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.... WHAT?!

1) A mom who gets it! (Pennsylvania)
I am a SAHM with 3 children of my own. I understand what its like to have to leave your children to go to work, and I know the agony of feeling "raped" by childcare centers. I am opening my smoke free, pet free home to 2 to 3 children between 6am and 6pm. I will provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks, (formula and baby food excluded) and lots of activites to keep your little one busy. I have a daughter in 5th grade, a 3 year old son and a 5 month old baby. My son and I enjoy talking about letter sounds, numbers, shapes and colors. We'd love to have your little one join us! My rate is $90/ week and I can provide names and numbers of other moms I have worked for. If you are interested in interviewing me, please respond to this as so that we can set up a time to meet :) Thanks

* Response from angry CL readers:

2) RE: A mom who gets it?! (Pennsylvania)
If you were actually ever raped you wouldn't use the word so lightly. I found that highly offensive. Comparing being overcharged to being forcefully copulated is very insensitive and dramatic. I can't believe you said that.

3) RE: To "the mom who gets it" (Pennsylvania)
Obviously you don't get it. I think you are the first person to ever use the word rape in the childcare section. Couldn't you find a less offensive way of putting it? It is hard leaving your kid at a daycare center. Its expensive and sometimes seems more like a baby warehouse than a family environment. I think you are going to piss a lot of people off by comparing it to rape though. Not only that imagine a woman just gets over being raped and she's on here looking for childcare or offering childcare. Then she sees your ad using rape like its your everyday average verb. Don't you think she would be a little emotional that you are using that in a childcare ad? Its hard enough to not constantly obsess over it if you have been raped, but you shouldn't have to see the word in this section.

4) To those who were/are offended - OP (Pennsylvania)
First my appologies to any one I have offended by my use of the word "rape". It was not my intention to offend anyone, or to make light of such an incidence. I was simply trying to express the frustration that is felt by many parents when trying to afford child care. I have heard parents use this word in that context and have not been offended myself. However, I should have thought more carefully about my audience before I posted that. So, again I appologize.
Thank you to the woman who was kind enough to email me privately and ask me to remove the word from my post. I appreciate your respect, in light of what so many others found to be disrespectful.

Having said that, ladies, please lets not use CL for pointless and mindless banter. This board sometimes feels more like idle chat than people posting for childcare. Everyone who leaves a post can reached by email. I would have responded to each of you individually had you all emailed me privately rather than publically. We are all adults. And lets not pretend that any of you do not use choice words in your own personal lives. My ignorant choice of words does not make me a bad parent, or caregiver. I hope that this post will satisfy those of you who were offended and that this can be the end of this conversation.

5) Babysitter needed - for immature drinker (New York)
OK here is the deal; I should not be allowed out of the house, when I am drinking, without proper supervision! I need a female to follow me around and keep me out of trouble. I am not talking about legal issues here but run-of-the-mill debauchery. The task should be rather simple as when I am drinking I tend to be easily amused. You could easly distract me with something as simple as a yo-yo or fiinger paints. Applicants for the position must be a woman. The last thing I need is another guy hanging around and egging me on. She must be over 21. How else are you going to watch me? From the window of the bar?! She must have a valid NYS drivers license. I may need a ride a home. And she must know how to laugh....a lot. I am sure to make an ass out of myself and she should be able to laugh right along with me, while pulling me out of whatever bizarre scenario I seem to have found myself in. I need to find myself waking up in the morning saying "Ohhh that was close" and not "How did I get into that"! This is a wonderful opportunity for someone. I mean come on, how many employers are cool with you drinking on the job??

* Ad was removed then OP posted this one:

6) Babysitter needed - for immature drinker - Update (New York)
Apparently there is some confusion as to the job description (Expectially you Trevor...just no). Let's all get together here and stop acting like weirdos, deal?!

First, I am not looking for someone to party with. There is a whole section in the yellow pages for escorts. Your job is keep me out of morally questionable experiences not encourage me with your own drunken insanity. For the same money I can goto a strip club and stick dollars in woman's G-string.

