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1) Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
Hi, I'm Jaclyn.
I'm a single mom of an almost 2 yr. old boy.
We live in Watertown w/my parents.
I just got hired as a part-time room attendent/housekeeper at Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc.
I would be in need of childcare in the Watertown surrounding area.
I would prefer to have you care for my son in your home [as long as it's Watertown/Oconomowoc surrounding areas] or mine.
Either place, I would expect you to provide snacks +meals +definately keep my son on his normal schedual for naps [one nap between 10:30am-1pm].
Please don't let my son nap over 2 hours, thanks.
If you care for my son in my home, I would ask for you to do some light household cleaning duties.
I also expect you to have reliable transportation WHICH INCLUDES clean + safe driving AND public records.
I would also expect you to actually interact + play with my son, not have him watch tv so much.
Some t.v. shows [i.e. Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go! or any PBS/educational shows] are okay; tv time - up to 1 hr./day.
He loves to help in general, especially with cleaning. He also loves playing with cars, trucks, blocks, trains + he loves dancing to music.
He isn't potty trained yet, but we're slowly starting - getting him use to what the potty does/is made for, try having him sit down a few times each day, etc.
He also has no allergies that we know of that you'll need to be concerned about.
I am negotiable about costs, but they have to be reasonable +understandable.
I am on a tight budget so I can pay up to $10/day.
I would be working Mon-Fri 8am-4pm +sometimes overtime [Sat + Sun - same hours].
I would let you know ahead of time if I need care on the weekends too.
For sure I would need care for the weekdays at those times.
My parents work from 8am-5pm + they don't get home till around between 5:10-6pm.
My significant other, Carl, who was recently working full-time at Briggs + Stratton in Jefferson, was laid off.
He only works part-time at Ellias Inn - every other weekend.
He is looking for a part-time or full-time job.
He can help me watch my son UNTIL he gets hired + has to work.
I would need childcare ONLY after he starts working.
I would prefer someone who's honest, caring, loyal, etc.
I would also prefer someone who has an Early Childcare Education background or someone who has many experiences with children.
Anyone who knows CPR well or is CPR certified, along with/or they've worked in a daycare setting would be great too.
**Please NOT anyone who has a bad record of any sort - NO dui's, NO many traffic violations, NO drug-related,, NO burglaries/theft, +definately NOT domestic abuse, etc.**
Please call me at:
920-261-**** - PLEASE ONLY between 8am-8pm, thanks.
or at 920-285-****.
Please mostly try contacting me at the first listed phone number - home/landline, thanks.
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* Reaction from angry CL readers and response from OP of Ad:

2) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
Are you serious? You really think you are going to find a qualified childcare provider who will provide meals and snacks, clean your house and put in 40-50 hours per week for $10/day???????????? I'm hoping you meant $10/hr, otherwise, you should probably look into putting your child in a licensed daycare and applying for financial assistance. Daycare w/county assistance will be the only way to ensure good quality care that fits in your budget. Asking for someone to come into your home and work for $10/day is just insulting. Good luck!
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3) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
I agree here. I HOPE this is a joke! I am a nanny and would NEVER work for less then 10$ per hr and for what your asking is a lot for what little you can afford. Maybe you should look into state help or a in home provider. Best of luck ;)
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4) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
You guys seriously need to understand I can't afford to pay more than what I'm making.
I can't give anyone over $160 for childcare.
I'm only making minimum wage/hr.
You can't expect everyone to afford childcare like magic.
This economy literally sucks right now + I am SO happy to be working again.
If that's not good enough for you, go take your business somewhere else.
But DON'T criticize people for not affording childcare over $160/week hen they aren't making that much in the first place.
Take your negative attitude somewhere else, please. I really don't need to deal w/mean + rude people like you.
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5) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison) - OP
Here's also a great idea too like the other lady was saying who ACTUALLY DOES support me + my descisions.
Realize this:
I can't live off of my parents anymore.
I need to own up to my respeonsibility + raise my own son in MY OWN HOME.
How will I get my own home? How about try working everyday at a job that ACTUALLY DOES take taxes out that gives me a steady pay check.
+how about you all just stay out of my business.
I seriously need to work. I'm NOT quitting my job.
I spend actually MORE time w/my family more than most people think I do.
I love it, but I want to support my child + have my own space/time away too.
I have spent a lot of time w/my son + I cherish it, but I still NEED to work, period.
Thank you for the others that have conversed w/me about this subject.
Thank you for supporting me + my decisions. (:
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6) RE: Childcare Needed (Madison)
I don't think people are trying to bash you, but you should do your research about hiring an in-home nanny. Full-time nannies normally make $10-$15 an hour plus benefits. Qualified nannies are entitled to make a living too.
All I'm saying is, I understand your financial hardship, but don't expect a full-time nanny to come into your home for less than minimum wage with no benefits.

