Saturday, August 14, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) A mom who gets it! (Pennsylvania)
I am a SAHM with 3 children of my own. I understand what its like to have to leave your children to go to work, and I know the agony of feeling "raped" by childcare centers. I am opening my smoke free, pet free home to 2 to 3 children between 6am and 6pm. I will provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks, (formula and baby food excluded) and lots of activites to keep your little one busy. I have a daughter in 5th grade, a 3 year old son and a 5 month old baby. My son and I enjoy talking about letter sounds, numbers, shapes and colors. We'd love to have your little one join us! My rate is $90/ week and I can provide names and numbers of other moms I have worked for. If you are interested in interviewing me, please respond to this as so that we can set up a time to meet :) Thanks

* Response from angry CL readers:

2) RE: A mom who gets it?! (Pennsylvania)
If you were actually ever raped you wouldn't use the word so lightly. I found that highly offensive. Comparing being overcharged to being forcefully copulated is very insensitive and dramatic. I can't believe you said that.

3) RE: To "the mom who gets it" (Pennsylvania)
Obviously you don't get it. I think you are the first person to ever use the word rape in the childcare section. Couldn't you find a less offensive way of putting it? It is hard leaving your kid at a daycare center. Its expensive and sometimes seems more like a baby warehouse than a family environment. I think you are going to piss a lot of people off by comparing it to rape though. Not only that imagine a woman just gets over being raped and she's on here looking for childcare or offering childcare. Then she sees your ad using rape like its your everyday average verb. Don't you think she would be a little emotional that you are using that in a childcare ad? Its hard enough to not constantly obsess over it if you have been raped, but you shouldn't have to see the word in this section.

4) To those who were/are offended - OP (Pennsylvania)
First my appologies to any one I have offended by my use of the word "rape". It was not my intention to offend anyone, or to make light of such an incidence. I was simply trying to express the frustration that is felt by many parents when trying to afford child care. I have heard parents use this word in that context and have not been offended myself. However, I should have thought more carefully about my audience before I posted that. So, again I appologize.
Thank you to the woman who was kind enough to email me privately and ask me to remove the word from my post. I appreciate your respect, in light of what so many others found to be disrespectful.

Having said that, ladies, please lets not use CL for pointless and mindless banter. This board sometimes feels more like idle chat than people posting for childcare. Everyone who leaves a post can reached by email. I would have responded to each of you individually had you all emailed me privately rather than publically. We are all adults. And lets not pretend that any of you do not use choice words in your own personal lives. My ignorant choice of words does not make me a bad parent, or caregiver. I hope that this post will satisfy those of you who were offended and that this can be the end of this conversation.
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wtf!!! said...

someone needs to tell number 11 that this is freaking america and you actually have to pay someone for time worked, not just if they did a good enough job.


j.d.c.f.b. said...

hurray to #1 for respectfully responding to the idiots who bashed her publicly. She is the adult in the situation and corrected herself in a respectful way, instead of falling to the same level of the responding posters. They are the WTF.

careful what you say! said...


maybe so, however, it really was pretty dumb of her to use that word in that context so nonchalantly. I think they are both the wtf.

Calmomof2 said...

Now the one who's asking $600/school year and $300/summer for M-F 7:30-4:30 or something like that has to be a typo, if that is correct, that person is insane. Most of these were pretty good. The last one for $12 an hour is not much, but for the area in California that it's in, it's not. But, I would probably take a job like that since minimum wage is $8 and I have done a lot more for minimum pay.

Phoenix said...

i use the word "rape" just the way #1 did. I don't see anything wrong with it. If people take offense then they don't have to read it. I think people take things waaay to personally these days. I mean good grief. The things that come out of my mouth on a daily basis would have sensetive people throwing holy water on me. They are just words. I even know someone who has been sexually abused and still uses the word rape in that kind of context. It is just a new meaning to say taken advantage of or something stolen (but not really stolen because then that word would be jacked)

Anyone want lessons on the current slang terms just ask :)

Phoenix said...

#6 really shouldn't be looking for a female. I mean what if he gets angry and wants to fight someone? It is not fun to jump in between two grown men and stop a fight. I speak from experience. I like #6 I don't see what is wrong with it. He is technically being a very responsible person by doing this.

#11 get a clue

D-fense said...

Let me guess? You use the word nigger-rig and think nothing of it, right?

Phoenix said...

I would think nothing of it. But I myself personally don't like to say that word just because I don't care for it. But hearing it I don't mind.

sticks and stones said...

Kind of a large jump in assumptions there D-fense. Surprisingly enough (as a victim of rape) I'm going to side with Phoenix here. I too, think our society has gotten a little too obsessed with censoring words, and because I believe in freedom (and encourage self expression) I choose to not take offense by any letters paired together whether spoken or written. Do I choose to personally use EVERY slang term I hear? No, of course not, but I support your right to use that word if you so desire.

I am entirely aware of what the term rape means (modernly) when used in different scenarios and do not take offense when it is used regarding a situation outside of a violent sexual act. The truth of the matter is that words (throughout history) OFTEN change meaning(s)/adapt as time passes, this is nothing new.

Life is short, I choose to enjoy it and take things with a grain of salt. Lets face it, some where some one is ALWAYS offended; I'd rather we all speak our mind (in a free society) then to mandate what every single person can or cannot say. Surviving sexual abuse entails that you are strong (living in a pretend glass bubble and "forcing" others to "watch what they say" in your presence does not in any way help recovery - remaining alive and an active part of society does). Say what you want to say, and if I don't like it I don't have to listen/read it.

Phoenix said...


FYI - when you put the "er" on the end of the N word that is highly offensive. When you put the "a" on the end it has become slang. (invented by the people who get offended by it - go figure)

Pregnant Wolverine said...

Phoenix, after you're raped let's see how much you like to hear the word in casual conversation.