Next, I am not looking for sex (sorry Trevor). Let me ask you something: How many of you babysitters are having sex with the kids you babysit? That's not babysitting people the law has another word for that. Seriously now ladies, and Trevor, stop prosituting yourselves. Chris Hanson is probably going to come walking in one day and offer ya'll some cookies and lemonaide.

Come on really....I am not going to dress up like a baby and breastfeed. Were you oxygen deprived as a child?

Number Four: At first I laughed when people said they are CPR and First Aid certified. The more I think about it this probably should be a requirement. Good work!

Ok listen, what you look like doesn't matter. I mean it matters but really...refer to points one and two. I mean that is not helpful at all. Let say, for example, you are good looking and CPR qualitified. I will find myself choking quiet often throughout the night...which of course leads us to why I need a babysitter in the first place. I come up with things like pretending to choke in front of the sexy CPR girl. New rule, you should probably have a beard. Yes, I need a woman with a beard who knows CPR to babysit me. It's probably safer for both of us.

Finally, I am not looking for someone to act like, or be, my girlfriend. I want to go out and have fun. I am going to talk to the other girls in the sandbox (bar). I just want you to maybe protect my best interests. If you see a needle sticking out of her arm....stop me! It's what you are getting paid for!

7) Need overnight childcare this friday (Madison)
Hello I am a single mother of two boys. One will be 7 in August and the other will be 5 in September. I just found out today that I need to go out of town on Friday. I am looking for someone to watch them from 5 p.m. on Friday to 9 a.m. on Saturday. I don't have much so I hope to find someone who is willing to accept what I can afford. I would be willing to watch your children a different time in exchange if that's an option as well. Please call me at 608-513-**** if you're interested. Thanks, Andy

8) Full time babysitter needed for 4 boys (Oregon)
Hi my name is melissa and I am in need of someone to come to my home to babysit.
I will be starting workfirst activities on september 7th full time.
The state will be paying so you will have to be approved throught he state.
I will have a co-pay. I have an 8, 6, 4, and 3 year old all boys. I need someone who is very experienced with children as my boys are very hyper and love to test people. YOU NEED TO HAVE CPR TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE OF ADHD BECAUSE MY OLDEST SON HAS IT, AND MY 6 YEAR OLD IS DEAF IN 1 EAR.
so if you haven't been around watching or babysitting this age group or thias many kids at once please don't waste MY time.
I need you to be drug free, alcohol free, and drama free. I will sometimes be later than expected or have to leave early soemtimes. So an open and flexible schedule is a must. If possible I would like you to have a car and valid liscence (not needed but would like) because sometimes if possible I will pay extra to take the kids to park or mcdonalds or cool places so they are not cramned in the house all the time.
So if interested please call me, Melissa at 360-977-**** asap because we need to get paperwork started throught he state.