There are great full-day childcare centers which offer financial assistance for those who qualify. You're trying to get the Lexus for the price of a Ford. You need to be a bit more realistic.
But seriously, there are sooooo many resources out there that will assist you and your son. Just be sure to go with a State Licensed program, then you can apply for assistance and know your son is in a safe place and is receiving quality care:)
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7) Seeking a Babysitter/Roommate (New York)
Hello I am a single mother seeking a babysitter/roommate. In exchange I would need someone to watch my son as I go to work, and ask for only 300 a month to stay here. All utilities would be included except for cable which could be worked out between us. I perferably want someone who is already employed and who is a female, but males are still considered of course. I am looking for someone to start march 1st or perhaphs before. I dont mind company, i just ast nothing outrageous. If you are interested please give a call to 346 465****, If i dont asnwer leave a detailed message with your name and number and i will give you a call back.
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8) Professional Nanny NEEDED for fantastic weekend position! Salary OPEN! (L.A.)
Hi Nannies!
We are looking for a professional weekend nanny for one of our favorite clients. The family has an adorable one-year-old little boy. The is a live-in weekend position and the schedule is Friday morning at 8:00am and working through to Monday morning at 8:00am. The nanny will sleep in the room with the child and is responsible for getting up with him and comforting him during the night when needed.
The parents are extremely kind and loving and much of your time would be spent with them in the home. The home is fully staffed and the ability to get along well with other staff members is important. The home is full of security cameras, so a confidence in your ability and comfort with security is important.
The right candidate will have a softer, quieter, personality and will be kind, caring, patient, and easy going. Although you must be extremely knowledgeable about the infant/toddler stage, you must NOT have an ego and be willing to follow the parents directions and preferences to a T with a smile on your face. You must have a cheerful and upbeat personality and be absolutely drama free. You must be extremely cleanly and organized, be a hard worker, and ALWAYS be on time and preferable early. This family leads a healthy lifestyle and expects you to do the same.
All candidates MUST currently live in Los Anglees, be a US citizen or have a Green Card, have a DL with your own insured car, speak, read, and write, PERFECT English, have at least 3-5 years of FULL TIME experience with the infant/toddler age group and have excellent references. You must have a clean criminal and driving background and be willing to commit long-term.
The salary for this position is OPEN - TOP, TOP salary will be provided. Benefits are also offered. This family is looking for the right fit and is willing to pay for it.
If you're interested in this position and fit the qualifications above please e-mail your professional childcare resume, picture, and contact information along with a short paragraph about you and why you're interested in this position. Thank you!
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9) Baby Sitter Needed for Tonight (Idaho)
I am looking for a responsible babysitter for the evening. I have 3 kids. 2.5 Boy and 5 girl and 10 girl. Preferebly at my home. If interested please let me know.
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10) Need Temp Care on Tuesday - 12 hours (Tulsa)
Please help, i need someone to watch my kids Tuesday Feb 16th from 7:15 am to around 8:30 pm. I have to work that day and then have a dinner meeting with work. I hate to take someone off the streets for that day so please have experience and be able to handle 4 children after 4pm and fix them dinner. If you can help please e-mail me with some info about yourself and what you would charge. It will be a 1 &2 year old during the day and then also my 10 & 7 year olds after 415. Thank You. Danielle
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11) Occasional baby sitter wanted, sometimes overnight (New York)
Hello I am a black 22 yr old employed mother looking for an occational baby sitter to take care of my 4 yr old son.
He's a shy little sweet heart & once he gets to know you he will grow to love you.
Occational meaning when I want to go out, or stay out at night, maybe you pick him up from daycare in the evenings when I cant.
I will pay $60 for over night & $30 for occations.
I will provide money for food possibly transportation.
If you watch him for the evening plus over night you will be paid $100.
This is every now and then not a constant thing that's why I want someone on occations.
You must be located in brooklyn I like in flatbush parkside so if your close to there that would be great but just be in brooklyn.
I need someone who is reliable, fun, loves children, sweet & kind, respectful & caring.
If your intensions are not good do not reply to this ad because if you harm my child or attemp to harm him I will hurt you. I'm stating this because I'm a strongly against child abuse.
Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon :) 347.471.****
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12) Valentine's Day (night) Babysitter (New York)
Dependable, mature, romantic, (female) willing to take care of your precious little one(s) so you can go out with, pamper, enjoy and spend time with your significant other!
My precious, significant other is in the military! So, you get the picture, I am alone, this could be to your advantage though!
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13) Infant/Childcare for you Fridays (Pittsburgh)
Hi there! I am available to you on Fridays (with a 4hr min).
If your in search of your Prince and have a Magical Ball OR if you need a Date Night with your husband....please send me an e-mail.
I believe in bringing out children's imaginations and creativity (reading, arts and crafts, legos, coloring) . So while your out, we will have plenty to do! I am experienced and fun. I have ref. available as well. Please E-mail with questions...serious inquiry only. Thank You
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14) Need Nanny?? Full-time? Im looking for live-out Nanny (D.C.)
Hello there! How are you? Thank you for reading my ad. I know this time it is hard to find a job but I won't give up until I get a good match.

