August 8, 2010

Police: Nanny busted for smoking pot with kids
A nanny, working in Westport, has been arrested for smoking marijuana with a minor in her care. Working on a complaint from the parents, an investigation revealed that Norwalk resident Lori Hughes, 40, provided and smoked marijuana with a juvenile under her care, according to police. According to court documents the incident occurred in September of 2009.

Babysitter Accused of Stabbing Nieces Remains Jailed
Baby-sitter nabbed in stabbing of two kids in their Westchester home
A woman baby-sitting two nieces at their Westchester County home - across the street from Martha Stewart - has been accused of stabbing the girls, cops said Sunday

Babysitter gets 6 months in jail for skipping 1995 court date
An Addison woman who went on the lam in 1995 to avoid being tried for aggravated battery to a three-month-old boy she was babysitting was sentenced today to six months in the DuPage County Jail and placed on three years of probation for violating her bail bond.

Molester Sentenced to 45 Years
A man who paid a babysitter to bring him a young boy to molest has been sentenced to 45 years to life in prison.

Case Adjourned After Babysitter is not Produced
A 14-year-old Whitesboro eighth-grader accused of beating a 2-year-old girl to death while babysitting her in Yorkville in June did not appear in court Friday after prosecutors failed to request his appearance.

Bizarre Nonsensical Article:
Your nanny: How much do you trust her?



Disturbia said...

OMG, that article at the end is pure

nc said...

Wow, just wow. I feel sorry for that poor 2 year old who wasn't only beaten, but was also sexually abused.

Also, what babysitter brings kids to a child molester???

cali mom said...

I tried to read the bizarre article and it just gives me some weird Nigerian page that wants me to download some mobile app that sends news articles to me.

Jane said...

The link is:

It's on Vanguard.

cali mom said...

Hi Jane. Yes, it bounces me to a page that wants me to download a mobile app so I can read news from Vanguard.

Meme said...

Same here with the download page but I just closed it and the article was there.

Seattle Nanny said...

I don't understand how Jane could have called that last article bizarre or nonsensical. I found it ever so helpful!

I learned that I could spit in food and drinks whenever I'm not happy with my employers instead of talking it through at a good time. Also, instead of playing games and singing songs, I can lock up my charges and go off, to see a movie or heaven only knows what. I have been oh so naive!

No one should examine their children on a daily basis. That's just stupid. If you're concerned, keep an eye out, but my heavens. Seriously, the only thing in that "article" that made any sense was to never be too busy to listen to one's children.

And that's very true. I've said it here before. Whether the good stuff like reference checks, background checks, nanny cams, drop ins, friends checking in, etc. or the nonsense stuff like outright discrimination, nothing beats listening to your children and asking questions. Nothing.

mom_of_one said...

Seattle Nanny
Yeah, that article was REALLY bizarre! It started out almost as a narrative and then blasted out into a warning, which quite frankly, SHOULD be common sense for Parents that need to rely on childcare/nannies.

cali mom said...

Well, I don't know why it won't work for me but I paste in the URL and it just changes to:

and won't give me anything but that. I've tried it in 4 browsers now. Am I the only one??

cali mom said...

MSIE finally worked, but not AOL, Firefox or Opera.

Yes, bizarre indeed. Ignores the chance of any sexual abuse happening to boys. Only GIRLS should be taught to scream when someone touches their body?? And of course, no sexual abuse could ever possibly happen at a nursery school?!

Just a dumb article for people who must be so stupid they shouldn't have had kids in the first place. The weirdness of it must be due to cultural differences but jeez...

Lola said...

calimom, the same thing happens to me, I am using Opera, so I guess I will have to boot up my laptop and try IE as I am very interested in checking out the article!

Disturbia said...

Had no trouble using Firefox.

Anonymous said...

"Babysitter accused of stabbing nieces"

Should of read "AUNT accused of stabbing nieces while babysitting them"
It gives the wrong message. I hear this time and time again the story always starts with babysitter when in truth its a relative or boyfriend/girlfriend/friend.

observer said...

For those of you having trouble viewing the last article, I've saved it as a PDF and uploaded it here:

observer said...

(If anyone knows a better free file host, I'm all ears.)

anonynanny said...

There is so much wrong with that last article, but what I most want to address is that a female absolutely CAN sexually abuse another female. What the hell.