9) Need care for one 4 yo girl (North Carolina)
Looking for a SAHM or other reasonably priced care for my daughter. She basically needs someone who will function as our monetarily compensated 2nd family. My husband and I work 24 hour shifts in public safety(EMS). We need to find someone as close to home as possible who would allow drop offs in the early wee hours of the morning, care for her for one entire day and night, and allow flexible pickup the following morning. Our job may force us to be delayed 2 or 3 hours before getting off shift if we have late calls. She also attends a half day preschool in Smithfield from 9-1 M-F that is on the same schedule as public schools, and she has extra curricular activities of gymnastics for one hour twice a week. This fall she may have dance or other sport in addition one afternoon. She would require transportation to and from these places, but it is as a drop off/pick up with no waiting/watching her required during those times. I can explain our schedule in more detail to potential caregivers, but it is confusing to put in writing here in this ad. Nonsmoking/Christian based home preferred. I work for county government, so please keep in mind that I make less than middle class income, so I cannot afford to pay out every penny I earn on childcare no matter how much I love my child. We are willing to compensate for gas money due to the activities as well. We want to find a decent clean, loving home with someone who is interested in participating in her growth and learning like she is your own child. If your own child/children have certain sports or activities I will provided money for tickets or registration for her if she can participate as well etc. She is fairly well mannered, but will occasionally pitch a fit like any kid. She recieves time outs and corporal punishment of spankings by hand when needed. So anyone who is opposed to the theory of spare the rod and spoil the child need not apply. She eats anything....including vegetables, so her food can be provided by you or us if it is your preference. She still needs help with running water for her shower or baths, so I want to make sure my husband and I can be provided references and get to know you before she would ever go for he first stay. She is very active and loves swing sets, park visits, swimming, extra curricular trips to museums or craft activitys. She loves to help you cook or microwave. She watches TV for background noise, but I do not want it to become her constant babysitter if you understand. She has a large imagination with playhouses and doll sets. She loves to play dress up and have tea parties or act like a disney princess etc. We have been fortunate to have family helping us with her care until health issues have prevented them from being available on a consistent basis. If interested in more information, please email your location and your estimated fees for such day and overnight care. Basically she would be with you 2 or 3 entire days per week. Be advised this would also require her to be with you on the Saturday or Sundays that we work during each month. Our job is 365 days a year, so we may need care on holidays on occasion if possible. I look forward to hopefully meeting the right family.

10) I urgently need childcare this morning! (North Carolina)
My sittter called out this morning and i need someone who can make it this morning cos am already late for work. Please email me and i will reply you right away if you can make it not later than 9/930am. I will need to make a copy of your ID when you come in just because we are both taking a risk of not knowing each other enough.

11) NEEDED: Baby Whisperer (North Carolina)
We have a high maintenance baby that rarely naps and when he does he needs to be held. When he's awake, he needs to be held. Our two person household has been reduced to one because of this and it is very stressful on us. We would like you to come help us figure out how to get him into a routine. If you feel like you can accomplish this, then please contact us. To save myself from getting e-mails from people not qualified and are just looking to get paid, I will only pay upon success (as measured/determined by you and I). To compensate you for this gamble, your compensation will be higher than normal. If you still feel like you're interesetd, then please send an e-mail.

12) Overnight childcare needed in my home (Pennsylvania)
Hi, I am looking for over night care in my home for my two children (ages 3 and 5). I will be working 3rd shift and just need someone to spend the night at my house! You get paid to sleep! Children should be bed by the time I leave for work and you would be more than willing to leave when I return in the morning. Both children do sleep the whole night. My youngest does come to my room half way through the night, so if you're sleeping there, he'll just crawl into bed with you. My shift can be 10p-6a or 11p-7a. No overtime hours. 2-5 days a week (could include some weekend nights). I am training right now, so my actual schedule doesn't start till 9/3/10. I am startinig to look for someone, and find a price that would fit my budget. When emailing, please include full name, price per night, dob, and experience. You are more than welcome to sleep, but if you would do some light house work, I will compensate for that. Also, I have internet, cable, and wii (including the netflix on there). There is plenty for you to do, as well as SLEEP! Thank you for your shown interest and can't wait to hear from you!

13) I need a full-time babysitter now (Pittsburgh)
If you're Mary Poppins, you have the job.
I have two high-energy boys, twins, 5 years old.
I need some full time child care / babysitting help in my own home, or yours immediately. Please call me on my cell at 724-205-**** if you're interested / available.
If your house, hopefully you're along my commuting route somewhere along the lines from Oakmont / Plum to Shadyside / Squirrel Hill & any where in between (safe neighborhood please). You're welcome to come to my home for the day, and enjoy the AC as well.
Just until school starts (up until Tuesday August 24 -- just over 12 days!!) M-F starting whenever you can, from 8am-5pm. Make an offer please. Let me stress **high energy**

14) need a in home sitter tonight from 9pm-12 $20 (North Carolina)
My wife and I really want to catch our friends show tonight, but we are short a sitter. Liv our daughter will be asleep by the time we leave, so we just need someone to come over and house sit until we return. shoot me an email with your phone number and ill respond right away. I check email from my phone.

