Nanny Browbeats Deadbeat Mom

Received Saturday, July 3, 2010
rant 2 I am your nanny...I have cared for your son since he was 12 weeks old, He is now 20 months, I love him as if he were my go to work at 7:30 am, you pick him up at 10pm..or 1am. you have given me 4 packs of diapers in this time, and maybe 3 weeks worth of food. I buy him diapers, food and clothes..because I want to. and I love him. You would rather buy beer then get him diapers.. You call me late at night for diapers and food for him...You have paid me $20 a day for caring for him cause I was in need of the cash at the time. I know I have another child, close in age to yours, cause you told the mom about me. She is way cool..brings diapers, food, milk and juice. I cook both breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner for both babies...and they enjoy it. when dinner time comes around you are nowhere to be found, so I feed your son. when you come to pick him up, you ask, did he eat, I say assume I would. if I say no...just to mess with you, you get pissed. did you bring your son food..milk, snacks..NO., diapers..pfft, you know I keep them on hand. if I had known what other parents pay I would have thought twice about my price. enjoy your time with me, as it will come to an end...I may not be a live in nanny but your son comes home with new words and knows his french and spanish. if you don't under stand what he is saying...ask him. I also charge the other babies the same amount...$20 a day. it was my fault ...not knowing my worth. I love him too..he is younger and thinks I am a super nanny..(showing cape)...between you both I make $40 a day. I am not trying to get ritch..just noticed and appreciated


wow said...

uh wow! You definitely sound like a nanny (and not a daycare) but to have two children and make $40 a day? And to have one from morning until late at night? You should adopt him as it sounds like he is your child. You pay more to watch him then you actually make to have him!

tough love said...

You are not a nanny. You are a very naive home daycare provider. If you want to raise your rates, raise them. If you want change, you must activate change.

I did home daycare for three years. Yes, it can be intrusive, yes, it can be frustrating when parents take advantage of you. But you can only be taken advantage of if you let it happen.

Home childcare will never make you a lot of money. When I did it I charged about 40 a day for each child, and I had two, plus my own. When I lost one client, I couldn't make it anymore, and I was tired of the way I was being taken advantage of by the remaining client. So I found a job at a childcare center. My hours are consistent, my home is not invaded, I do not pay for supplies and food, and I make twice as much now, which is good since half of my pay goes to childcare for my own daughter. No, I do not have my child at the center where I work from. She has a nanny.

Get off your butt and do something about your life. Stop whining and take back what's yours. You love these kids because you have a good heart. But they are not yours. They are someone else's, and they will live out the fate that is theirs for having a crappy parent. Yeah it sucks but yeah it's life.

Good luck. You're a good person, and you know and I know that you can do better than this.

tough love said...

anonymous, you posted
"As a nanny, I can say you or (sic) not a nanny, because if this mother were not neglectful she should have been reported by now by you to family services."

I disagree. You can't report someone to family services for taking advantage of their childcare provider. Nowhere in this post do I see signs of abuse. You can't arrest someone for just being a jerk.

Also, learn to write a sentence. Your post is painfully

Nanny Sarah said...

$40/day for watching two babies is highway robbery. Quit!~

NYCMOM2 said...

Institute new rates and charges...

1. a dollar per diaper

2. 5 dollars for meals. One dollar for snacks. Three dollars for drinks for the day

3. Every hour after 5 PM should be 10 dollars.

4. Full day 40 dollars

Stick to it and if charges aren't paid in cash on Friday, the kid can't come the following week. Make sure you put it in writing in advance and hand it to her. Have her sign it.

cali mom said...

Um...why would any sane person over 13 with a brain cell consider working for $20 a day? And why would they continue to do so after the first time that the "day" turned out to be 20 hours long? If you want to be 100% responsib;e for a baby's well being 24/7/365 for no pay, then get pregnant and have your own.

re-post said...

