Highland Heritage Park in Highlands Ranch, CO

Received Saturday, June 12, 2010
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Date and time of incident: Wednesday, June 9, 2010. About 11:00 a.m.

Physical description of caregiver: Nanny was dark-haired and caucasian. Slender and medium to tall height (I would say about 5'8") and young, in early to mid- twenties. She was wearing a white tank top under a denim jacket and dark brown capri pants. Brown sandals. Her hair was long and pulled back in a low ponytail. She had brown sunglasses on. Small black backpack. I think the child called her "Elise" or "Elisa".

Physical description of child: 6-7 year-old little girl. Very long blonde hair and caucasian. Wearing a yellow sundress and white sandals.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I was at the park with my little brother and witnessed this awesome nanny interacting with her charge. Nanny engaged the child by asking her what she would name the wildflowers in the park if it was up to her. She asked her several times if she was too hot or thirsty (it was very hot that day). They never went to the actual playground but walked around the park area and looked at the open space around it. Nanny held the child's hand and called her "sweetie". Nanny also reminded the charge that in a few minutes it would be time to put more sunscreen on. I noticed when bikers went past them on the path, the nanny gently steered the little girl off the path and said "Remember, when bikers are coming it's best to give them room."

Honestly, the nanny just seemed really involved with the little girl and wasn't just letting her run around. She was very attentive and seemed like a very responsible, loving nanny!


HungoverMissDee said...

It's a cloudy day here in Madison, WI...Thanks for brightening my day with this post!! GO NANNY GO!

Nanny Sarah said...

Wish more nannies were like this!! As an involved nanny, its nice to hear of some nannies that do take pride in teir career. Others don't and children are the ones who suffer. Great post and thanks to the nanny!!!

attentive nannies are awesome said...

As a nanny I'm all for reminding everyone that there are good nannies out there. We do exist! However, couldn't this just be a good mom? She could be in her late 20s and just look a little younger. That would have been my mom and I when I was 6.

Read Closely said...

The sighting says that the OP heard the girl calling the woman Elise or Elisa, neither of which sound very much like "mom" lol.

attentive nannies are awesome said...

Read Closely - I'm not sure why you have to laugh at me. OP says she "thinks" the child called her that. One, though I've never agreed with it, plenty of children do refer to their parents by their first name. Two, if OP only "thinks" the child called her that, it is quite likely that OP didn't hear enough to know the context. Even if the child screamed it aloud, for all we know the question was, "Who would you like to visit tomorrow?"

imback said...

I love how when there is a good nanny sighting, some people assume it's the mother; and when there is a bad sighting people assume it is the nanny. That is awesome.

Great post OP.

attentive nannies are awesome said...

imback - And more often than we give credit for, they are right. I am a nanny and while I would love to emphasize to readers here that there are wonderful nannies in the world, I think credit is due where credit is due. Nothing in OP's description screams "nanny" to me. Why does it to you? Why do you feel a need to attack me, and that is what your sarcasm was, for simply asking a question? Shameful, just shameful.

mom_of_one said...

Good grief! There is a BETTER CHANCE THAN NOT that this was a Nanny.

I am completely satisfied with what OP believes the child called this woman to assume she was her Nanny.

What more do you want to prove it, a freakin' DNA?

LovingNanny said...

I am a white Nanny for a white child. We both have brown eyes and dark blond hair. NO ONE would ever think I am her Nanny. All the time people tell me: "Your daughter is so adorable." I have to say: "Thank you so much, but I am her Nanny."
I get the most suprised expressions. It's funny though. How does a Nanny have to look like and to behave?
I give my little girl lots of hugs and kisses.
That is the most important reason
why there aren't too many good Nanny sightings on her, because people assume, we are the moms.

Thanks for posting OP.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Is it really necessary for the OP to list all the details she observed that led her to the conclusion that this was a nanny? I'll take her word for it.

Thank you OP, it is always nice to see a good nanny posting.

mom_of_one said...

Manhattan Nanny,
Unfortunately yes, the OP's should explain why they believe it to be the Nanny because we have some posters like 'attentive nannies are awesome' that will give them a hard time if they don't.

I mean, the OP did her best, and she was STILL questioned!

Personally, I wish there was some sort of rule across the board that would allow for someone reporting a sighting to automatically be given the benefit of the doubt without having to defend themselves.

attentive nannies are awesome said...

Good grief is right, but not over anything I said. All I said was, "Couldn't this just be a good mom?" Why does it have to inspire World War III in a thread every time someone dares to ask the OP a question.

That's just it, I get the same. Even though somehow my charges tend to be of different backgrounds, people assume adoption. They rarely think "nanny" when someone is doing a good job but seem happy to when they see a bad job and while I welcome a good sighting of a nanny, for the sake of fairness I must recognize that the door swings both ways and therefore have to wonder what makes this a nanny.

Manhattan Nanny:
Not every detail, but some idea would be nice. How would ISYN be harmed if OP had to say something along the lines of, "I'm fairly sure she was the child's nanny because I heard the child speak of her parents."

That aside, did my Jun 12, 2010 7:25:00 PM post really deserve the response you or anyone gave it?

Please explain how asking, "Couldn't this just be a good mom?" is equal to giving OP a hard time. I see it as a perfectly innocent question. One that promotes more objectivity and where is the harm in that?

no moniker said...

Anonymous said...

Good grief! There is a BETTER CHANCE THAN NOT that this was a Nanny.