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.... WHAT?!

1) Adult Babysitter Needed (Arkansas)
Adult Baby looking for a babysitter. I'm a 32 yr old male who needs a babysitter time to time for a few hours. My job and life can be very stressful and being babied really relaxes me. During this time I enjoy being a baby wearing and wetting my diapers, sucking a bottle, and being held. This is not sexual for me, it is a relaxing excape. I would perfer and older bbw woman to babysit me if possible. If you have any questions please reply. thank you
(Note: This Ad was actually listed in the Childcare section of CL, not the Adult... and it has since been flagged for removal)

2) Dream Nanny, where are you? (Dallas)
I am starting my search for a fabulous nanny with a passion for kids and an awesome, outgoing personality.
I have four beautiful children, two boys and two twin girls. They are well mannered, polite, adorable, and so
great. They are so loving, and they love being loved! Sounds like a fairytale, right?

Ok, ok, so what's the catch? They are all under the age of 5.
Oh, and I forgot to mention... I have another on the way. I would love to spend every moment with them, but
unfortunately, I need my rest and preggo mommy can't always give her undivided attention.

Duties: clean up after the kids, kids laundry, keeping children entertained, going to the playground, taking them
to lessons and events, reading to them, taking them to playdates, etc.

My kids have had two aupairs in the past, so they are used to having another adult taking care of them. They
loved all their aupairs, and the aupairs loved them. I am looking for someone who will take wonderful care of my
children. I can guarantee you that if the feedback from my children is great, I will take notice and show appreciation
in other ways... don't worry, it won't be a cheap gift basket from Bed Bath & Beyond. Maybe a candle from
Bath & Body Works. I kid, I kid. If you can't tell already, I am very playful and sarcastic, so I would like to find someone
who can keep up with my tempo.

All you need to have is:
valid tx d.l
clean driving record (no car necessary!)
clean background (no thugs, please)
prefer a degree or education of some sort (not looking for Einstein, but also not looking for a 80 IQ)
non smoker, non drinker (it's not 4:20 at my house, if you get my drift)
3 recent references

If you think you are our Dream Nanny, please send me an email with a little paragraph about yourself.
I know some of you may have wonderful references, but please withhold sending me that information until I narrow down
my search and ask for it. Just have it on-hand, that's all I ask!
All one-liners will be disregarded.
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3) We need a Sitter tonight (Garden of the Gods) (Colorado Springs)
We are looking for a sitter tonight for our 3 y/o son from 6pm- 11pm.
I would like to check a babysitting reference before hand, and will pay $15 for the night.
Please call me at (505) 449-**** if you are interested. Heather
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4) Babysitter from Feb 28 - March 6 (Dallas)
HI, I need a babysitter to watch my 6 year old son. I will be going on a business trip and unfortunately I cannot bring him with me. He will be with you for the whole week and you will be responsible for watching him everyday and dropping him off and picking him up from school. Which is Bear Creek Elementary. It's best that you live in Euless or Bedford area in order for you to drop him off daily at school. This is a lot of responsibility and I have to be able to trust you with my child. If you are interested please respond back with your name, phone number and the total price for the week. Thank you, Deena
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I am a single mother going to school and working full time. i am interested in someone who will be able to watch my child from around 3pm until i get home in exchange for rent. I need someone who can pay half of the utilities and put some money in for food. i live in a 2-bedroom apartment with my little girl. any other questions, please feel free to contact me through this agency.
Original URL: none given

6) Looking for a unique nanny/babysitting opportunity? READ THIS! (Maryland)
We’re Stephanie and Justin – and I know that you’re thinking, oh wait- I don’t want a guy and girl watching my child everyday for the summer! It’s definitely, not what you think. We’ve been best friends for 10 years, and this summer, we’re looking to become child care providers! Also, we're looking for any weekend/evening hours you may have in-store :]

Now, a little about why we want to do this.. We’ve always worked well with children together. We’ve done this before, for a former client of ours, but it didn’t work out with her, she didn’t like the idea of it. Stephanie has a younger sister that Justin babysits from time to time, and it works out. To get things straight, we want to nanny together, as in, we want to be like partners in this, and then spilt the profits. So basically, you're getting two people to love and care for your children at the price of one!

