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1) Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
Hi, I'm Jaclyn.
I'm a single mom of an almost 2 yr. old boy.
We live in Watertown w/my parents.
I just got hired as a part-time room attendent/housekeeper at Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc.
I would be in need of childcare in the Watertown surrounding area.
I would prefer to have you care for my son in your home [as long as it's Watertown/Oconomowoc surrounding areas] or mine.
Either place, I would expect you to provide snacks +meals +definately keep my son on his normal schedual for naps [one nap between 10:30am-1pm].
Please don't let my son nap over 2 hours, thanks.
If you care for my son in my home, I would ask for you to do some light household cleaning duties.
I also expect you to have reliable transportation WHICH INCLUDES clean + safe driving AND public records.
I would also expect you to actually interact + play with my son, not have him watch tv so much.
Some t.v. shows [i.e. Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go! or any PBS/educational shows] are okay; tv time - up to 1 hr./day.
He loves to help in general, especially with cleaning. He also loves playing with cars, trucks, blocks, trains + he loves dancing to music.
He isn't potty trained yet, but we're slowly starting - getting him use to what the potty does/is made for, try having him sit down a few times each day, etc.
He also has no allergies that we know of that you'll need to be concerned about.
I am negotiable about costs, but they have to be reasonable +understandable.
I am on a tight budget so I can pay up to $10/day.
I would be working Mon-Fri 8am-4pm +sometimes overtime [Sat + Sun - same hours].
I would let you know ahead of time if I need care on the weekends too.
For sure I would need care for the weekdays at those times.
My parents work from 8am-5pm + they don't get home till around between 5:10-6pm.
My significant other, Carl, who was recently working full-time at Briggs + Stratton in Jefferson, was laid off.
He only works part-time at Ellias Inn - every other weekend.
He is looking for a part-time or full-time job.
He can help me watch my son UNTIL he gets hired + has to work.
I would need childcare ONLY after he starts working.
I would prefer someone who's honest, caring, loyal, etc.
I would also prefer someone who has an Early Childcare Education background or someone who has many experiences with children.
Anyone who knows CPR well or is CPR certified, along with/or they've worked in a daycare setting would be great too.
**Please NOT anyone who has a bad record of any sort - NO dui's, NO many traffic violations, NO drug-related,, NO burglaries/theft, +definately NOT domestic abuse, etc.**
Please call me at:
920-261-**** - PLEASE ONLY between 8am-8pm, thanks.
or at 920-285-****.
Please mostly try contacting me at the first listed phone number - home/landline, thanks.
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* Reaction from angry CL readers and response from OP of Ad:

2) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
Are you serious? You really think you are going to find a qualified childcare provider who will provide meals and snacks, clean your house and put in 40-50 hours per week for $10/day???????????? I'm hoping you meant $10/hr, otherwise, you should probably look into putting your child in a licensed daycare and applying for financial assistance. Daycare w/county assistance will be the only way to ensure good quality care that fits in your budget. Asking for someone to come into your home and work for $10/day is just insulting. Good luck!
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3) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
I agree here. I HOPE this is a joke! I am a nanny and would NEVER work for less then 10$ per hr and for what your asking is a lot for what little you can afford. Maybe you should look into state help or a in home provider. Best of luck ;)
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4) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
You guys seriously need to understand I can't afford to pay more than what I'm making.
I can't give anyone over $160 for childcare.
I'm only making minimum wage/hr.
You can't expect everyone to afford childcare like magic.
This economy literally sucks right now + I am SO happy to be working again.
If that's not good enough for you, go take your business somewhere else.
But DON'T criticize people for not affording childcare over $160/week hen they aren't making that much in the first place.
Take your negative attitude somewhere else, please. I really don't need to deal w/mean + rude people like you.
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5) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
Here's also a great idea too like the other lady was saying who ACTUALLY DOES support me + my descisions.
Realize this:
I can't live off of my parents anymore.
I need to own up to my respeonsibility + raise my own son in MY OWN HOME.
How will I get my own home? How about try working everyday at a job that ACTUALLY DOES take taxes out that gives me a steady pay check.
+how about you all just stay out of my business.
I seriously need to work. I'm NOT quitting my job.
I spend actually MORE time w/my family more than most people think I do.
I love it, but I want to support my child + have my own space/time away too.
I have spent a lot of time w/my son + I cherish it, but I still NEED to work, period.
Thank you for the others that have conversed w/me about this subject.
Thank you for supporting me + my decisions. (:
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6) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
I don't think people are trying to bash you, but you should do your research about hiring an in-home nanny. Full-time nannies normally make $10-$15 an hour plus benefits. Qualified nannies are entitled to make a living too.
All I'm saying is, I understand your financial hardship, but don't expect a full-time nanny to come into your home for less than minimum wage with no benefits.

