Saturday, February 20, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) Adult Babysitter Needed (Arkansas)
Adult Baby looking for a babysitter. I'm a 32 yr old male who needs a babysitter time to time for a few hours. My job and life can be very stressful and being babied really relaxes me. During this time I enjoy being a baby wearing and wetting my diapers, sucking a bottle, and being held. This is not sexual for me, it is a relaxing excape. I would perfer and older bbw woman to babysit me if possible. If you have any questions please reply. thank you
(Note: This Ad was actually listed in the Childcare section of CL, not the Adult... and it has since been flagged for removal)
Special thanks to mcdirhim for the insane Feature Ad! Now that was truly WTF-worthy! Also, thank you to the following Readers for their Contributions: NannyBee, ShoporPost, SarahHamilton523, throughmyeyesblog, michelle.j.nelson, Cinder38, JLow2474, Krupitzerb, LindsayElaineFreeman, alwaysangelnbuffy, Supernanny212, mbargielski, KristinM2176 and Kate in PA... all of you did an amazing job! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. And please do not forget to include the Links to your Ads!



etereia said...

Oh, #31 just about killed me...I wonder how much exactly their competitive wage is. There are some priceless ads this week.

East Bay Nanny said...

Yeah, 31's pretty great. I just emailed her to ask what she thought was "fair" and clued her in that nannies make more than min wage. I'll let you all know if she replies!

East Bay Nanny said...

I got a response! Here's what they said, "If we pay minimum wage, my wife is going to work basically to pay the babysitter. Thanks for your response, but if you want minimum wage, McDonald's and Wendy's are always hiring, dear! Have a nice day!"

And they're probably wondering why there are no good nannies out there.

how rude said...


I think that is quite a rude response from that family!

wishtoremainanonymous said...

EBN-maybe the mom needs to get a job at McDonald's or Wendy's, then she could afford to pay a sitter more. Or work hours opposite her husband and not have a need for a sitter. People suck.

VAnanny said...

That's crazy EBN! People never cease to amaze me. I just got an email from someone on Sittercity requesting my services for 8 hours. The pay they were offering was $5 an hour. I know I shouldn't be surprised but I always am. When will these people wake up?

About the author said...

VAnanny: agreed!!! We don't make that much as a family so it's actually financially smarter for me to only work part time nights and weekends while my husband works full time days. I wouldn't want to underpay a babysitter or nanny knowing how much work I'd be asking of them.
Right now I have a 3 1/2 year old and I'm due in June with our 2nd boy and there's no way I'd get a qualified, reliable nanny or babysitter for anything less than $12+ an hour. Seeing as I don't even make that much, I think I'll watch the kids myself!! :P

Kate in PA said...

I'm the one that sent in #31... And this is why last fall when I was looking for a new nanny job (previous charges started full-day school and no longer needed me), I wasn't able to find one that would pay enough to live on. And I have five years full time nanny experience and am a certified eled/early childhood teacher!

I now work in a daycare that pays a little more than minimum wage but also offers full benefits! I miss nannying, but people around here (and everywhere, I'm sure) just want to pay next to nothing for such an important job and it's not right.

East Bay Nanny said...

Wow, Kate I'm so sorry that nanny rates are so low where you are. The main reason I'm a nanny and not a preschool teacher is that nannies make more than ECE teachers here in the Bay Area (although at this rate I'll never be rich).

It really makes me sad that people will spend so much money on other things then completely cheap out on their childcare.

Phoenix said...

The reason people pay so little for childcare it because they think that you are doing an easy job. A no brainer, something anyone can do.

My question is how can the parents know what kind of job taking care of a kid is, if they've never done it? They have a nanny to do it. They don't appreciate because they don't know. They are ignorant, and some like the single moms really just don't know. They think that being a single mom gives them a golden ticket to special privleges... which is doesn't. They chose to be the single mom.

I feel bad for the people not beging respected in this industry. If someone really turns out to be a good nanny pay them well.

East Bay Nanny said...

Re: single moms. Yes, I know they have it tough. I always assume they're divorced but I guess lots of women have kids intentionally on their own.

But whenever I see "single mom" in any job listing I automatically think that she's offering way less than market rates and am usually right.

That's where home daycares come in. Why don't people realize there are really good small daycares out there for pretty affordable rates? Or a SAHM who just wants to watch an extra kid for some cash? Makes me so mad when people want top of the line nannies & don't realize they have to pay for it.

MissMannah said...

EBN...going along with what you said, I don't know why a lot of these single moms won't look into government subsidies for childcare. Head Start is a great program for low-income families and most states even offer a before and after school program at a reduced rate or even free.

Also, as for the family you emailed and they said you should work at McDonald's...why is the mother even working if all her paycheck will be going to the nanny? Stay at home and take care of your own dang kids! That person seemed so condescending.

Phoenix said...

i think a lot of parents don't take care of their kids cuz they just don't want to. I think it's like when someone wants a puppy and it's really cute then they realize it craps and costs moeny. Then they don't want it anymore.

I think people want to be parents of conveinance (sp) on their own time. They just shouldn't have had them to begin with.

Unknown said...

I love #2! Never know how it would work out, but I would definitely apply for that one just to meet mom!
As far as minimum wage/McDonalds: My best friend is a new single mom as she's going from being a SAHM for the past 2.5 years, to going through a divorce and having to try to find work. She put in a pplication at Mcdonalds b/c they're paying $10.50 to START! They turned her down because she was "over qualified" since she worked in retail 4 years ago. She's still unemployed.

East Bay Nanny said...

Miss Mannah,

Yeah, the dad was a little condescending. I never said I was applying! I (willingly) took a job paying less than market rates, but it's still far above the CA min wage of $8/hr. I'm sure the dad would flip if he knew how much I made.

Like others have said, if the mom's making that little she should just stay home and take care of a couple of kids herself.