asshole: neither of which would make ideal employees, in my opinion.

Whizzers said...

No need to be rude, duh. And I already stated 'other than the typo'. Maybe to you it's a 'no-brainer' because you're not using your brain to look at it any way other than the way YOU interpreted it.

By obedient, I assume they don't mean 'sit, stay, play dead' like a dog.

Obedient in this case to me would mean following directions, doing what is asked.

If it meant they wanted a slave, I'd be the first to tell them to go and eff themselves, lol. I would never work for someone like that, and no one should. Given the nature of the rest of the ad, though, I wasn't getting the impression that they were looking for a slave. I could be wrong, I don't know these people, of course. And I especially don't see how this is the 'feature' based on that alone. There are far worse out there!

Thanks for answering my question, but I don't know why you felt the need to talk me like I am less than a human being.

Whizzers said...

Also, obedient does not have to mean acting like a slave, which I thought most people understood. It may have that connotation, but that happens with a lot of words that people assume only mean one thing one way.

"obedient implies compliance with the demands or requests of one in authority" (

Sounds pretty typical of a person working a job, not a slave. We took it two different ways. I'm sorry you felt the need to belittle me, but that was unnecessary.

not obedient said...

I took this the way Whizzers did. No way would I work for someone looking for an "obedient" employee! And I am a very law-abiding, rules-following person...

Doozies said...

not obedient

Do you mean you took it the way Duh said? Whizzers was downplaying the fact that it said obedient. I know I could never work for someone that even used that word to describe "the help".

I think it is a good WTF.

Whizzers said...


I took it more as from someone who was trying to be taken seriously and used the term erroneously. Like when people try to sound smart by using 'big words' but they get them pretty much wrong, which will be taken out of context by someone who actually does know what it means. Perfect example. That's all.

Whizzers said...

And excuse me, Doozies, I wasn't 'downplaying' anything. I was explaining how else it can be taken, which is showing it for what it is, not trying to sugarcoat it. Which way the poster meant, I can't say.

duh said...

wow, I can't believe people are defending this.

Any employer who refers to their nanny as "obedient", if it is meant to be funny or not, is a jerk.

I just don't see the humor in this, and I honestly do not think the person who posted the ad meant to be funny: I think they think it is ok to use that word when referring to their employees. This goes beyond being politically incorrect: it is insulting and inappropriate.

Whizzer: the connotation of a word is quite as important as the dictionary definition. And I would never in a million years work for a family who used the term "obedient" to describe how they wanted me to be.

Obey your Master said...

The usage of the term "obedient" (to me) does send up a very large red warning flag. The word obedient tends to be used in a condescending manner and often represents a power exchange (ie: children obey or are obedient to their parents/elders, we must obey or be obedient to the law etc) it hardly ever represents a relationship with common "status" or ground. I would not be comfortable working for any employer (regardless of profession) whom asked me to be obedient or obey them. Respect is one of the biggest factors in making any relationship successful (work relations included) and unfortunately, the usage of this term shows a major lack of respect.

Whizzers said...

Never said it was being used as 'funny' or in jest. Just that it may be used wrongly by the person. No where in any of my posts could you have garnered that that is what I meant, so now you're just talking in order to disagree with me and it's annoying.

I wouldn't work for these people either, they don't seem like the brightest bulbs ever. The double list of numbered requirements was silly, too. But perhaps they are ESL, or just pretentious, or simply uneducated, or whatever.

In any case, you're dismissing my very valid points simply to argue with me, and I won't perpetuate it. See it however you want. Neither of us will end up 'obeying' this person, so I'm not fighting about it. There is no gain in trying to re-explain something to someone who just doesn't doesn't want to understand the point, and that we really aren't on totally different pages about it. So, I'm moving on.

T. said...


Are you 12 years old? Because you sure sound like it. Get a life!

duh said...


You have absolutely not one single valid point.

I have no idea why you are so annoyed with my posts.

That's all.

Whizzers said...

T--why, yes, of course, I am definitely a 12 year old. In fact, I'm 12 today, happy birthday to me. You're a moron. And the fact that you can't understand the words or points of someone you are calling a child speaks volumes about you. Mind your own business and find drama elsewhere. This is nothing to do with you and you obviously have nothing worthy to add, and you are not worthy of my time.

And 'duh', I'm not annoyed with you or your posts at all. I rather enjoy you, if I may be so bold to say so. I was just explaining what I really meant so I wasn't being misunderstood--not only by you, buy by anybody. I certainly wouldn't work for someone expecting 'obedience' (since clearly I'm not very, lol) and I would hope you wouldn't either.

I honestly don't have any problem at all with you. I just had a question, and now it's answered...and it could have been done with a lot less nastiness, sarcasm, and arrogance. And I apologize for sinking to that level, also.

Whizzers said...

Oops, that buy=but. Sorry. It's hard being 12 sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, reminding Obey Your Master of Whizzers's point about people "whom" try to use big words (and misuse them, thereby making themselves look silly...)

*Whom is not a fancier, more educated way of saying "who"* I also missed that WTF detail at first.

