Saturday, June 12, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) I need a babysitter ASAP (California)
Hi i need help with my 7 month old son Dylan i just moved here 2month's ago i have had a live in nanny but 2weeks ago she had to leave do to illness in her family so i had to take time away from work for this 2 weeks not good for me at all i love spending time with my son but i also like paying my bills lol well long story short i need help i dont have alot to offer im not making much yet but i can help someone in need of a little extra cash i can pay 130-150.00 a week i know thats not a lot for what im asking for cause i need someone to stay in my place which is nice i live a block away from the broadway plaza mall and everything is blocks away nice area theres a pool spa and you can take him out for the day and shop or whatever you can stay in watch movies when he sleeps i need someone from like maybe 10-11am till 7-8pm monday thru friday if i need time with my husband like maybe a date night i will pay extra on Saturday but from maybe 6-7pm till midnight or like 11pm please when i start making more money i will pay more but this is what i have right now if you can help please call me ,oh and i need to add that my husband and i are smokers a lot of people have a problem with this but its mostly out side sometimes inside but not around the baby so if you smoke that dose not bother me at all thanks for reading and if theres anyone out there that can help let me know thanks. Janet. (925)238-****

* Response from CL reader:

2) RE: I need a babysitter ASAP (California)
Wow!!!! You live in a nice place have money for cigarette for you and your husband. And have money to go out for a date night with your husband. But you are willing to pay 2.50 an hour for some one to come to your house and watch your child for nine hours a day. You probably spend more the 2.50 on your cigarette. Is this what your child is worth to you?. Where is the child protective service when we need them. Makes me wonder why your nanny left.
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Former Nanny said...

*wishes people had to take a basic grammar and punctuation test before posting anything on the internet*

Former Nanny said...

I'm seeing a pretty terrible trend here of people offering "free room and board" (or tanning sessions!) in exchange for childcare. But at the same time, are expecting the nanny to provide a range of things from transportation to speaking in French?! Holy crap, people! Stop trying to take advantage of the people who you want to take care of your children!

And #16 is just flat-out creepy.

K said...

#4 This makes me so sad. He has no toys or friends? He's two. And it creeps me out that Father keeps emphasizing the fact that Baby will "absolutely be asleep."

#7 LOL VACATION PASS. Is that what they're calling it now? "at any rate if you would like a month vacation all bills paid with the exception of [working] for 8 hours [per day, 5 days per week], than this is the coolest deal around" -- LOL. Just lol.

#8 "You: CPR certified, speak English fluently, have your own reliable transportation, experience with infants and toddlers, non-smoker" -- You are not going to find these characteristics in someone who will work for two free tans a week.

mom_of_one said...

My favorite Ads? The ones that offer a meager wage or free room and board because "we can't afford it" - yet they describe their 6 bedroom home in detail, or the beautiful area they live in, their home gym, big ass pool or... hell, you get the idea!

so true said...


Oh, don't forget when they don't seem to realize that food and a place to sleep isn't enough for someone "with a car", what they inevitably require too.

Lindsey said...

It amazes me that people think, just because their kid is sleeping that you aren't working. You are away from your home, you can't do whatever you like. You will have to do something if the child wakes up. They think it's so grand, that you can come watch their big screen and use their internt. Who doesn't have internet and TV at their house? I'm sure someone would rather stay home and utilize their own electronics.

I love the pic for this week though. That is too funny!

East Bay Nanny said...

mom of one - yes, yes! I was thinking the same thing too as I read these ads!

And I can't believe my ad made the CL WTF of the week. Actually, I thought the Boston "vacation" one was way better. The parents in #1 were just clueless, the Boston one is in a whole other category.

The Iraq one jumped out at me. OK, $50k/year is pretty good pay for a nanny, even in the Bay Area, but if you expect me to work in a war zone you'll have to triple least.

Really, really good ads this week. They just keep getting better and better!

Uhh said...

Wouldn't giving your toddler to an American nanny in Iraq be like putting said toddler behind the paper cutouts used in a shooting range and expecting the child to be safe?

Ariel-chan said...

Uhh - yeah, reading that I was thinking good salary, travel, but my concern wasn't even the unpopularity of Americans but also the HUGE cultural difference. Unless you are hiring a Muslim nanny you might want to point out that your nanny will need to wear a burka/hijab/scarf any time she leaves your home throughout the year. That might make a lot of girls reconsider too.

CS Nanny said...

I would do the Iraq gig if it paid more, and I knew that I would have security at all times. I wouldn't mind wearing the hijab.

ATL Nanny said...

#8 -- the brand-new gym around the corner from my house offers 24/7 gym access and unlimited tanning for $30/month. So if we estimate this woman's compensation package at $30 month (generous, given that both the gym access and the tanning she offers are not unlimited) and divide that by the 40 hours a month of childcare she's expecting in return...that's a whopping 75 cents an hour. I'm sure she's got applicants just banging down her door. Clueless.

#16 is super creepy. Hand that rocks the cradle!

I too am sick of the ads where people expect full time care (40-50 hours a week) in exchange for room and board. Would they do their job if their poss only paid them enough to cover their mortgage and basic utilities? What about insurance, cell phones, student loans, groceries, entertainment and savings? They expect their employers to provide a salary that covers all those things, and yet they act like their nanny should be thrilled that they offer room and board and nothing more. (And, if the nanny is very lucky, the parents might pay for the laundry detergent the nanny is required to use to do the family laundry. I'm still not over that post from last week!)

CL-Rants! said...

"Chances are I hate my job too."

Besides the children, one of the primary reasons I'm a nanny is because I never have this feeling. Literally, never. I don't understand how someone could write that.

Aside from that she makes a few decent points.

Katlee85 said...

Number 17 was actually not bad, I don't blame her for venting.

CL-Rants! said...

Katlee85 - I don't recall saying it was bad. I just can't see how she can say she probably hates her job.

ATL Nanny said...

It is a rare person who never hates their job. Most of the time I love being a nanny -- I adore the kids, I love getting out of the house every day and setting my own agenda, etc. But there are certainly times I hate it -- times when my employers are selfish and disrespectful, times when I feel taken advantage of, etc. And I think most people (in every profession) feel the same way. The good usually outweighs the bad, but we all have days when we hate our jobs.