An example; one of us could be cooking lunch while the other plays with the kids, so on and so forth. You’ll never be short on time, or be without a sitter for the day because there’s two of us, so that’s a pro. We will arrange our schedules together on our own, then provide you with them, so you know when we’ll both be there, and when only one of us will be there.

We’re looking for a typical weeks worth of work, and we’re even willing to do light housework, such as laundry, loading/emptying the dishwasher, doing light cleaning and of course cleaning up after your kids! We’re available for discussion about this totally, because we realize that some people may not be open to two people watching their kids, especially a guy and a girl, but we are totally professional, and will have no problems what so ever.
We are both non-smokers, non-drinkers, very responsible, loving, and caring.

Please let us know if you’re interested at all, we can meet up with you and discuss it. Our email is checked by both of us, so you may hear from Stephanie or you may hear from Justin, as a FYI. Thank you so much for your interest!
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7) Childcare needed 2-3 days a week (Norfolk)
Hi my name is Paula and I am looking for a babysitter two watch my 2 children Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. My son is 4 years old and my daughter is 3 years old. I would need them to be taken care of between the hours of 8-4pm. They are both potty trained and well-mannered. I would like this to start Monday morning if possible. Please email me and let me know if the times are much it would cost, and if you would be available to start Monday. Please email me a little about yourself also. Thanks.
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8) I need childcare for 13 month old & 25 month old! (Norfolk)
A very serious problem w/ our last provider has forced us to look again.
I have a 13 month old and a 25 month old. Would like to stay in va beach along my husband's route to work like: indian river rd, kempsville, providence, holland, rosemont dam neck, those general areas. Would need care from 6am until 3pm (which can change) I'm military and there are days where I may have to work until 6 or 7 at night. My husband usually works till 5pm-5:30pm. So if you are flexible that'd be awesome. If we ever did go over the 12 hr limit I would be more than happy to pay extra since I know its hard w/ having your own family. Please email me your quotes for 2 kids. Would like to start interviewing today. I do need someone for tomorrow from 6am until at least 2pm, maybe less!! =) Thanks for all who respond!!!
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9) Babysitter at your own cost (Ohio)
Hi my name is Chelsie i am 18 years old i am looking for a job and i i thought about baby sitting i love kids and i am never late or call off unless its something very serious i have baby sat before and im willing to let you do a back ground check on me so you know im nobody crazy im willing to watch any age and i am home schooled so i can babysit while you work i know times are hard so you set how much you want to pay it can be hourly or salary you choose i am only able to babysit in the grove city or west columbus area i dont have a car and i will have to depend on my mom and those are the areas she can take me here is a picture of me so you can see what i look like and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at lilmisschels91@**** or give me a call at 614-282-**** thanks
(Note: This Ad has been recently deleted... and it sort of loses it's punch because in it there was a photo of a big-breasted young girl with an extremely low-cut blouse on)

10) Sitter Needed Today! (Norfolk)
I am looking for someone that is providing care today! I need care from noon to about 6 tonight.. I have a 4 year old boy! I am looking for someone in the Hampton area and reasonable rates!
If you have an available spot for the times needed please email me! Thank you!
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11) If you are truly in need im here. Dont contacted if your just cancel (Chicago)
Hello. I would like to first start off by saying I am a real person who is loving and caring that is not just posting my ad for people to just call me or e-mail me with your scams or book me to come for the job to be your babysitter but the just cancel....At this time if you are not a real family in need of me stop reading cause I'm looking for real and true familys thank you for not wasting my time. God Bless and have a good day.