There are great full-day childcare centers which offer financial assistance for those who qualify. You're trying to get the Lexus for the price of a Ford. You need to be a bit more realistic.
But seriously, there are sooooo many resources out there that will assist you and your son. Just be sure to go with a State Licensed program, then you can apply for assistance and know your son is in a safe place and is receiving quality care:)
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Kat said...

I actually kind of feel bad for number 1. I understand how it is to work minimum wage. But I agree with the other suggestions to use a daycare service with financial aide.

Number 7 is just nuts.

FeatureAdMissDee said...

Wow thanks MPP! I thought that ad sounded crazy myself. I can understand being a single mom and all yet for the things she wants done can only pay $10 a day?! What she wants to pay is what a nanny would've made in 1960, when minimum wage was $1.00. I sent you another ad from CL; I just sent it about an hour ago. If you don't have it, let me know and I can send it again. It was for the nanny job with the toddlers.

I babysat once for the woman who is looking for sitter on the 18th. I arrived at 530p, stayed until 1130p, and didn't count my money until I got into my car, which I was stunned that, yes, she really does pay $5 per hour, which is why I sent her ad in. They are a nice couple, just too cheap. She asked me to babysit several times after the first time I sat for her and I just wasn't interested, because of the money. I am not trying to be mean, but seriously, who in the hell gets $5 for babysitting? Even 12 year olds make more than that and they don't have the experience or education of a nanny or teacher.

Nanny on call said...

I feel badly for number one, but technically what she wants is for someone else to struggle with making ends meet. Who can live off of $10 a day?

Number 8! Wow I loved that part... 'With a smile on your face.' Yeah that wouldn't be me!

The swing one is just stupid and who ever would take that would be an idiot.

nc said...

22 was just depressing.

omg!~!!! said...

Holy freaking god. wtf. wtf wtf is right!!!!!

East Bay Nanny said...

Number one - I was totally tracking with her and wondering why it could possibly be a WTF. Then I got to the $10 PER DAY part.

Yes, I agree with other commenters, her situation is very sad, but seriously, what is she thinking? I'm so glad all those people responded to her post. "you can't get a Lexus on a Ford budget."

ilovejimfromtheoffice said...

It's true. I think people really have absolutely no idea how ridiculous they sound. Things are rough all over. You can't walk in to a grocery store and buy a loaf of bread for 10 cents when it costs a dollar, no matter how poor you are. It just doesn't work that way and neither does quality childcare. You must find another solution. I cannot help but wonder if these people are at all worried that someone may take the job who has sinister motives.

About the author said...

I think it's funny that people seem to think it's okay to totally cheap out on what they'll pay if they provide all the food and snacks. My son is so picky that I'd practically HAVE to provide those for him but I really wouldn't expect to get a huge reduction in rates for it.
Providing a $2 PBJ, juice and 2-3 snacks does not mean you can cut out several dollars an hour on pay!

Village said...

This is just an idea, but has the OP considered becoming a nanny/babysitter? She might be able to make more than minimum wage, and take her child with her. Maybe she could find a nanny position for $10 an hour, and take her child. It beats cleaning rooms. Or she could start a baby sitting service at her parents house if they don't object. She could build a little nest egg to move out of her parents house.

fat chance said...

village, that would actually require OP to have an inkling what childcare is actually like. I doubt that would be an option for her.

cali mom said...