Anonymous said...

wtf? I can't post here using AOL anymore for some reason and Safari is showing me as Anonymous wshen I type my name?

Cali Mom

Marypoppin'pills said...

Cali mom
Actually there are 1-2 other posts from last week or so that came out as Blogger "Anonymous". I would have deleted them but figured someone was trying to be cute using it as a moniker and since they went through the trouble of signing it up... I was going to let them (you!) have it, lol.

Pot Meet Kettle said...

Cali mom, you might want to attempt to check YOUR own posts for typos (and punctuation) prior to correcting another person's grammar. Not only do you have typos (which caused you to misspell a word) you also have incorrect sentence structure/punctuation. Hey, you're the one who wanted to turn this into a nitpick-y bitch-fest, just sayin'...

Obey your Masters post was not rude (unlike yours) in fact, s/he explained quite well (without belittling any one involved) why the usage of the word "obedient" wasn't a wise choice. I felt her posting (or his, who knows) contributed to the conversation (unlike yours, which seemed like you bothered to write simply because you felt stupid that you did not understand what was wrong with the original posting). Do you often lash out when you don't get something and someone makes you feel inferior? Not very obedient of you.

I'll take "Obey your Masters" post over yours any day, he/she may have misused one word, but the rest was well written and thought out.

Sorry you were too AHEM ignorant to understand why the word obey was inappropriate, no need to attack others who DID understand.

cali mom said...

Kettle, you seem really confused by this thread. I did not make any mention whatsoever of my thoughts on the word obey being used in the post that Obey was referring to. Nor did I express any opinion on the rudeness or lack thereof in her or his post, so these issues you seem to be imagining and attributing to me are strictly your own.

Whom does not make occasional typos? (Hint: that was incorrect usage of that fancy version of who.)

Yes MPP, different browsers are handling this site different ways for me but it makes AOL quit!

Marypoppin'pills said...

As long as you are still posting, I don't care how you have to get here! ;-)

lordMiTnIcK said...

nasty nannies you got here mate

Whizzers said...

Thanks, Cali Mom.

So sick of uneducated people who just can't grasp the actual concept of a conversation and try to sound smart by going on and on, using lots of useless words that are unrelated to the point. It's tiring. It's too hard to even be insulted when what they say is so irrelevant. It's like trying to argue with a hat, if hats could be retarded.

Unnerved said...


Your posts make me sad. They depress me, and even scare me a little.

I can't put my finger on it, but you just seem so very strange.

That's all.

Pregnant Wolverine said...

Unnerved, your posts make me lose my faith in the US education system. I think you've been pwned and can't accept that.

Unnerved said...

It's no use arguing here because you can use any name you wish. This whole thing is probably just 2 people posting over and over.

Isent said...

I despise all caps.

all caps said...

Isent, that's so good to know...even though I am not sure why you said that so randomly. There's no caps here that I can see.

Lola said...

Unnerved, I am so very with you on that. I get an also strange feeling that there is one, maybe two, odd, lonely people (person) hijacking this entire post with innane, childish (yet trying to sound mature) posts. I think they're having a conversation with themselves. What is happening to this site......

Whizzers said...

Well, you can take my word, or not, whichever you prefer, that I post as myself.

Unnerved, I'm sorry you feel that way. You sound very fragile and I hope you get help with that. And, yes, I am strange at times, sure, although I don't think I was very strange here. I posed a question, got ridiculed, and tried to explain. I don't think that is strange, but I'm sure we all have our own idea of strange, lol. I will admit that I agreed with your second comment, as well as Lola's.

The last sane mother said...

At first I thought this post was my sister's. She recently placed an add on CL for a nanny. She was reluctantly returning to work after giving birth 12 weeks early. Along with the stress of worrying about the health of her daughters, her doctors had them on a strict feeding schedule that literally had her up 24 hours.

The only saving grace is that she does not live in the part of town specified. I do have to say, after reading this site for over 5 years, I find this the most petty CL sighting yet. This woman has twins! Do any of you know the lack of sleep that comes with that? It looks to me like it was a typo and she was trying to say something totally different. Give her a break.

This site has become less about actually helping parents that hire nannies than it has about bashing the mothers that hired them. Furthermore, it seems most people commenting are out for blood and never have been in the position of having to hire a nanny. I assure you, most people are not so lackadaisical as the people that comment on this site like to think. They are apprehensive about who they hire and allow to care for their children while they have to work.

I have a hard time reading this vitriol anymore. I am sure there are a lot worse adds out there than this.

costanza said...

Last sane mother, then why don't you find some? If you think you can find something worse, send it in. I would love to see your name in the credit as the feature reader.

M. said...

At the end of the day, I would

1)Never answer an ad like the feature ad: "obedient" was not a typo. Clearly anyone who uses this adjective in an ad for a nanny has no respect for the profession. If it was a "mistake", then it is too bad for this mother who just alienated countless educated nannies by her poor word choice.

also would never:

2) ever refer to my childcare provider as "obedient."

I am a mom, and a childcare provider.

To the Last Sane Mother:

Please don't let the door hit you where God splits you. Either show some respect for the blog administrators who work hard on this site (and do beautiful work) or run along.