Hi my name is Hope 21 years of age living in the 60634 area. I myself have been giving my care for kids since I was I age of 10 years old. Having two sisters and two brothers of my own as me being the oldest out of five. Myself am a very hard worker, helpful, honest and true. I love kids of all ages as well as great with them. I've worked for a Daycamp called Wells Park. Ages for kids I worked with starting from newborns to teens. The most I've cared for at one time is six loving kids. When it comes down to having fun I love going roller skating, long walks, going to the park, the zoo, swimming, going to the beach, plays dressup, dancing, coloring/drawing, sports, bored games, and so much more that they loving doing. Willing to work Monday-Friday as well as Saturday if need. Off Sundays. Now when it comes to your little one(s) I just don't see it as a babysitting or a gig but apart of the family, apart of their life as they are apart of mine. I very true and fun to be around. Looking for a loving and trueful family to be with short or long term. Live in or live out I am willing to do so to truly help your familys needs. I myself am a very hard worker and am also willing to clean if need cleaning as well in home.
I am here for familys in need of me for:
Short term
Long term
As well as:
Daily witch is $10 an hour
Thank you all for your time and God Bless you all.

For more info you may contacted me:
(773)876-**** (((If do not pick up you may text me)))
Feel free to do so.
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12) Sitter Needed (Norfolk)
I am in need of a sitter for this Saturday evening, and for occasional evenings out. My son is well behaved, but active, and I need someone who can be attentive and spend time playing with him and talking to him and actually interacting with him. I would prefer you watch him in my home, but if I find the right person I'm willing to take him to their house. I would prefer a teenager or college student. Please email me your rates and information if you're interested. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad!
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13) Best sitter you can find! (Norfolk)
Hi my name is Lauren. I am 14 and I have 3 years experience. I love children and I am not the person who leaves your child in a swing while I am on the computer. I make strait A's. I have experience with children 2 months-12 years old. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off school. I am available Tues, Thurs, Weekends, occasional after school (4pm-whenever) and some Holidays. I come to you. I do not smoke because I am not 18 and I do not like it period. I love animals and I am not allergic. I love children and will actually pay attention to them. I am Cpr, first-aid, disaster, and babysitting trained by the Red-Cross. I have to take the class again though. It is about to expire that will be done before this coming Christmas. Please email me at flauren81@**** I also have references and my own transportation; occasional ride may be needed depending on hours or time of day/nite. I am very responsible! I do not have a problem with nanny cams because I have nothing to hide.

*I have a babysitting partner who comes on occasion her name is Alex. She is 13 and we have been babysitting together for 3 years.
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14) baby sitter needed (Norfolk)
I'm looking for child care for my two boys in my home this weekend. Their ages are 15months and 2 1/2 years old, I would need someone who can babysit from 530am intell 515 pm on saturday and sunday. Please email me with rate and phone number. Thank you.
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15) Biting? Pinching? Kicking? (California)
ABSOLUTELY INTOLERABLE. Those types of actions can be fixed. In my childcare and if something like that happens? I will fix that intolerant behavior yesterday. I’ve just got to say “Eyes on the children at all times”. It just has to be as it doesn’t take a minute for something like that to happen, it takes a second. That’s a perfect example of why I never go up to my limit of eight. I’m 1:4 now, should I reach my ultimate max capacity and in my opinion 6, here comes my outstanding with children friend just to assure more eyes are on the entire team. That would equal 1:3.

I’m sorry, but I heard a story from a mommy today that made me want to faint. The children need to be kids and educated in fun. When it comes to emergent situations? That’s a #1 priority to me. I still have openings from ages 20 months – 5 (nice to keep within the realm of age by the way). Also the children may come first, but I’ll be darned if the parents aren’t informed daily. Speaking of prospective parents and since I’ve been there and done that with my own son, you’ll be amazed at what I took away “Fee” wise as we just got plain tired of being ripped off. Fair is fair dag-nam-it. Best way I could put that politely.

Consider me or not, but please, please say “I would like a State Facility Incident Report” In writing, not a verbal, not a note from a tablet, a legal (It has to be filled out) Incident Report. A copy of that particular report had better be sent to the state as well. I might also add; copy from the provider that is.