Have to read them all, but #1 is insane. It's basically panhandling when these people post these ads saying "I want a steak and lobster dinner with champagne but I can only afford to pay $1.00. Who will help out here and cover me for free? Yes, I know that I could go to McD's and get a 99¢ burger, but that's not what I WANT. I really WANT the steak and lobster with champagne, so I'm entitled to get it for $1.00. Don't bother me with ridiculous facts about the going rate, why can't I just get what I want for $1.00? I'm poor."

cali mom said...

Apparently #1 pulled her ad. I was going to email her but she must have been fed up with all the angry responses she got.

SpanishMissDee said...

I noticed that too Cali Mom when I saw the first response to her. Either that or someone flagged her.

Manhattan Nanny said...

#22. The open letter to parents is heart breaking. Those parents sound like the parents of some of my charges' classmates.

#30. I don't see the nanny hitting all the "fabulous restaurants, bars, and shopping within walking distance" in NYC on a salary of $100 a week.

I love #34! They want a full time nanny, with "her own money" because they don't plan to pay her!

They just get crazier every week, thanks MPP, and posters.

LA Nanny said...
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JustAMommy said...

$10 a day? For someone with a degree and experience? Full time? A relative who is also caring for other children might do this for you, but not the dedicated professional described in this ad. People who have earned a college degree in a field expect to earn more than lunch money for full time work. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no sliding scale in that case.

Village said...

fat chance-I don't think poor means dumb. She sounds like a good mother. She has her child on a schedule, good food, and limited tv. Why can't she be a nanny? Her parents are tired of her living at home and taking care of her child while both parents work to support the two of them. I think child care would be right up her alley. She has two years of experience, and childcare would allow her to take her child. She might even want to consider working for a childcare, but she won't make as much as she would as a nanny or if she started her own childcare in her parent's home, if they had no objections. It's hard being young. It's REALLY REALLY hard being young with a child. She needs a helping hard, not ridicule, and a path out of her parent's home.

Phoenix said...

#11 cracked me up! Holy crap that is flippin funny as hell. That sounds like something I would say in an ad...

Grammar Nazi said...

Number 14 made me want to cry. She has an English degree? Oh dear...

just gets better said...

As soon as I read "a softer, quieter personality" I knew that was code for "someone the parents can walk all over." But the next sentence pretty much spelled it out, so I felt much less clever.

And ha, at the NYC ad for $100 per week, and a sleeping loft, no less. Not even an actual bedroom.

I just don't understand #34. Why would someone with a trust fund want that job?

Lurker said...

Ad 1 deleted her original post and re-posted it here

Now she can pay between $3.50-5.00/hour. Hello 1982!

anonymouse said...

I didn't see anything wrong with 28- am I missing something?

fat chance said...


you are putting words into my mouth. as usual. I never said that poor equals dumb.

to clarify, I meant that I can tell from reading OP's ad that she has absolutely no idea how hard childcare is or what it entails, or what it is worth monetarily.

Having a child is not, in my opinion, always valid "experience" for childcare. Taking care of your own child, especially if your parents have been letting you live off of them, is totally different than providing childcare for someone else.

From OP's ad, one can clearly see that she has no idea what quality childcare is worth, so how in the world could she possibly have the ability to provide it? At the very least, she has a great deal to learn before she could ever be successful at that endeavor.

MissMannah said...

Anonymouse...I agree, 28 seemed perfectly normal.

Fat chance...when I was working in daycares, I would get passed up for lead teacher positions for mothers. There is a stigma around here that if you've never had children of your own, you have no idea what you're doing. Doesn't matter I've been in the childcare field for 9 years! They just don't seem to get that taking care of a whole classroom full of children is very different from having your own at home.

fat chance said...

well said, miss mannah. it is ridiculous!!!

Lola said...

#28, if u click the link, is offering 25 dollars a day (plus a pool membership). That is probably why, but they didn't include that part on CL-WTF. (I must be bored, eh?)