I am from Thailand, have been in US for almost 4 years. I joined an aupair program for two years and lived with two different American families. The most recent experience with baby until 18 months old. And for another families I took care 3-12 years old kids.I have a valid driver license, and clean driving record. In my responsibilities include feeding, bathing, changing diaper, driving them from place to place, doing laundry and a light housework.

I used to work as an English teacher, teaching grammar and conversation for Thai student in primary and high school for 4 years after I graduated. Yes, I graduated in B.A. English in 2002.

I do have references for you. I am be able to work on Mon-fri, and have weekend off, paid vacation and holiday off. I would like to commit with the family at least one or two years, just becoz of my attending program in school. Thanks so much for reading my profile and I am lookign forward to hear from you.
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15) Need babysitter tonight (Las Vegas)
I need a responsible, kind, loving sitter to watch my two children tonight. They are great kids 12 and 9yrs. I need someone from around 6:30 to 11 at the latest. Please email me with qualifications if possible. Thanks so much!
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16) Babysitter for early Wednesday morning (Dallas)
Date: Monday 2010-02-08, 12:19PM CST
Hi, my name is Deena
I need a babysitter who will watch my 6 year old son on 2/10 Wednesday morning from 4am and drop him off at Bear Creek Elememtary. He can be dropped off at school at 7:15 am the earliest and school starts at 7:45 am. He can eat breakfast at school if dropped off at 7:15am. Please reply back with your contact information and your rate. Thank you. Deena
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17) Baby sitter wanted (D.C.)
Hi, I know this is last minute, but I am looking for a sitter for this Sunday and every once in a while later on. I really don't go out and when I do my sister or my mom are usually available, but they haven't been in a while so I figure its time to find an on call sitter.
I have 2 children who will be a sleep and do not wake up during the nights. I just need someone here to hang out and be "supervising" them. We have internet and I could get movies for you if you'd like. There's really not much I can say about the position othern than it would be perfect for a teen who wants to get out of their house for a while. I am in aouth arlington around George mason Columbia Pike area, someone close to there would be ideal. I can pick up and drop off and could also meet your parents if necessary.
I am not really a going out person but I would say usually it would be anywhere from 2-5 hours how ever long dinner and a movie takes. I would need he here by 7-730pm. References required at least one non-family member. Also I am not sure how much sitters are going for I know about 4 years ago before my first baby I usually got $20 for 4 hours so I would say somewhere around 30-40hrs for the night?
Please let me know if you are available or have a daughter(preferred) that is looking to make a few bucks I would greatly appreciate. please email for more information. Thank you
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18) Ridgewood Nanny Wanted (New Jersey)
Hello, we are relatively new to the area and looking for someone to care for our two children (infant and toddler). Must be good with kids, have previous experience with impeccable references. Must also be in good health (you'll be chasing two around), have reliable transportation, punctual, a good swimmer or at least not afraid of the water and willing to do the following:

- Make childrens meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and clean-up after the meal
- Clean, fold and put away childrens laundry
- Keep children's areas clean (rooms/play areas/toys)
- Take children to school (car/gas provided)
- Read stories, do activities with the kids
- Take kids to the park, library, pool during summer, etc.

