Saturday, July 3, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) WANTED: Referee (Seattle)
You heard it, referee – I don’t have babies, so I don’t need a babysitter. They are Toddlers , wild and crazy toddlers. I don’t blame them I mean they have a lot working against them. They are 2 and 4, brother and sister, they are kids – I’m the parent, they have a lot to fight for. My son is 2, he hits out of frustration sometimes, but if you catch him before you can change his mind. Its his way of trying to get his point accross. (also part of being a 2 year old boy)

My daughter, the 4 year old is a princess…REALLY she thinks she is. She tries to make the world revolve around her. I didn’t want to be the mom that says in an ad ‘my children are perfect little angels’ – They’re not, but they are pretty darn good kids (most of the time)! They are best friends and never leaves each other's side.

You must love dogs, we have a pitbull.
“those vicous, heart-less beasts who were only put on the earth to eat small children and kill all animals they come across”
-found in some article your mom read. Author unknown.
This couldn’t be farther from the truth, they are lovely dogs. Our little lady is our best friend and has a full time job as a pony in our house.

You HAVE to have a sense of humor, be responsible, love to play inside or out, play dress up, build block homes, do art projects, throw an occasional ball for the dog and just really enjoy kids. I am pretty easy going. They can have popsicles when its hot and jump in puddles when it rains. I just want them to have fun and be kids.

Looking for someone for July 15th for a few hours. My kids have never had a babysitter before, always been with mommy or grandparents or their dad. We would love to find someone who we could call from time to time for a break – mommy’s and grammy’s are allowed to get tired too ya know? If interested please respond with your rate, experience and anything else that will set you apart from the other responses!
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Puffington said...

#17: 4 1/2 year old who isn't potty trained, still uses a bottle, and DOESNT SPEAK YET -- good luck in kindergarten!

#20: Despicable. And how funny that they let the family name slip and it's clear that it's the guy who owns THIS company:

The salary is $60,000 for TWO PEOPLE TO SPLIT?! Crazy. That job outline is ridiculous. $60K for ONE person wouldn't even be enough. "Diet coke cans – please keep an eye on expiration dates"—CUCKOO, CUCKOO!

Puffington said...

Oops, I meant #19 not #20 for the Domestic Couple insane posting.

lala said...

What #20 wants MIGHT be OK for $60,000 PER person, 2 domestic staff, each earning $60,000. Not for $60,000 to split.

Village said...

It just occurred to me regarding #19, he is using Craig's List instead of an agency to hire house managers. Isn't that a little dangerous? He goes on a trip and the newly hired staff load up a tracker trailer, and away they go. Oh, and their friends drive away all the fancy cars, and another sails away with the yacht. How do you spell stupid in Rich?

Katlee85 said...

WTF is up with the Barbietube? MPP can you please remove it?

I submitted one but I guess you didn't get it in time.

Katlee85 said...

And one quick note, that picture is creepy! LOL. Reminds me of the Exorcist...

Marypoppin'pills said...

I don't remember seeing one from you, sorry!

I try my best to Post every Ad from the regulars because all of you are there for me week after week!

Way to go 14 said...

I actally like #14. I think that she is realstic and honest. Maybe I'm biased because I used to run a home daycare and a lot of what she said is true.

FireworksMissDee said...

I can see why the daycare provider quit on #17. With a child who technically is old enough to enter 4K, what have the parents been doing for the last 4.5 years that their child doesn't speak, isn't potty trained, and STILL uses a bottle? I can understand if the older child has developmental delays, however, something is telling me that the parents are incredibly lazy if a 4.5 year old is still an infant with diapers, no language skills and a bottle. I can only imagine kindergarten, and the fact that he will be developmentally behind. The 2 year old will be the same way.

Katlee85 said...

No worries hun, I'll find you a better one for next week.

slb3334 said...