15) Grandmother Daycare (Pennsylvania)
I am grandmother then are 5 and 3 old i am look watch children from 6 week old to 1o old i live in stbg i have good price,monday too friday 6am to 6pm weekend more money i all my papers watch children in my home hope hear from you soon mom mom
URL: not provided

16) in need of a young teenager to babysit? well am your teen (New York)
Hey are you a busy mom and need a young teen to watch over your chilld after 4 in the afternone? Well am your girl I look to babysit after skool ! You a mother in need of someone to care for your little one and am a teen lookin to make some money trou out the school year ! I can wrk monday to fridays from 4 p.m to 10: 30 pm nd saturday 12 p.m to 5 p.m I can even take care over night! I will care for them in my home you must drop them of at the front of my house ! I ask for 7.50 an hour but we can talk bout difernt pricein! I will not be alone I will be with a 38 year old women and I look to babysit for the rest of the summer thanxs yu

17) Youngster for light household chores (Milwaukee)
I am a laid off teacher in search of a younster to assist me with neglected household chores.
These include house cleaning. but maybe light painting or gardening,
I would be working along side of your youngster and provide an excellent reference for future employment. I am looking for someone over 10yrs old who has ambition, likes to clean, is hard working, has a positive attitude, and desires extra money. I must interview parent/gardian as well as potential worker. $6.00 hour plus meals/snacks. Hours are in the morning on off-school days. I prefer someone who lives close and/or has transportation 414 553-****

18) We are in need of an amazing weekend nanny! (California)
We are looking for a Mommy's Helper / Housewife / Susie Homemaker to come and stay with us each weekend to bring order and love into our home.
Hours: Friday 8:30pm through Sunday 8:30pm (48 hours total) plus occasional weekdays and travel
Pay: Negotiable based on experience. Flat rate for overnights and hourly for daytime hours
-English speaking and some spanish would be a plus
-California driver's license with clean driving record (no car required)
-Experience with young children
-Enjoy working with kids and you have a warm and loving heart
-Experience in housekeeping
-Experience cooking basic meals
-Great references
-Available weekends and occasional weekdays
-Willing to travel with the family

Duties: We are looking for someone who is warm and loving and who can bring peace and order to a busy household.
Kids - We have two daughters, 2.5 years and 9 months. We have a nanny who lives with us and primarily takes care of the children. You would be here to lend her a helping hand when she needs it and to take care of the kids on weekends she has off. She does not drive so you would need to drive her and the children to different activities once in a while.
Household - You would mostly be keeping house. We are looking for someone willing to help with anything that needs to be done around the house including but not limited to:
Kitchen - cooking and cleaning up the kitchen after meals, doing dishes, cleaning out the fridge, putting food away with proper labels
Laundry - washing and drying the kids' clothes, towels, sheets, bedding etc, ironing, folding and putting it away
Tidying - picking up kids' rooms, playrooms, TV rooms, taking out trash, organizing and restocking toy shelves, storage rooms, drawers, etc
Online - communicating with me and my personal assistant throughout the day via text and email, ordering household and children's supplies online
Driving - running errands, grocery shopping, driving the girls to and from activities and outings
Cooking - We are looking for someone who is a good cook! You must be willing to cook basic meals not only for the children, yourself and our nanny but for my husband and I, as well as any guests we have over on weekends. In addition, we would like you to plan meals for the upcoming week, prepare them and store them in the fridge with instructions on the front. You must be able to make a grocery list and go to the store to pick up any ingredients we don't have. We would like to be able to come home from work, grab a tupperware out of the fridge and quickly heat up a delicious meal that will be ready in minutes. My husband is lactose intolerant so about half the meals should be made without milk, cream or cheese.
Please call, email or text my assistant, Christen, at or 415-519-**** if interested. Thanks!