Must be non-smoking, non-text, phone, internet or TV addicted. Also, we live in a drama free zone - so if ex or current boyfriends, husbands, etc. cause you recurrent heartache then we'd appreciate you looking at opportunities other than this one. Don't mean to be unfeeling but just don't need other peoples stress in our kids lives.

Kids are fantastic (I know, we're bias) but they are truly very loving, well mannered and happy. They have great dispositions with consistent schedules so there isn't a lot of guess work for you.

We would need you a minimum of 40 hours a week. Occassional additional hours on the weekend (if you like).


We do a full background check including criminal, civil, drivers license, credit report, prior references. After we interview you and decide to move forward the appropriate information will be requested of you. Because this is our home and kids there are absolutely no exceptions on this. Pay based on experience.
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19) I need a weekend sitter (Dallas)
I have a 15moth old little girl and Im looking for a sitter for this weekend only as me and my husband have Valentines Day plans. If your interested I would drop her off Friday around 6 and pick her up Sunday morning. Please email me with how much you charge for weekend rates. Thanks.
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20) Last minute babysitter needed tonight (Norfolk)
Looking for a sitter tonight 7pm- 1am at the latest. 2 year old, 9 month and 6 month old. Pay negotiable. Please email asap with rates and contact info. Maria P
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21) Need an overnight sitter - Update! (Phoenix)
Thank you we have found a sitter for tonight...but will continue to look for others for other times.
We are a young couple that enjoys seeing what the night life has to offer, We would like to go out tonight but we don't have a sitter for our 9 year old son. The hours we would need you for are 7pm until at least 6am. We will provide our guest bedroom for you to sleep, as well as pizza for dinner. If our family bonds with you this could be a regular thing. If you are mother with are more than welcome to bring them along...there is a lot of entertainment here, and our son enjoys company. You must love dogs and cats as well. Please email the reason why you the perfect sitter to this reply
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22) An Open Letter to the Parents (unknown)
To the Parents of the Greatest Children in this City:

Today when you get home I am going to ask you to sit down and speak with me. You will roll your eyes and assume that I want to speak to you about the children again. You would be wrong. Today I will be giving in my two weeks notice. I fully expect to be told to leave on the spot. I have a place to go.

Before I leave I would like to tell you about the two greatest children I have ever worked for. I have spent two and a half years with Bianca and Luca and I have watched them grow up into a beautiful, funny, smart and talented 7 year old young lady and a funny, energetic, smart and gorgeous 2 year old little boy.

Bianca loves to dance ballet. If I let her she would spend her whole day in a tutu and slippers spinning around the foyer to the nutcracker suite. Whenever her ballet teacher talks to me after class she always states that Bianca is naturally talented and has an inner drive that she hasn't seen in years. But ballet isn't her only interest though. She loves reading the stacks of Babysitter's Club books that I picked up for her at a flea market. She tells me that she wants to be just like Jessie when she gets bigger. As you know she makes straight A's in school, but did you know that English is her favorite subject? And that she struggles with math? For the past two summers Bianca has worked hard to master the monkey bars and Luca and I can attest to the numerous hours spent eating fruit under a shady tree while she tried over and over again to get from one end to another. The look on her face when she finally succeeded was enough to make me want to cry.
Bianca is a strong girl, she is empathetic. She hugs her little brother when he cries, she makes friends easily and she has a smile that can light up a room. Did you know that she models her walk after you Mom? She practices walking around the house in your high heels and sashays around the kitchen stating she has 'important' things to do. I honestly think that she will be a lawyer when she grows up because she wants to be just like you.

Luca loves to read. His favorite books are Thomas, Little Critter and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will sit for hours on my lap just reading books while his little sister is in school. He loves play-doh and his favorite colors are orange, black, blue and silver. He has mastered the skill of riding a tricycle. He doesn't speak much, but when he does you should listen because he has a lot to say. He loves to listen to music, 90's music is his favorite.
Luca idolizes his big sister and will follow her around until she complains. He loves plain pasta swirls and peas and carrots. In the summer he wants to play soccer and likes to practice in the play room. He is really good. Dad, if you got down on the floor with your son you would see how creative and unique he is when he is playing with his hot wheels. I think he will go far in this world if you give him a chance.