I'm not so sure what is so horrible about #1. At least she admits her kids are not angels. As far as having a pit bull, I have worked in the past for families who have had a pit bull and a doberman, which are both considered mean dogs. These were 2 of the sweetest dogs I'd ever seen. On the other hand, i used to hate going to my aunt's as they had blue heelers that loved to bite your feet.

Village said...

Nope, not a typo. I sent in the one for 6 kids at $50 a day. At 10 hours a day that's $5 an hour, or 83 cents per kid. Is that a new low?

NanGal said...

where did they let slip the family name?

food for thought said...

I too, noticed they slipped their bosses name (in the domestic couple posting). This man comes off as such a pompous a-hole that it actually made me smile. So much for anonymity. lol

It's in this paragraph NanGal:

... All laundry should be washed, dried, and ironed; folded and put away. Please check for loose buttons or seams that need mending.
Dry cleaning dropped off and picked up as needed
Kitchen should be cleaned after Mr. Picerne is finished and has exited the kitchen / eating areas ...

NanGal said...

@ food for thought:
thank you for spotting that for me! we should all obviously bombard Mr. Picerne's work email and tell him how ridiculous he is!

anonynanny said...

About #17: They didn't say the kids don't have language skills, they said the kids only know ASL. I assume the parents are Deaf and want their children integrated into the Deaf community. They may also be sent to an ASL school, in which case they'd have no problem. ASL is a language, with grammar and structure, so they do have language skills!

hungrycollegestudent said...

Anon: they made no indication that they were deaf; just that they sign to their children. Honestly, I don't think they handle them at all, considering they are still in diapers, taking bottles, and not talking. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if their parents have rendered them environmentally autistic. This is sad, and should be reported to CPS.

Kell said...

I don't see anything all that unusual about 10. Seems fairly reasonable to me. Am I missing something?

Regarding the picture, I saw an interview with the guy that makes those pacifiers once (he also makes joke teeth that are similar). He's like a gazillionaire. What a world we live in eh?

re-post said...


"rendered them environmentally autistic?"

you don't make someone autistic. if you were trying to be funny, try again. some of us on this board do have children with autism. I take offense to your comment.

your post is perhaps the most ignorant one I have seen on here in a very long time.

everybody parents differently. this is america: they are allowed to. are some people foolish in their parenting? of course. does that make them neglectful or abusive? um. no.

you are a kid. go learn, since there is obviously a great deal you do not know.

CS Nanny said...

Actually, in the debate between nature and nuture, the environment in which a child is raised DOES affect their mental and physical well-being. It does sound as though these parents, unless the older child is disabled, have neglected their children. And yes, this can cause mental issues. Look at the numerous reports of children being isolted from society or completley ignored within the home. They do not develop as a normal child would.

hungrycollegestudent said...

Repost, I am neither a kid nor ignorant. Furthermore, I find it personally offensive that you would defend two people who obviously are so negligent of their children that they have not taught them to speak or to use the toilet. That is ABSOLUTELY abuse, and should be reported to child protective services.

I made no jokes about autism, so it is unclear to me why you would have considered my comment anything other than serious. Environmental autism was a term coined by psychiatrist Dr. Kathleen Armstrong in response to the devastating case of "The Girl in the Window." If you need a refresher, this was a child who was so severely neglected, she was unable to function at any level other than that of an infant, make eye contact, or forge interpersonal relationships with those around her. It is both a devastating testimony to the effects neglect have on a child in developmental years, as well as a clear-cut example of the "nature v. nurture" argument.

Finally, parents ARE allowed to raise their children however they like...within the confines of the law. I'm sure a social worker would consider this neglect. Although everyone has a lot to learn, I think you may have a little more to learn than I do about this particular subject.

Marypoppin'pills said...


"The 1yo is a runner (she is known to leave the house and run down the street!)"

I had a friend who's son did this at 2-3 yrs old. Finally CPS was called in because he ran out at 6am once, almost getting hit by a car.