A long time ago I was a nanny on the east coast, I now live in a small town in Tennessee. There is one daycare in our town and they charge 100.00 per week for a child who is 2. That being said, yes, homecare is cheaper than that. $20
a day is not a horrible rate, at least around here, actually it would be pretty good. Doesn't sound like she is licensed either. Please don't misunderstand and believe that I'm saying that the way this mother is acting is right, what I am saying is that not everyone lives in a city and gets paid 600.00 a week. The cost of living is lower, therefore the pay is lower, that's just basic economics. Everyone needs to stop actingas if they are soooo much better just because you are paid more. Your living expenses are also alot higher and some of us are actually happy living in a small town without big pay.

djembe said...

You just want to be appreciated? It's not going to happen... no one respects or appreciates a doormat, they just continue wiping their feet all over them.

Grow a backbone and behave like an adult, and you'll get respect and appreciation when you earn it.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

If you want to stop caring for this mom's kid, use the weekend to write up your daycare parent policies, including all the additional charges you need to add for meals provided ($5 per meal, $3 per snack), diapers provided ($1 per diaper), and LATE FEES ($1 per minute late, and late = after you close your doors at 6 pm.). Give it to the mom on Monday and tell her the new rules will go into effect on the next Monday. Have her sign it right under the last sentence, which will read "Failure to abide by the above rules, and/or additional charges in the amount of $50 in one week will result in your needing to find a new daycare provider."

After that next week, she'll be gone, if YOU enforce your new rules.

And if there is any question in your mind about that baby's safety with his mom, call child protective services.

Raised Eyebrows said...

I don't want to be pedantic, but don't nannies generally work out of their employer's home and never supply anything themselves? This sounds like home daycare. And definitely an unlicensed one I'd never send my kid to.

NanGal said...

OP please please please stop letting this person take advantage of you. it is not worth the $20 a day you are probably spending more than that on things you buy for their baby. kick them out or start charging them extra!

Jade said...

OK, I had to ask the family that I have been working for the past 3 years if they had sent this on my sounds so much like my situation scares me. She is a very close friend, I have been watching her daughter and son since they were both in diapers. I was desperate and needed money when I contacted her in regard to her CL add. I took 2 kids for 20 a week. it worked out great, I loved her kids from day one..and treated them as my own (I have empty nest syndrome). Her husband lost his job and I only had the 3 year old as the 5 year old started school and when he had to stay home I only got the 3 year old on wesndays. I decided to take on another family. I got a 12 week old baby boy..I was in heaven, I love babies. they gave me a sob story and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I was in love with the idea of having a baby in my care. I fell in love with him after a week..ignoring the fact that I was to be paid 20 a day. they brought formula and cereal only because it was supped by WIC. when they no longer were eligible for WIC, all food stopped.

I was lucky to get a bottle of juice, or a small pack of diapers one a month. At this point I was totally in love with the baby I did not care that I was spending half of what I made was spent on him.

They had so much faith in me that the dad told his brother about me and the brother told an employee of his at the post office I would be a great care forward to after the meetings and small talk, I take the baby who is close to my other's age. I charge them the same small fee, I was glad to have a friend for him to play with.

They get along great! I am thrilled. the new babies mom is great, she brought foumula..diapers (shock) juice and real baby food! she likes me...go figure, I am a happy go lucky person and it takes a lot to piss me off. Like not paying me..while you have a case of beer in your car yet you can't pay me just yet..but, you still find time and money to spend at the VFW..with your father in-law/dad. have new clothes every week and bitch about the price of diapers and need 10-15 till Monday. You bring your baby to my house with the same diaper I put on him, I know this because I put numbers on them reflectinghow many times the babies are changed so u can know when I need diapers. k..had myself a lil chuckle you would bring diapers. I have asked for diapers,,don't flame me. I buy your child clothes at the thrift store, cause I love him.

Yes I know..I agreed to 20 a day, I thought I could help those who could not afford more. I had ulterior motives, I love babies..and you filled a need I had to mother. when your son moves on to daycare, I wil miss him..but I will keep in touch and want details, I think I deserve as much.

I need to point out I love both babies/toddlers and the one school age that I had since she was 3. I just want to feel like I was just not someone who filled a need you had...but an important part in the upbringing of your ( they know colors and numbers and that damn elmo chicken dance by heart.) caring adults that I know they will be..all I ask is to be at thier wedding.

Jade said...
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