19) Short-term babysitting job - next 7 days (Oregon)
Hi, I am visiting my parents in Portland and need help with my 11 mo. old and 2 1/2 year old. Fabulous kids but very busy! ;-) Need someone who is very loving and fun to come for a minimum of 4 hours every day from today-8/20. $15/hour. References req'd -- prefer previous nanny or teaching experience.

20) In need of a full-time nanny ASAP (California)
We are looking for a nanny sarting on Monday. We have a 3 and 2 yr old. Both are potty trained, so no diaper changes. The hours are Monday-Friday from 7am-3:30pm @ $10.00 an hr. We are looking for someone long term. If you are interested please email me.

21) Looking for my part-time "Hazel" (20-25 hrs/wk) Remember that show? (Pittsburgh)
Looking for my Part Time “Hazel”! (20-25 hours per week) (Remember that show???)
This is a perfect position for a stay at home mom or someone just wanting to work part time for an extended length of time (at least three years!)
I am looking for a 20-25 hour per week person who wants some time to themselves in the mornings to get their own items done, but will start at my home around 1pm daily (earlier one-two days per month).
During your four-five hours daily (Mon-Fri) at my home, you will pick up around the house, do laundry for all of us, run errands, occasionally start dinner, complete the grocery shopping, ironing (on very rare occasion), and run my 12 & 14 year old kids to some local, after school lessons/practices!
Your Day: You will come in around 1pm on most days (Mon-Fri) and start the laundry, do some clean up and run some errands. Around 3- 3:30 you’ll pick the girls up from the bus and give them a snack before dinner. If there is a practice that is not held at the house, you will probably drop the kids off and wait for them, or just proceed on home after dropping them off at their lesson (and I will pick them up). On very rare occasion we will work on a big job like cleaning out the basement or garage. This won’t be weekly but know there will be some minor lifting of objects.
On occasion, if you couldn’t get everything done that week because it was exceptionally busy, as long as I approve it beforehand, you can stay for an extra couple hours to get items completed or if it’s not a necessity, can complete it the following week.
I need someone to start Sept 1 or thereabouts. I work out of my home and live in the North Hills. I have no pets. I’m very flexible as long as all your errands and work gets completed.
I’m looking for someone who is loving, honest, trustworthy, very reliable and likes kids! My kids do not play sports, although they do have some after school lessons and activities---some of which are done at the house. You need to be energetic with a positive attitude! (no cry babies!) I need someone who will not wait to be told what to do (although you will have daily checklists to work from)---if there is nothing to occupy you that second, you will actively LOOK for something to clean/make better/straighten up---and NOT just sit on the couch or your cell phone waiting for directions!
I need someone who is a non-smoker and who drives their own, registered vehicle with insurance. You must be able to drive/navigate in the snowy weather---our last helper wanted to go home as soon as the first flake fell and this was difficult with our weather conditions in Pittsburgh. I will never ask you to stay or put you in harm’s way if weather conditions are getting bad.
Stability is very important to me. I’d ask that you look at this opportunity as at least a three year commitment! (My last nanny/helper was with us for 5 years and the one before that, for six years!) Your day ends around 5pm (but on rare occasion could be later) so you can be home with your loved ones!
I’m offering: $12 per hour (taxes will be taken out), one gas fill up per month, 20-25 hours per week, & a very flexible schedule when kids are in school & flexibility even when they are at home during the summer. I am also offering individual health insurance after probationary period of six months.
If we end up meeting, I would like you to provide the following when we meet:
1. work & personal references typed up for me
2. recommendation letters
3. clearance and background check forms: For the safety of my kids, I will need you to submit two state certifications. If you don’t have these, you should begin this process now, as this process can take several weeks. The first is a Criminal Record Check and the second is a Child Abuse Clearance Form.
Documents can be found at
If you can’t or aren’t willing to provide these items above, please do not apply!
If you’d like to apply, call my recorded message at 412-604-**** and leave the following answers to these questions:
1. Please leave your first and last name, the best number to reach you, your email address and the suburb where you live.
2. Explain why I should choose YOU as our next Hazel/helper?
3. List your experience and what attributes qualify you for this position?
Thanks and we can’t wait to hear from YOU!

