Received Saturday July 17, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for Live in Nanny -- House keeper (Atlanta)
I am looking for someone to keep my 3 kids and keep up my house. Im working about 18 hours a day right now trying to expand my business and I just need a little help. I am willing to pay the right girl $1000 per week for the job. I am a 28 year old attractive male with full custody of my kids. I will also pay bonuses for the right services from the right girl. If interested just send me an e-mail and please attach a photo. Thanks
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East Bay Nanny said...

I'd totally do #1, except I'd pass on the bonuses for the "right services" he's looking for. Plus I'd make sure my door had a lock!

#4 - too funny. People are crazy about their pets. Sounds like a cushy job.

#13 - call me a Grammar nazi, But people who Don't know How to Capitalize drive Me crazy! Is it Really that Hard?

That exchange at the end of the much? section was hilarious. Sounds like the low compensation wasn't a problem for the original nanny, plus you could say the it was justified because she brought her own child, but come on. When will people realize that nannies are more expensive than day care?

A nice, eclectic mix this week.

MissDee said...

Now I know why MPP waited so long to post these ads this week. People have gone insane with the amounts they can "afford".

Seattle Nanny said...

#1 should be arrested and although not as blatant as #1, #2 should too.

#3 shouldn't be so last minute when dealing with the safety of her children. She should skip whatever she planned on and run a proper search, with a background check. Same goes for #12.

#4 is a bit odd. She certainly doesn't want young people, she says so twice, but that narrows her options a bit more than I would think reasonable.

#6, $130 a week for 60 hours. How generous! #7, what is so friendly about rejecting a person who has an otherwise good outlook on life but might be a little closer to neutral on the idea of an afterlife? Also, why would it matter in the care of your child so long as the nanny at least respected your views?

#8. Parents need to learn that it doesn't matter whether you expect the nanny to hover every darn second of the day or be just a warm body in the house, a nanny is a human being with a need for food, shelter, etc. You need to pay at least a livable wage. Go ahead and pay more for a nanny who does a bit more, as you should, but if you find their work suits your needs, pay something they can live on! Gosh darn it all. Even if you consider the work little, the hours are gone.

#9: A "free" place to live? Does this include food? What about gas, health insurance and copays, entertainment, tuition or student loan payments if applicable, etc. Should I have to work every minute I'm awake elsewhere to meet these other expenses of life? I think not. #10 doesn't seem to expect to pay either. Holy crap people.

#15 on the surface doesn't seem as bad when you read part-time, but once you consider when she wants you to have those hours and the chances you'll find work around them, you have to realize that #15 is just as bad as these other two if not worse thanks to her need to scream and random theft of weekends.

#11, cute is a wonderful word to describe one's children. It is not a qualification for a nanny. #16, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. No one should enable you to let things be as they are. You must find another solution. Same goes for #17, #18, #23, #24 and #25.

#19, I wouldn't turn a newborn over to a 13-year-old, but that's not what strikes me about this ad. What gets to me is the complete lack of thought in it. The average 13-year-old is perfectly capable of writing an ad far superior to this one and would not accept $5 for a day's work. Shoot, you can hardly get them to accept $10 to mow the lawn anymore. I don't blame them either, $5 just isn't what it used to be.

#20 is looking for "an undocumented worker". I would love someone to say she isn't. She and others like her are the cause of the illegal immigration problem. Employers like her need to be targeted with heavy fines and jail sentences. Her children need to see the importance of following the law.

#21, it's one thing to pay only $25 a day for 9.5 hours of work, it's completely another to be insane while doing it. Does she have a second car? I bet she doesn't. So she probably expects anyone inquiring to have a car. After all she said she wanted someone with a license. Well, I'm in Washington, so let's see how much does my car cost me: car payment $287, car insurance $136 and gas roughly $40 a week. Let's ignore maintenance, washing or washer fluid. Over an average month that is $583 compared to her $600 over four weeks. Somehow I don't think I could find health insurance, entertainment, etc. with just $17. Now she may find someone who already has a car and who opted for less coverage than I did. Still, it seems no thought has gone into this post.