Thank you and I certainly hope your child will be safe. You don’t even have to worry about that here. Accidents happen, but discipline (Latin for “To Learn”) is discipline.

I couldn’t be more sincere and I must add concerned as well. Thank you for your time in regards to this lengthy read, but so very important it’s not funny.

Pauline S****
Caregiver, “Hugs” Day Care
License #01341****
Located on such a secluded court in San Lorenzo, I had to actually help a mommy and daddy get here by driving to them and following me home. True story? They even had a G.P.S. system. I’ll never forget that one.
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MISSING CHILD: Karen Marie Brookman, she has been missing since the night before last from her Va Beach home. She is 16 although looks older, 5'11, blue eyes, braces, dishwater blonde hair-may have cut and dyed her hair. PLEASE pass this around she could be anywhere and who knows with who or where. If you have any information of her where abouts please contact;
Lisa Brookman - 757-839-0770 / the local or state police. (PHOTO OF CHILD IN AD)
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.... HOW MUCH?!

17) Live out Nanny position available (Roanoke, Va)
Live out nanny opening for 5 month old boy, Monday-Friday. One parent will be home, working in a home office, most days except for business related travel. Hours Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:00 pm. Hours and days are very flexible, we can work around class schedules. Salary is $80.00/week. Starting date flexible, we will work around school breaks (Spring break, etc).

We are an exclusively breastfeeding, baby wearing, attachment parenting family looking for someone who shares our philosophy of child care to become a member of our family through caring for our 5 month old son.

Duties would include child care responsibilities such as: educational and developmental activities, feeding (bottle and spoon), dressing, bathing, etc.

CPR and First Aid training required, we are willing to pay for training for the right person. Previous child care experience strongly preferred, childhood development/ education classes preferred but not required.

Must be smoke free, able to pass a background check, have a valid license. References required and will be contacted.

Comfort with pets is a must, we have two small dogs and three cats.

Are you the right person for our family?
If so, we would love to hear from you!

Contact Victoria at 540-797-**** or vivirosog@**** or respond through this ad to learn more about our family and tell us more about you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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18) need childcare ASAP! (Norfolk)
Hi, my name is Tawnie and i have a 2yr. daughter Lacie. I can only afford $60 a week because i am a single mom. I work a full time job that is 9am-5pm hours. I work over by virginia beach blvd. and kingsgrant rd. area or va bch blvd and rosemont to lynnhaven pkwy. I live over by little creek and azeala garden area. so anywhere in that vicinity is what i am looking for. I also pack all of lacies luches, milk, juice, snacks. I do not have acess to the computer much so please call me 227-**** asap. I would like to start tomarrow if possible.
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19) Seeking live-in care for newborn, beginning June 2010 (Pittsburgh)
We are expecting our first child in March 2010 and are seeking a live-in nanny / au pair for June 2010 - May 2011 (start date negotiable). In addition to assisting with infant child care, we are looking for someone who is willing to shoulder a good amount of household chores. We seek someone who shares our family values and religion (Christian), and who is comfortable with keeping boundaries *(living accommodations provided are completely separate).
Room and Board – We will provide a private apartment (attached, 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom – approx. 550 square feet, with separate entrance) and cover the cost of all utilities, satellite TV, internet access, and most food expenses.
Vehicle – We will provide access to a car for local use.
Stipend – We will provide a monthly stipend of $300.
Medical Insurance – We will provide a health care credit to obtain coverage of your choice.
Work Required – We are expecting approximately 45 hours per week, with occasional weeknight / weekend hours.
We will also provide a roundtrip airline ticket to relocate the right candidate to State College if you are not in the immediate vicinity and/or prefer not to relocate with your own transportation.
If interested, please contact me and let me know a bit about yourself, your qualifications, experience, and interest.
Thank you,
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20) Childcare Needed (Arkansas)
I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy person to watch my daughter Monday - Friday.
Depending on my schedule times will be as follows: 11:45 a.m. until 9:15 p.m., or 2:45 p.m. - 9:15p.m. Care can be doe at my house or yours. please contact if interested. Pay will be based on the average cost of evening childcare rates in the Little Rock area which are $120 per week.
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21) Nanny/sitter needed ASAP (Norfolk)
Hi! We are a fun-loving home in need of an outgoing and reliable sitter/nanny for our 2 boys (Ty, 5 and Bryce, 8) starting Asap. They are both very loving, funny and outgoing and are into skateboarding and bmx =) We have a nanny right now, but she is not able to work days , so I will only need someone occasionally from about 12pm-3pm (until she gets here)on weekdays and 8am-3:30pm some Saturdays.... and when she is sick or needs time off. Opportunity for more hours is available when my husband and I have date nights and when summer rolls around as well.Applicant should have own transportation as there will be times Ty will have to be picked up from school. Also, we would preferable like someone that would be interested in being a nanny for a while as this could turn into a full time need and I would like to keep the same person in the kids lives. Pay will start at $8 and hour until we see that you are a good fit for the family and will go up from there. If interested, please email me some info about yourself as well as references. Thanks so much!
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22) Seeking a Nanny (Pittsburgh)
We are looking to hire a nanny to help care for our 4-month old son in our South Hills home (in South Park). Position will be for approximately 7 hours a day, Monday-Friday, beginning March 1st. Currently seeking a nanny for a couple of months, but position may be extended.