* Response from angry CL reader:

22) RE: You want a slave - Not a "Hazel"
For all that you want and all of your rules, only a fool would take you on! You are not looking for a "Hazel". You are wanting a slave and are paying slave wages for all that you want done!! Shame on you. Would you work under the conditions you have laid down?

.... HOW MUCH?!

23) Designated babysitter needed (D.C.)
Hello, We are looking to hire a designated babysitter for our 3 children ages 2,5 and 9. We prefer the babysitter watch the children in our home unless they have a home daycare facility. Designated days and hours are mainly M-F 8am-5pm, we would give the babysitter a schedule ahead of time. Please only respond if you have child care experience and are willing to babysit on short notice. $8.00 per hour during the weekdays

* Response from angry CL reader:

24) RE: Designated babysitter needed (D.C.)
$2.66 an hour per kid ... all I can say is this - you're gonna get what you pay for. I'm sure that some pervert will sit around and feel up your kids for that rate.. Good luck!

25) I need a nanny!!
I am looking for a nanny to come to my home for my 18 month old son. I need someone to start Aug 30th. The hours are mon-wed 8-530/6 and thurs 9-3 and fri 8-2. It would be at my house and im open to you bringing your child with you if need be, my son with love the company. The pay would be $100 a week, please email me if you are interested, thanks!

26) Mother's Helper/House Cleaning (D.C.)
I am looking to hire a few laddies to help me today with some chores around my house. Due to my being sick I fell behind in house cleaning tasks and now things need to be caught up. The chores will include bathing dogs, cleaning kennels and dog play yards, washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting, vacuuming, shampooing carpets, cleaning windows, moving some furniture, organizing, cleaning a bathroom, helping to care for a two year old boy, playing with puppies, picking up, possibly running errands as needed, taking out trash, cooking, cleaning out closets, etc... The person for this postion MUST love children and animals. If you don't want to get dirty and dont like animals or children then PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME. In order to get everything finished today between 8:30 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon I will have at least three or four of us working as a team. Several people whom I have spoken too are willing to work for a flat rate of $50, and I will provide lunch and drinks. If you feel you would like to join us please give me a call at 703-680-****

27) Childcare needed in my home Mon-Fri (Pittsburgh)
I am looking for someone who is reliable and dependable to watch my children... I go back to work Wensday Septmber 1st.... it's a Monday-Friday 7am-4pm postion Could be a saturday here and there.... If you are someone who has a small child we may consider letting you bring your baby or child.... I have 4 children right now but my step daughter will be going home for the school year so it will be 3 children.... I have a 3year old almost 2year old and a 2 month old.... They have everything here and that is why i want someone to come here to watch them.... PLeanty of toys and snacks and juice and milk and meals.... They are my world and feel more comfortable if someone watched them here.... It pays 280 a week that is pertty good.... If anyone is interested please email me back I will be calling to have you come for an interview....

28) Need childcare ASAP (Dallas)
I am a teacher going back to work Aug 16th and need to find some one to watch my 14 month old son. The hours will be M-F 7am to 4:30pm with all holidays/breaks paid time off. The summer is part time or optional. Pay will be $600/school year and $300/summer.

29) Need Babysitter (Colorado)
I'm in need of a babysitter a few days of the week, and never on weekends or Friday. Hours would be anywhere from 7:30 to 5:30. Hours may change. Pay will be $3.00 an hour. My little one is not hard to take care of and is still a baby. Job will not start for a couple weeks but I would like to find someone ahead of time. Email me and tell me about yourself with your phone numbers if interested. I will start calling people to meet up by the weekend. Thanks.

30) Babysitter needed (Dallas)
I have looked into drop off daycares, I have searched high and low online to find sitters, I am out of options and need help! I am a single mother of a wonderful 6 year old boy and just do not have the $10 an hour most people want. I do not need someone regular, just someone I trust and can rely on maybe once every other week or so for a night out. More than likely I'll hit up a dollar movie alone or dinner with friends, just something to get me out of the house child-free. I may also need someone every now and then in the afternoon so I can spend some time locked in my bedroom working on homework.

