Call For Nanny Sightings

Saturday, August 28, 2010
We need your nanny sightings, daycare warnings, nanny warnings and employer horror stories. Whatever you've got, send it on in. Things have been slow this week and our readers are starving for stories.


Manhattan Nanny said...

#1. Nope, I can't work for someone who misspells obedient.

duh said...

Wrong place. Way to go, smart one. Glad to know you would act obedient if it was spelled right though.

Doozies said...

Wow Duh, why such a bitch? (or asshole) - not quite sure if you are male or female (or hermaphrodite).

But I like you, lol.

Save the children said...

Boy, this site has got to be one of the cattiest sites I've ever witnessed. (Typing this after reading through several different postings and sightings.) You are all either hormonal or just hardcore bitches.

I do believe we need to save the children... from the I saw your nanny posters.


Karma is a bitch said...

I'm pretty sure its the same person being a bitch all the time. They just happen to use a different name each time. Karma is a bitch.