Samuel Seabury Park in NYC

Received Friday, May 28, 2010
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Where: Samuel Seabury Park- 96th and Lex
When: 5/28 at 10am.
What: Nanny napping for 20+min!
Stroller: Brown/green Maclaren Quest.
Child: Boy about 16-20 months? Sandy hair, blue short sleeved shirt, khaki pants. White/navy velcro Nike's. Blue "lamby" and sucks thumb.
Nanny: AA w/braids and glasses.
Napping Nanny


CS Nanny said...

I am wondering if this is something you can call the cops over? Not saying anything bad about you, OP. I am just genuinely curious. Because I would think that this constitutes as child endangerment if you are sleeping in a public place while you are supposed to be watching a child. Thanks for the siting, OP!

Nanny Sarah said...

I agree. If the adult is sleeping, then this sets the child up for all types of danger. Kidnapping, etc. I hope and pray the poor child's parents see this because I cringe when I think of what could happen if she naps again in public.

nycmom said...

Good sighting OP!

As an aside, this reminds me of the napping Brooklyn nanny. I think that was on this site several years ago. Anyone else remember? I seem to recall the father of the child repeatedly defending the sleeping nanny despite many sightings and pics. Then the nanny got a job with a new family and a nanny on here was wondering if she should let the new family know. Wondering if anyone had an update on an old issue!

ghostfromthepast said...

to nycmom:
Maybe this is THAT nanny from Brooklyn at a new job. I think-for sure- you have to wake a sleeping nanny who's on duty up.