I'll pay a minimum of $3 an hour. (If I am able, I'll tip ya too.) You do need to be within a few miles of 407 & 377 in Argyle. I am happy to pick you up and bring you home if needed. Please call me if you are available to get together for an interview. Age 12 and older please :) 940-595-****, Stephanie

31) Nanny needed (Milwaukee)
We are in need of a nanny in our home or close to our home in the Menomonee Falls area to watch two twin girls, aged 21 months, and a baby to be born in September. This is two days a week. This will begin the first week of December and go through the second week of June. I am a teacher and will be going back to work after my fall maternity leave. Our girls are with their grandparents the rest of the week and we want to give them two days off a week. The hours are 7am - 4pm. We are looking for someone reliable and with a passion to really want to be with our girls. They are fun-loving and engaging. We are looking for someone who enjoys playing with our girls and nurturing them as they grow. This is a hard decision for us to have someone outside the family watch them, so we are only interested in an extremely caring person. You have to be CPR certified and have experience with children under the age of 1. We are open to any two days of the week, and will pay 40 - 50 dollars a day. There will be a break over Easter as well as a chance to work full-time for a week in May while grandparents are on vacation. No couch potatoes or texters! Thanks, Sabrina

32) Live in Nanny (Oregon)
We have a beautiful 3 year old son, that we need some help with. We are offering a room in our house that is furnished and also food and internet. All we are asking is to watch our beautiful three year old son when we are out of town, which is usually 2 or 3 days in a row. It varies. We are looking for a female who has at least some experience with child care and has a pretty open schedule. They also need to have reliable transportation and absolutely no criminal background. Just e-mail me with any of your info and any questions.

33) Wanted PT Mother's Helper/Right Hand/Angel (California)
Freelancer who works at home needs right hand, also known as a mother's helper who can afford to work for $12/hr. (plus a great deal of authentic gratitude.) She will come into our home with confidence and compassion figure out where things go and put them away. Won't mind doing laundry including the folding part. She'll be able to shift gears and go from playing with the kids (2 of them) to cooking dinner or sweeping the floor. She'll be a natural with little kids, and feel free to silly and imaginative. She will come with ideas and enthusiasm for crafts and projects. She won't mind that sometimes our house looks like a tornado. She can spot places where she can help and just do things that need doing without being asked. Sometimes I'll be working on some household project, sometimes I'll work from home on a job project , sometimes I'll work from somewhere else, sometimes I'll be with the kids while you are helping do the other things it takes to run the house. Maybe I'll take one kiddo on a date while you care for the other one. I have a spouse, but he works late and I presently really need help between the hours of 4 and 7 getting the house picked up, dinner made, baths done, books read and being a companion for my older child while I put the baby to sleep. Are you out there? Please don't reply for a job just to fill in while you look for something else. I really want someone for whom this kind of thing would be perfect and might become a good friend of ours. My husband still knows his babysitter from 35 years ago!

* Response from angry CL reader:

34) RE: Wanted PT Mother's Helper/Right Hand/Angel (California)
Sorry, but I had to reply to your ad. I have done this type of work described in your ad for many years, and I love providing it. I am truly trying to be genuine here... But how could you possibly have respect for your"Mother's Helper", if you are expecting SO much, in return offering $12.00 per hour. I feel this is an insult to the person you are hiring! IS ANYONE WITH ME HERE? We are not in the 90's anymore. A teenager that comes into your home should expect a rate of $10.00 an hour for one child, no additional duties. Teenagers are teenagers, face it. Some will say the economy is bad....... Face it you have children/a home/work, you need to pay for their care.. You are asking for care of two children along with multi tasking of household management, minimum $20.00 per hour! There MAY some mature/experienced woman that will take your position for now.. The question here is how LONG will she stay. They are only taking it to FILL their need until something more rewarding comes along. And that to me is unfair to your children.
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