Seattle Nanny said...

#22, you can obviously afford more. How sickening. #26 is wrong in her assessment of the law, but even if she weren't, do you really want a nanny who couldn't get a job at McDonald's? Because that's the only sort that would accept less than minimum wage, which they must pay at McDonald's. A love for children isn't enough before the expenses of life. I don't believe for a second that #28 isn't #26. We've got a sock puppet defense here.

The obviously implication with #32 is that if you don't accept her wage, you must hate children. Shame on #26. #33 is wrong, #26 shouldn't seek an aupair. An aupair is restricted to a maximum of 45 hours per week, unless they're part of educare, than they're restricted to 30. But #33's thinking isn't too far off, that is #26 needs to find another option and not a nanny if she insists on being so insanely cheap.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

so, what is like wrong with peeple that they cant spell or all that u no whut i meen? some1 shuld tell them that theywill like not fine eny1 2 werk 4 them if they kant rite good!

>ahem< Ok, I think I feel better now. :-)

Student Nanny said...

I love the ones with lots of responses from craigs list. Those are my favorite!

I'm always kind of astounded that people expect a Nanny to be the same as Daycare. It should be obvious that a nanny costs more. She comes to your house! Watches only your kids! Does whatever you want her to do with them! Then, last week, my own mother was astounded at my paycheck, telling me how friends of hers don't pay anything close to that for daycare. I guess it's just not as obvious as it should be?

Seattle Nanny said...

Student Nanny,

What gets to me most is the complete lack of thinking involved. How do they expect a nanny to survive?

Where's the consideration for health insurance, car payment, car insurance, student loan payments or tuition, and so on. If live-out, rent, food, internet access, etc.

Many of these sort expect the nanny to have a car and to be accessible by phone. Neither a cell phone or car is free. Yet they don't expect to have to pay more they would for someone without these things?

How does someone get from "I can't afford anymore" to "but I expect you to be able to live off this"? If someone can't afford more, I can understand that but the simple truth is a nanny is just not for them. A nanny is someone who provides exclusive care for your children and your children alone. That's a luxury.

People need to learn to find another solution, even if it includes moving, family, declaring bankruptcy, etc. It's denial. People need to learn to accept reality instead of trying to trap and take advantage of a good heart.

Seattle Nanny said...

* then they would for someone without these things?

grammar said...


Lola said...

Absolutely hilarious photo this week! it took me a sec, but then i couldn't help but laugh out loud!

East Bay Nanny said...

@Student Nanny and Seattle Nanny - yes, that's exactly what I think all the time.

And even though I'm good hearted and love children, I absolutely refuse to work for less than the market rate. I know what I'm asking is fair and if it's outside parents' budgets than they can pursue cheaper nannies or daycare.

Seattle Nanny said...

East Bay Nanny,

Well, if they can't afford to pay right, they shouldn't look for a nanny at all. Pursuing a daycare or some other option is the only reasonable way to go about things. Even if it includes bringing in family, moving back to family, bankruptcy, friends, changing jobs, etc. You can't trap another human being to solve your own problems. People need to learn to do what they must rather than thrusting it on another.

ooga booga said...

1000 per week for NUMBER ONE. Wow awesome, too bad he's a perv! On the bright side, guess he'd be gone 18 hours out of 24 haha!

I don't get how some people actually want sitters from craigslist for the night of. seems dangerous and that happens a lot.

Whats wrong with the dog nanny one? I'd totally do that haha. I love dogs. Seems like a unique job lol.

The water park one didn't seem odd either to me, granted I used to nanny for a family and I brought the kids to a theme park and could handle both just fine,but I understand that its hard for some people. Also...why wouldn't the guy ask a friend who he knows instead?