I work from home so am looking for someone to help out with the baby while I am on conference calls and otherwise tied up with work. Can only afford to pay $7/hour right now (but can pay in cash weekly), So if this position sounds right for you, please get in touch!

We are seeking someone who is responsible, caring, and nurturing. Prefer a South Hills resident if possible. Applicant must have the following qualifications:

- have act 33 and 34 clearances
- have own car/reliable transportation
- be a non-smoker

Serious inquiries only. Please respond via email to this posting with BOTH of the following in order to be considered:

1) Resume with experience/qualifications
2) References

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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23) Afforable Childcare Needed..... (Norfolk)
My wife and I are looking for affordable childcare for our two boys ages 2 and 4. We had a previous arrangement with someone who was asking $80 a week. We would supply you with anything needed for there care e.g. (diapers, wipes, snacks if necessary, and their lunch). We are willing to pay more if necessary. We are looking for someone who can watch our children from either 5:30 or 6:00 to 6:00 or 6:30. Im in the military and my hours are 6:00 to 2:00 usually and my wife's hours change frequently. We are looking for someone who is available as soon as possible. Thank You!!
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24) Sitter Needed (Norfolk)
In need of sitter for a 10 yr home prefered..week ends only (when needed) it pays $20.00 per day...PLEASE..YOU MUST BE LOCAL...I dont want anyone from Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Va. Bch...having to come this far..I live at wards corner..Ive posted an ad before...the sitter went back to college so Im looking again..what im not looking for is..
coming to your home
anyone with children...many people were willing to leave their own kids at home to sit with mine..(how odd)
someone who wants to take my child out of the house
someone who needs to bring their friends with them
This is ideal for a local teenager...get back with me for any questions you may have
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25) Childcare needed ASAP (Virginia)
My babysitter had a horrible accident and broke her back. I have to work full time and need someone right away. I have two children. It would be day shift. $20 a day. Thanks
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26) i need a babysitter asap (New York)
I am looking for a baby sitter. I don't have much but I really would like to go out. I have a 2 year old little boy. I want to go out for a few hrs. I will pay $25. If everything goes will I will def use you ofter. If you live close to me I could drop him off at your house. I live in bensonhurst, close to coney island (1 stop away on the train). If your interested please email me asap or call me at 347-860-****.
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27) Nanny wanted starting July (Milwaukee)
We are a family living in Wauwatosa. We have a little girl who will turn 4 in June and we are expecting a new baby mid-May. We are anticipating sending our 4 year old to a 4K program in the fall. We are looking for a childcare solution that would start around mid-July or August, 2010 and continue indefinitely. We need care 5 days a week from approximately 8:00-5:30. We are looking for either of the following situations: for the summer with possibly continuation after that We can offer 50$/day or an hourly rate. Please let us know if you are interested!
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28) Looking for a Nanny (Dallas)
We are in need of a relaible, trust worthy nanny that loves children. I currently provide childcare in my home but am looking to go back to work . We have 3 girls ages 5 months, 3 and 7. I'm looking for some one who can come to my home and take good care of my children while we work. Must have some childcare experience, references and pass background and drug testing. Due to not having a job yet I'm not sure what hours are needed for sure but I do know itwill be during the day Monday thru nights or weekends. Salary offered at this time will be around $150 per week...if interested please email me to set up interview with my husband and I. Original URL:

29) Nanny (Wisconsin)
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Monday, 3/1/2010 through Thursday, 3/1/2012
Large family looking for a nanny from the hours of 7:15 a.m. til 5:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday. My husband and I have two boys. A 2 1/2-year-old and a 14-month-old. We are currently in transition from an apartment home to a single family home which will most likely be in the Menomonee Falls area or Greenfield area of Wisconsin. The highest hourly wage we can afford at this time is $6.50 hourly but it would be 40 hours plus per week on a constant basis. We love our boys dearly and we are looking for an individual we can trust to teach and care for our boys while we are at work. The boys are used to having a stay at home mom which is why we would prefer someone coming to us instead of taking them to a daycare facility.
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30) Part-Time Nanny Needed (New York)
please read carefully before responding to my add...we are looking for someone to come once or twice a week to take care of my daughter of 7 months from here's the thing my mom normally watches my daughter for me i work 3 days a week on any of those days that my mom can't i will like you to come it's not going to be fix days, so if you think this is for you please contact me with your info...we can only afoard $25 per day...would prefere someone from the caribbean...thank you ......... looking forward to hearing from you...... info-646-251-****
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31) Childcare Needed (in our home) (Pittsburgh)
We need a sweet Christian person to come into our home from noon until 6PM , Monday through Friday, and watch our 2 children. This is not a difficult job. Our 14 year old son is on the computer most of the day, between being a student at PA Cyber Charter School and then playing on the computer after school. Our 5 year old son needs closer attention, but nothing too difficult. If you love to be with kids and can work well with them, this job is for you. We pay a competitive wage, but please don't apply if you are looking to make minimum wage or above. This is not McDonald's here! However, for the right person, we will pay a very fair wage! Either apply by email, or Call Pam Smith at (724) 417-****. Thanks!
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32) Babysitter inc free room (California)
basiczally looking for someone to care for my 2 and 4 year old while wife and i work. Female only, and we would offer you $300 a month and free private downstairs room and bathroom to stay on top of that. Once wife and i come home you are free to come and go as you please. Basically need a babysitter 8-5pm 4 days a week(wife is furloughed fridays) If interested please email us and tell us about yourself. We would require a meeting before anything is definate.
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33) Childcare Rates (Chicago)
So I have been responding to a lot of ads this week because i need childcare for my toddler. However I just don't understand how some ppoeple can charge $100 and up for childcare and do not pay taxes on it, so I can write off a $500 a month exspense. And there are only a few on here that have a license, yet everyone wants to get paid like they do, and not pay taxes. I am not saying anything bad about anyone but it just sucks. Everyone claims to be a daycare but they aren't. You need a license do say that.
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* Response to above Ad by a CL reader:

34) RE: Childcare Rates (Chicago)
We, who do childcare, are taking care of your most prized possession! Everyone who wants childcare wants to pay pennys for someone else to "raise" their young ones while they are off making all the money!!! For a forty hour week, with a pay of $100...............that totals a whole $2.50/hour to care for YOUR child!! Feed them, teach them, etc!! Would you want to work for $2.50/hour doing such an important job?!! It's funny how people will pay oddles for a car, a cell phone, to get their hair done, their nails done, to play golf....but when it comes to someone caring for your child you want to pay next to nothing??!! And I see you also just want to get that tax deduction....................maybe you should re-prioritize!
Original URL:
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