If the mom knows her kid does this there is a very simple solution... DEADBOLT the door!

Marypoppin'pills said...

We did a feature once on "The girl in the Window"... I would provide the Link... but damn if I can find it. I would be ever so grateful to the Reader that could!

When I read that AD... it was the first thought to come to mind. I hope someone that knows these children can intervene on their behalf to make sure they are ok.

autism said...

Hungry College Student,
Many toddlers and preschoolers are not speaking yet, and many are not yet potty trained, and many are still on bottles. It does not make the parents abusive, and it certainly does not mean the child is or will be autistic.

Your post conveys disdain towards parents with autistic children. If you did not mean it to come out like that, just be aware that it did.

Parents of autistic children have a very difficult time explaining autism to people, and your attitude is consistent with people who don't know much about autism except sensationalized cases such as the one you mentioned. I live autism. It colors every day of my life. I am always more than happy to learn more about it, but I turn to my child's doctors and therapists and teachers: not people like you, who have no first hand knowledge of this disability. Many studies continue to be done regarding autism. Do yourself a favor and talk to some parents of autistic children. That will educate you, if you are open-minded enough to do so, which I highly doubt.

And you act like a kid. And you act like you're ignorant.

mom_of_one said...

I seriously think you are being overly sensitive. I don't think HCS meant to be rude in any way. She stated what she thought was a FACT. Whether or not you believe it to be, she is allowed to have her own opinion, sensationalized or not.

I'm sorry you have been affected by autism in your life, but it is no reason to call someone names. That, my friend, was rude.

imho said...

I see hungrycollegestudent discussing one post, one ad, one opinion, about abuse. Not overall autism in and of itself.

I, too, think these kids may possibly be neglected or perhaps worse. But we don't know for sure. All we can do is go by what was written in that ad.

hungrycollegestudent said...

MPP, here is the script from the show that ran the special. It's incredibly long, but a devastating story.

One point I would like to clear up with poster Autism: I do not hold parents accountable for their child being diagnosed with autism. I realize the type you are referencing is genetic; I am speaking of environmental autism. You say there are many preschoolers that are still on a bottle, or not speaking, or still in diapers--how many are all three? This points either to parental neglect or disability, but going off this ad (which is all we can do, as pointed out by other posters less sensitive), I will stand by my previous assertions of parental neglect.

let's get real said...

You and TC are talking about two totally different things. She is not insulting the parents of children with genetic or biological autism or accusing them of neglect. She is talking about a scientific term called environmental autism that was coined for children who could not have normal social interactions or perform tasks someone their age would typically be able to perform as a result of being neglected and abused. So she is in no way making fun of autism or "acting like a kid" or insulting anybody. She is just saying that what the parents in the craigslist post are doing could be developmentally harmful to their child.

let's get real said...

Oops, I meant hungrycollegestudent, not TC. I was thinking of the previous post. Sorry about that!

autistic nanny said...


That you believe that there is any validity to the term "environmentally autistic" is the problem; that you believe it could be used as a descriptor for anyone is what I and others find offensive. Exactly how helpless do you believe those with autism are?

let's get real:

It's not a scientific term. You will not find "environmentally autistic" or "environmental autism" in a respected journal of neuroscience. It's a media term. It's something you see on AOL, not The Journal of Neuroscience. If Kathleen Armstrong said it at all, she wouldn't seem proud of it; a simple search on the University of South Florida website would reveal as much.

To both of you:

This is an offensive term because it stereotypes autism. It's to say "it's so autistic" and that isn't right. You both are wrong. I hope you'll grow to see it, but if not, so be it. For the record however, the children I care for do not have autism. So this name I used must mean something else, mustn't it? Have you ever imagined such a creature? This was for your benefit. I may not be able to revisit this thread.

autistic nanny said...

