Saturday, June 19, 2010
june cl wtf 2
.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for 2 ladies for 2 different jobs 1 Nanny & 1 Assistant (New York)
my assistant will need resume and must have experience with sales as in cashier if you have ever been a cashier before and you are 18 and up then you can apply as my assistant you will need 2 forms of ID and the pay is great around $300 or so a week

for the nanny you will have to watch 2 kids ages 4 and 6 months the 4 year old is independant so thats very easy..

i can compensate the nanny daily the pay for the nanny is $5 an hr plus bonus like my job is international so i can also give the nanny things like movie tickets to any movies or anythings they may need personally i can get like house hold items and things like tampons gorceries gift certificates to places like applebees fridays etc.. tthe nanny is expected to be part of my family i want to trust her and we can be friends someone cool down to earth and open minded no drinking oe smoking around the kids, but we an also hang out sometimes n go shopping and i dont mind picking u up some cute outfits as well.. the nanny is good for a young lady or older woman with no way of getting a real job, and i can also leave money for chinese food
Wow... what an eclectic mix of eccentric Ads this week! Special thanks goes to HungryCollegeStudent for our Feature! Also, thank you to the following Readers for their Contribution: Kate, nannybee, Michelle.Nelson, alwaysangelnbuffy, Miranda, mbargielski, afnt81, krupitzerb, KateOaks and Cinder38... all of you did an awesome job! Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. And don't forget to include the Links!



SearsTowerMissDee said...

In the words of the late great Harry Caray: Holy cow!

1. Sounds like an idiot. Nice benefits-I can get that babysitting and gift cards as presents from my class at Christmas.

2. I wonder if there is more than going on here than what the mother knows? What kind of child would get mad if she returned a phone call while they were playing? I feel sorry for him when he starts school.

3.What the hell is a nuclear family?

4.This one offends me, because they mention age, looks and weight. I turn 38 on Tuesday, am not in the best shape, and can keep up with a toddler such as this one. Since when did age and weight determine your ability to keep with a toddler? Second, they don't want a nanny, they want a sharp looking female to parade in front of their friends, acting as a mother/father and maid, yet disguised as a nanny, while offending people in the process, who like me, may not be in good shape, but can keep up with and work with toddlers.

7. This sounds made up; a special needs 3 year old, a 10 month old, pregnant on bedrest while going through a divorce and no family in the area, no friends and
no money? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

8. Does anyone else see the red flags here?

Love It... said...

These are great!

#1-what a deal....tampons and Chinese food are the perks of the job.

#8-wow-I hope no one is stupid enough to fall for that. Who would want a 55 year old man coming to their house to "play" with their 3-5 year old girl. I have a 5 year old and gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

#16 Beside the fact that most of it made no sense...I love that she is advertising the fact that she basically looks like a drug addict.

Don't know the number, but the ones with responses are my favorites...esp. one where the people claim they own a 100 acre horse farm but live in a hotel during the week and want someone to babysit for $25/day. That whole thing was just hilarious! Who knows, maybe that is the drug addicted Mom from #16 who had one more kid after her first 7 were taken away and she doesn't want to spend any of her meth money on a sitter.

vocab lesson said...

miss dee,

a nuclear family is a father, mother and children only. not an extended family etc. not lesbians or gay parents. only a mother, a father and the kids.

hungrycollegestudent said...

Vocab: which begs the question: why do they need a nanny?!?! :) Lol.

Shudder said...

What bothers me about #8 is (1) the implied idea that the family not run their own background check - all families should always run their own, I don't care if they have one ran by their best friend, (2) the insistence on a girl, as if a 3-year-old boy was all that different, and (3) most especially, the offer of it being free. Free is the big thing to me. I would be creeped out just as much with a 55-year-old woman implying no background check, insisting on a boy, offering for free. Although I'll admit it doesn't help that his picture reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. There's something wrong with #8, even in the Bay Area.

Something for nothing society said...

What gets to me about #20 - #28 is Thomas Lounsbury's old quote: "We must view with profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the introduction of useful knowledge."

Those parents aren't interested in understanding that daycares can operate at the rates they do because of the herds they shepherd and that a nanny has to cost more because all the nanny has is them.

That's the primary benefit of a nanny. By employing a nanny, except for when in a nannyshare, you're asking that nanny to not work with anyone else while watching your children.

It should be common sense. A nanny is a human being, complete with a need for food, medical care, a roof over their head, entertainment and so on.

Instead of taking in this information, these parents feel they must win an argument on some internet forum as if it matters at all to the well being of their family. Look, a nanny is a luxury because of the immense flexibility granted to the employers with such exclusive care and the thing about luxuries is you've got to pay for them.

first ad said...

I knew I had seen the first CL ad somewhere. Here's a whole post on YBM discussing it.

mom_of_one said...

To: first ad said

Thank you for posting that Link! That was funny as hell!

world's best nanny said...

Wow! My dream job! I always wanted to be a nanny so someone would buy my tampons!

NanGal said...


cali mom said...

Wow. $5/hr plus tampons and occasional chinese food. An offer no one could refuse!

cali mom said...

Too funny. I just read the thread on YBM and it's amazing how threads do NOT differ from one forum to the next...

