North Mountain Road in Montclair, NJ

Received Friday, July 16, 2010
nanny sighting I was recently in Montclair, New Jersey on North Mountain Road near Berkley Road on Monday late morning, June 14th. As my husband and I were passing by on North Mountain Road we noticed a toddler alone on the sidewalk. We turned the car around and stopped by the toddler. She was a little blond girl who appeared to not have a command of speech. I got out of the car and asked her where her Mommy was and was leading her on the sidewalk to try to find her. After a few minutes a young slim woman whose hair was a dirty blond and was kept in a ponytail came out of a house. She had a foreign accent and did not seem at all concerned. I told my daughter in law about this incident and she is going to try to find the child's parents. We think this young woman was a babysitter and are concerned that this child could have easily been hit by a car on the busy North Mountain Road. The child was alone for at least 5 to 8 minutes.
-Concerned Nana


j.d.c.f.b said...

It may have been the child's mom based on the fact that the woman had a foreign accent and the child did not have any kind of language skills, as she may be spoken to in another language completely. Does not make this right, but sometimes those from other countries/cultures do not worry as much about these incidents as Americans do.

Katlee85 said...

This can be a good sighting, but keep in mind that kids can sneak away before you realize they're gone. If this was a nanny, she may have had an infant she was tending to and had only taken her eyes off the child for a moment. Same if it was mom.

It definitely was good to post it, just that I myself have had escape artists where my oldest would take off once he realized how to unlock the door. We invested in the chain lock up high soon after, and they may not have yet.

alex said...

Wow! I think because the child was alone for 5-8 minutes that should would notice your child was missing, as least I hope you would. Not only was the child close to the road but they were able to walk around with the child, anyone could have taken her.

I mean, yes it could be the mom but I do think that needs to be checked out just to see if it is the nanny because if it is the nanny then the parents need to know.

Katlee85 said...

Alex, I said this was a good sighting.

I just know from experience that if mom/nanny is busy with an infant a child can escape. Especially since we don't know either way.

erics mom said...

Thats why I have a top bolt on my door