Saturday, May 29, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Childcare, maid , housekeeper, organizer, for demanding family (New Jersey)
I can clean, do childcare, drive/ chauffer, homework help, making snacks, organizing sports or games, errands, heavy cleaning, floors, bathrooms, windows , Laundry, ironing, etc. I enjoy cleaning and childcare, I'm very energetic, honest and dependable. and you could pay whatever. I'd just like to serve and be an 73/2-42/5-****
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etereia said...

Oh, priceless ads this week...I love the pony one and also #4 - the privilege to live in their basement, in exchange for a 55-hour work week. These people are insane.

orangeviv said...

What's wrong with 7 and 13?

tiredlady said...

I really feel for #19. I hope she finds something soon.

Marypoppin'pills said...

#7: she is willing to nanny for free so her daughter can have a playmate. Nothing bad about the Ad... just very unusual.

#13: I will put it into the words of the person that Submitted the Ad: "Because nothing says "hire me" like a non-descript ad reeking of desperation."

Amy said...

The pony pretty much full time, and you can ride my pony...gee where can I sign up..NOT!

NanGal said...

my child looks like a gerber baby so you should totally have to watch him for almost no pay....
people are insane

vomit said...

I totally agree. I really really REALLY want to puke whenever I see ads with parents describing their children as "wonderful, beautiful, loving, blah blah blah..."

bottom line: children are children, and while some are lower maintenance than others, every parent thinks their child is wonderful, unless they are crazy. So using that as a selling point is retarded, in my opinion.

Katlee85 said...

People are nuts,

As a parent I would never expect or even ask someone to watch my children full time for less then 400 a week. Though I'm a SAHM so I don't have to worry about it, but I have a babysitter who I usually pay anywhere between 150 to 200 when we use her because I have six children. Skimping on childcare is a good way to get your kids hurt.

June said...


All children are wonderful, beautiful and loving. But your point is well taken, it's selling what everyone has as something different and it doesn't make sense.

is this a joke? said...

#35, are you kidding? I wouldn't let my 14 y/o work that many hours for such low pay, about 2.00 an hr for 3 kids. where the hell do you people find someone to do this. i pay much more for my sitter and my daughter gets more. is this a joke?

yeahright said...

#28 That's all thats required to care for a 20 month old? Watch her in the pool and feed her? I'm sure!

PlanetNarcissistic said...

#7 - I don't get it. Are they really asking people to bring them toddlers to be interviewed for the position of friend to their own daughter?

#2 - Ponies are good eating.

All these people looking for complete strangers to look after their kids at the last minute. Is it safe to assume they feel their kids are butt ugly little undesirables?