Uptown C train in Manhattan - NY

Received Saturday, August 14, 2010
nanny sighting
Nanny: very tall, thin, black, pretty, young, short short Jean skirt, tank top, floppy hat

Kids: boy 6-7 yo, black or mixed race and girl 4 yo black or mixed race. Well dressed. Boy in polo shirt and khakis, longer curled hair. Girl in dress with hair in ponytails. Girl in a large jogging stroller (3 wheels)

When/where: uptown C train in manhattan. 8/13/10, 5pm

Boy didn't follow some sort of instruction and was definitely seeking some attention. Nanny repeatedly pulled him by the arm then pulled his hair and flicked his forehead. Then yelled at him multiple times calling him a fucking asshole. When he began crying, she just yelled in his face ah ah ah stop it. Got off at the next stop.

I'm assuming the woman was a nanny and not the mother only bc of her age and the way she was dressed.


Halifax Nanny said...

I'm so sick of these posts that I can only assume are "jokes". It's just old now.

We get it, we get it - you think people jump the gun by always assuming it's the nanny, when the situation is shitty. Ahahahahaha, how funny, clever, and fresh!

Why was this even posted?

imo said...

I doubt the woman was a nanny. I work in inner-city childcare and this sounds like a typical young, single, welfare mom: not a Manhattan nanny.

Meme said...

Yeah...I'm thinking mom or possibly Auntie, bu tunlikely nanny. Still horrible but doubtful that it was the nanny.

Like I've said before, I've seen parents treat their kids, in public, a million times worse than a lot of these "nanny" sightings.


cali mom said...

Halifax, what on earth is your point?!

Josie said...

What a horrible sighting. :(

BUT, I have to agree this could (unfortunately for the children) be mommy. Not only is it hard to tell a person's age by their appearance (some age well, some don't) it's also all to easy to assume a person is "too young" to have children of a certain age. If she was around the age of 23, and her oldest was six, she could have had him at 17 or 18 years old (which also happens). I personally know a woman who married young and had her first at 20, but honestly looked about 15 when she had her (she got looks from some people).

I'm also hoping that any one hired to do a job would at least shrink away from acting so blatantly abusive in public...if not, she's certainly got some balls!

Whether it was mommy or a caregiver it's truly an awful sighting and I really feel for the children involved. I honestly hope she was a caregiver just so the children have some time away from her, but my gut tells me this was probably the mom or a relative. On a side note, one time I witnessed abuse and was contemplating what my next action would be (reporting to the person running the program we were at, calling the police etc) any way, I couldn't decipher whether the child was with a parent or caregiver and said something to the effect of "Your daughter's stroller is cool, where'd you get it?" When she corrected me with the usage of the term "daughter" I reported her to the person in charge (and this little girl's parents were literally at the facility within about 15 mins.)!

Josie said...

p.s: Just to clarify, if it had been her daughter I would have called the police. I just wanted to ensure she was removed from the person abusing her...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you would think she was a "young welfare mom". I said the kids were well dressed. she also didn't look anything like them.
I really hope it's not because I said she was black.
Also, midtown Manhattan is hardly the innder city.
Also WTF does being on welfare have to do with being abusive?
Jeez. I'm sorry I posted anything.
Racist/classist much?

Marypoppin'pills said...

You are not posting this Sighting for the readers... it is for the Parents.

Please don't be sorry you posted anything. We appreciate it very much.