One quick addendum/clarification, I mean to say it stereotypes those with autism.

parent of a wonderful autistic child said...

autistic nanny,

thank you. :) your post made my day. Thank god there are still people out there like you who get it. xoxoxox

CS Nanny said...

It is entirely possible to damange your child's mental capacities due to your actions. Whether or not, this is called, "environmental autism" or not, I don't know. But I do know that there are numerous children who have been found in diapers, using a bottle, cannot speak, and the parents have been held accountable for abuse/neglect. A normal 4.5 year old does not wear diapers, use a bottle, or cannot speak. And by speaking I mean communicate through verbal words or ASL. Autism, I feel you are taking this post entirely too personally. Never once did hungrycollegestudent attack austism or those who have it. Or care for children that do. However, we do have to face the facts that some parents should never be parents. And in my opinion, unless there is some medical condition regarding these children in question, these parents are neglecting/abusing their children, and are damaging them in the process.

You're gonna hate this, but said...

"Environmental autism" may not be a scientific term, but the phenomenon is real. In my field we sometimes call it psychogenic autism, which essentially means that you are seeing autistic-like symptoms in children who have been severely neglected. It is a misleading term, because it actually has nothing to do with actual autism which usually has some kind of neurobiological basis. But just because the symptoms have different origins doesn't mean that their presentation is different. Your kid could be born with certain genetic conditions or eat lead paint- the outcome is still going to be grouped under MR.

let's get real said...

Autistic nanny,
You still don't seem to get what I'm saying. No one is insulting children with autism. Not hungrycollegestudent, not me. Hungrycollegestudent was referring to a term coined by a scientist in order to compare the situation of the child in the craigslist post to the situation of the news story that broke a while back about "The Girl in the Window". A scientist described that girl's situation as "environmental autism". Hungrycollegestudent did NOT make that term up in order to insult children with autism. SOMEONE ELSE created that term. Stop making it seem like hungrycollegestudent and I are personally attacking you and have something against children with autism. That is NOT the case. Perhaps the term "environmentally autistic" is not politically correct, in which case, now we know. But to make it seem like hungrycollegestudent was poking fun at autism by using that term when she was in fact just referencing an article is unfair.

Megan said...

CS Nanny, I believe the point is that believing the term a valid one, because of what it assumes, is the attack.

let's get real, you screwed up. Own up to it.

let's get real said...

Megan, I'm a little confused as to how I "screwed up"? All I was saying is that I didn't think that hungrycollegestudent meant any harm by what she said, and that she does not have anything against parents whose children have autism. She was trying to explain a perspective that she thought was valid, and I think she has the right to do that without everybody jumping down her throat and accusing her of making fun of autism. That was clearly not her goal. She is in no way implying that every child with autism has neglectful parents. Even "You're gonna hate this"'s post explains that in her field of study, the term "psychogenic autism" is applied to children who have been neglected who exhibit similar behaviors to autistic children but who are not biologically autistic. And considering I have a severely autistic family member who I love dearly, I think it's safe to say that I don't think autism is something to joke about either.

this is ridiculous said...

Oh wow!

you're gonna hate this: Autism is NOT synonymous with MR!

You're really ignorant if you think that, I don't care what field you are in. It is NOT always grouped with MR.

... said...

There are many different levels of autism, and many different levels of developmental delays.

There is a great deal of misinformation and stereotyping on this thread, and it is frustrating, especially for those of us who have an autistic child or who are autistic.

What is "normal" to one may not be "normal" to someone else.

you're gonna hate this but said...

this is ridiculous-

It seems some people are intent on misinterpreting benign comments. I certainly did not say that autism is the same as MR. Having worked with people with MR and people with autism, I am well aware of that. I was merely using another example to illustrate my point about similar symptoms being labeled as the same disorder, despite having different origins. Your inability to grasp that concept makes me question your comprehension skills.

Oh wow said...

You people need to be more sensitive.

Marypoppin'pills said...


Thank you for that Link. I believe that was the same exact story we built our Feature off of.