Saturday, August 7, 2010
june cl wtf 3
.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for childcare near Barney's (New York)
I'll be doing some temp work over near Barney's and my normal babysitter isn't available during that week From AUG. 16 - AUG. 20, I'm looking for someone to watch my son during that week. I'm not sure of the hours yet, anywhere from 9 -9. Are there any moms or childcare providers in that area? My son is very precious to me and needless to say I'm very protective. I will KILL anyone who tried to harm my child!!! With that said... he's your typical adorable yet stubborn 2 year old. He loves to play in the park for hours at a time. He doesn't talk that much but he will tell you when he wants juice or to eat. He's not potty trained yet. You must have an open door policy because I will stop by unexpectedly to make sure he's ok. And let me know if you plan on going out to the park or anything like that. If your up for the challenge feel free to e-mail me with any questions and prices. Again I'm an overprotective mama and will hurt you if you hurt my child... seriously I'm not kidding
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orangeviv said...

Daddy day care. omg. Barf.

Seattle Nanny said...

#1: Yes, let's start with a death threat.

#2: No one works for that little. Parent beware.

#3: I generally abhor this sort of language even if abbreviated, but WTF?

#4: You cannot post an ad, have an interview and run a proper background check and reference check within a matter of two hours. This is stupid and dangerous. Same goes for #7, #9 and #13. Learn to plan ahead, for safety's sake!

#6: Double-negatives are awesome.

#8: Poopsy?

#10: She's in the Bay Area and for all she's asking, she shouldn't be so cheap. She's not looking for a mother's helper, she's looking for a hybrid mother's helper - office assistant. She should start at that $15 or hire two separate people. Aside from that, the ad doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, although her husband could stop complaining about the garage and do something about it himself.

#11: Being filmed and parrots. Uhh...

#12: It's good to know she won't sell your children. Aside from that, she sounds realistic.


#14: It depends on how much time she wants from her nanny. It may not be as bad as it sounds on a first read. Although, it probably is and asking for utilities, that's a big no no.

#15: Started sounding pretty good, but ended in crazy town. It sounds like she has another job or source of income. She should end the daycare. For socialization there is the park, play dates and places like Gymboree. If she needs a nanny, alright, but pay more and don't hire two. Good nannies are very pro play dates.

#16: Report? No thank you.

#17: "Must be attractive, under 30y/o, size 9 or smaller." Creepy.

#19: At 7-years her daughter can't count? At 200-300/week, it seems she can't either. Never in town, put the kid up for adoption already.

#22/#28: Please consider posting your photo so we can all know who to avoid.

#25: Did you not read that her daughter can't count? Or that she doesn't intend to see her except on weekends? When it comes right down to it, if done right, caring for her child will ultimately cost more than she pays.

#30: $2.73 an hour? Holy crap. Why can't people ever consider the question, "Can someone survive on this?"

#32: No one needs to know how long you've been married. $3.70 an hour? Washington State Minimum Wage Law, which is $8.55, applies to household workers. As does overtime law with time and a half after forty hours. So the least one could pay legally for fifty hours is $940.50 every two weeks. Of course this is in an area where twelve to sixteen is the recession norm. Prior to the recession it was closer to fourteen to twenty. Again, how does anyone expect to have a nanny that can't survive on their pay!?

#35 - #42: THINK!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Seattle Nanny,
Thank you! Just as most of the readers enjoy CL-WTF, I enjoy the comments... especially numbered like that, lol.

I tried to put up as many Ads with replies that I could. A lot of the feedback I recieve from everyone is that those are their favorite.

Meme said...

Seattle Nanny....AWESOME!

Meme said...

I kind of love #12!

East Bay Nanny said...

MPP - yes, especially with the ones that go on and on with people commenting back and forth, like the long chain at the end of this week's CL-WTF.

Seattle Nanny said...

Thank you MPP and Meme.

WTF? said...

Who has time to sit and read all of CL-WTF much less write a deatiled comment on most of the postings??? Seriosuly. It's 5AM and this is the ONLY time I have for myself. While I love reading this part of the blog, I find it crazy that people have the time to sit and comment in depth on these ads.

nanny2 said...

My favorites this week were the ones that were like, "I don't work/I work part-time, so I can only pay you $3" Okay, you don't work...but if you did, wouldn't you expect to get paid for it??? I mean, actually paid, at least min. wage?

ernesto said...

Maybe you diddle yourself blue, I dont judge. If someone wants to comment on cl wtf, don't judge. what's wrong with you?

cali mom said...

#5...yeah right. The Saudi Arabian Royal family is posting on Craigslist in the US looking for a nanny. Gee, somehow I'd expect that they'd do something like have their secretary make the arrangements through an agency, but what do I know.

cali mom said...

Just ridiculous all these $1.10/$3.50/hr ads. About 30 years ago *I* charged $4-$5/hr for BABYSITTING on occasional evenings. No housecleaning, chauffering, CPR, grocery shopping or helping with homework.

Kelly Star said...

#27 is in reference to this case that just happened a couple of weeks ago.

This child was killed when her mom left the child in the mom's boyfriend's care. This little girl was tortured before she died.

nc said...

Kelly Star,

You are right, that is the case the poster was talking about.

Kelly Star said...

NC- I know. LOL I am a Chapel Hillian. :) I figured I would share the article so that others would understand the person's concern.

nc said...

Kelly Star,

Durham here. Still can't believe that mom left her daughter with a man she had just met...

Kelly Star said...


Hi Neighbor! They are saying that the abuse started before the mother left but even if it didn't who leaves their child in the care of someone who lives in a place with no bathroom or running water?

LA Nanny said...

Cali Mom- #5 is actually legit (and posted by an agency). I am in LA and I know two local agencies are searching for nannies. The family has relatives in CA so they will be doing the 1st round of interviews.

Former Nanny said...

The Saudi Royal Family has around 7,000 members (literally) so it's not exactly like what most people think of as a royal family, ie the British monarchy.

geminibroad said...

This Barney's lady/ proposed murderer is too funny! Gee, I wish I was in NYC just to connect with her. Funniest cl wtf ever. Thank you to whoever found this one. I needed a laugh tonight.