"You're a loser because you post here"

-"no YOU'RE a loser because YOU post here"

-"no, *I* have a life. I just post here when I'm bored"

-"Well, your life is more boring than mine is, loser!

-"no it isn't, loser!"

Yay said...

cali mom:
You're... awesome because you post here. :D

cali mom said...

:) Thanks Yay!

Man, those horse farm people's parents must have comingling their genes with the horses. They may as well have just posted "HI, WE'RE STUPID, IGNORANT TACKY ASSHOLES AND WE WANT TO OFFER YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN $2/HR BECAUSE WE THINK YOU SHOULD BE IMNPRESSED BY US".

Katlee85 said...

I submitted the last one, it just BLOWS my mind how someone who is obviously a doctor (Rotation) Is willing to pay LESS then minimum wage for FOUR children especially a NEWBORN! Sorry for the shouts but that just incredibly pis*ed me off.

Have these people not heard of shaken baby syndrome, child abuse, etc?

Seriously said...

No. 1 should spend her money on a class focusing on writing skills, sentence structure and grammar. Mind you, with the amount she is offering, she wouldn't learn a whole deal. Seriously, I wouldn't even take the time to respond to such a badly written advert, even if the pay was amazing. Let's just hope someone with half a brain (and the need for tampons and Chinese food) looks after those kids and teaches them well.

my moniker is....... said...

re: #13 - how can you be a grad student at age 18? That implies that you are extremely gifted and went through college at an early age. The spelling and grammar in the ad is horrendous and implies writer has not been to many English classes.

Black Orchid said...

my moniker,
Maybe she is dumb enough to think "grad student" means a student who has graduated high school. Because I really don't see how she could be a grad student.

cali mom said...

But Katlee, since "your" (med school doesn't help your spelling I guess!) not being required to spend any of your own money on HER kids, $1.25/hr is more than fair, don't you think??

Katlee85 said...

LOL! Cali Mom, I really wouldn't care if I was spending my own money. I'd never work for somebody wanting to pay that little and I'm not a Nanny. I'm a mom and I WOULDN'T pay that little. It's really annoying to see a parent who thinks that they should spend so little.

Just Me said...

I 100% think that #7 has to be made up. Did anyone email her just out of curiosity?
Too much going on.
It's only MHO but if I had a child with the amount of special needs that her 3 year old needs, I probably wouldn't have had another child. And really, if so much focus was put on that special needs child, wouldn't the husband/father put in energy towards that child, too?
Whole thing smells so fishy.
And #8- Someone arrest him now! Even if it was a female advertising the same reasons, I'd be suspicious!

my moniker is........ said...

#10 - completely missed this one the first time around. A 16yo that is breaking things and hurting animals is showing obvious signs of sociopathic behavior and a sitter for one week is not going to help her at all. You need to worry about what is causing this behavior.

Issa said...

my moniker:

About two weeks ago I had an interview where the father said he thought his youngest son was possibly a sociopath. I laughed, but he apparently wasn't joking. It's something I had never considered. The kid seemed otherwise normal.

The job was offered, but I waited too respond because I had another possible job that would have been higher pay and more hours. It was inappropriate to wait as long as I did and I feel bad about it.

Anyway I would have taken it and I do regret having not the moment it was offered. Sure enough though, had I taken it, I would have kept a close eye on that boy!

SunburnedMissDee said...

Just Me:

My thoughts exactly. If a cild has needs to the extent that it breaks up a marriage, which in reality it shouldn't, WHY have another child? That puzzles me too. If you smell fish, I smell fish.

priya said...

It really bursts my bubble to think that Mom's and Dad's would be willing to pay 5/$ an hour for a full time gig! I was making. 8/$ when I started babysitting when I was 12 years old!! How can they expect to find a trustworthy, certified, patient person to care for their child when they are paying below minimum wage?!
Just crazyyyyt

Phoenix said...

#2 is out of her flippin mind!

Holy crap, you want your kid to stop being a baby. Stop treating him like one

Why???? said...

I don't know what is in the water. But why are so many kids being born with disabilities? I think people should stop procreating. Something is obviously poisoning the atmosphere and causing these problems. Or sad to say it medical science is causing kids to live when nature would have made survival impossible. Not being mean just pointing something out that i just realized.

why post at all if you're so ignorant? said...

to "why"

it's not the water and you are really ignorant to post that: people should stop having babies? it is people like you who are the problem. my daughter is disabled and she is amazing and wonderful and I am so glad I have her.

there are not more children with disabilities: it is because science has advanced that we are able to diagnose these disabilities and treat them.

You're a freaking idiot. Why don't you think about what you say before you say it?

East Bay Nanny said...

So many really great posts this week. I submitted #8 because it sent my creep-o-meter off through the roof.

The comment about the 16yo having serious problems - I thought so too when I read that. If the parents think a nanny for a week will fix their kid they're in for a disappointment.

And the 18yo "grad student!" I laughed because she must be a HS grad. Too funny.

This week's postings were especially great. Couldn't get over the country horse people who didn't understand why a nanny costs more than daycare. Just priceless.

funny ha ha said...

These are AWESOME this week. It's a veritable parade of idiots! I giggled all the way through.

No name in MPLS.... said...

#16...from MPLS..has yet another ad on our Craigslist (today 6-24-10)...a little different this time...posting for PT and listing the hours she can basically grace a family with her presence. UGH!