After writing all of this I can see why you might be confused by my leaving. But Mom and Dad, I don't know how you see your children, but it definitely isn't the way I see them. Did you know Mom that every time you make a comment about your daughter's weight (you are getting chubby, are you really going to eat that?, more exercise and less books please) something dies a little inside of her? That she gets this look in her eyes and her whole body posture changes? She becomes this inferior version of her normal vibrant self. Living with this I would be very surprised if she makes it into adulthood with out at least flirting with ED. Please take a good look at her and take off your blinders. She is beautiful and perfect.

I can't count how many doctors appointments I have taken Luca to because of his 'ADHD' only to be told by every single one that he isn't suffering from any form of ADHD. (Which isn't really a surprise to me because I know he isn't suffering from anything of the sort.) What he IS suffering from is an overload of sugary substances that are used during the weekend to keep his quiet. You can't honestly think that giving a 2 year old a full bag of gummy bears and expect him to do anything but run around and jump on and off of furniture. Since he seems to be able to sit perfectly still 5 days a week, maybe you could see why you claiming he has ADHD is met with nothing but denial.

I really hope that when you find this letter you actually read it. But more importantly I hope you take this to heart. I know that it is easy to get stuck in the day to day grind and not realize that what you say has a deep effect on those around you. Your children adore you both, they are great children, I really hope you come to realize that.

I will miss them more then you will ever know.

Your Nanny

***I left this letter on the dresser of my charges. The parents will find it when they put the children to bed tonight. I have worked for quite a few families in my career and some of them have had extreme tragedies during my work time. (ie a father died in a car accident and a mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.) But none of this compares to the heart ache I get when I see the look in that little girl's eyes when her mother makes one of her comments.
I know they love their children, I have NO doubt about that, this is why I think that they don't even realize that what they say or do hurts the children.

***I have changed the children's names to protect them.
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23) Free baby swing (Norfolk)
free swing for children up to 20 pounds. well kept, but need batteries so that it will swing and play music. there is a RECALL on this swing Smart Resonse Swing, by Fisher price product 79645. pick up by 5:30
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.... HOW MUCH?!

24) Childcare (Philadelphia)
Hello, I am looking for a daytime babysitter for my baby boy. I will need this person to be available by 4-8-2010. The pay is negotiable (ballpark figure is: $125 a week with bonus here and there) & in April he will be 3 months in age. If you are interested we will need to meet and discuss the formalities. The schedule will be M-F 6:30a-6p. Serious Inquires only please
Any question or if your really interested please call: 267-335-****

* Response from CL reader:

25) RE: Childcare (Philadelphia)
Waww, I want to be your nanny. You are paying a nanny $125- $150 for 57.5 hrs a week? How wonderful! This is the best post I've ever seen. And you said your serious.
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26) Childcare by Monday (Las Vegas)
Hi I will be working at a part time job starting monday. I have one child, his name is Jason and he is two years old. I am a single mom and I dont make very much per hour but you would only have to watch my child for apx. 4-5 hours a day, at most 4 days a week. My son is a sweetheart. I will pay only apx. $50-$60 per week but I will bring all of his food and snacks. My part time position will become full time and I will be willing to pay alot more. I can give you details on this weeks hours on Friday. Please e-mail me if interested. I live near Cheyenne and Rainbow please be in that area. Has to be in your home only.
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27) Mother's helper/Exchange 4 Room & Board (Phoenix)
Mothers Helper Needed
Person would be helping with 3 young children ages 2,3, and 6.
Small house, nothing fancy.
Room and Board in exchange for 5 hours a day 5 days a week.
Own room shared bathroom with kids.
Willing to do light house work, laundry, and occasional meal prep.
Okay to have part time job elsewhere.
Must be friendly, easygoing.
(Attention: Mothers helper) in the subject line.
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28) Babysitting (Philadelphia)
Looking for someone who would be interested in watching my 2 children, daughter 11yr and son 5 1/2yr. starting in May on M,T, W, Fr. from 8-245p. We have a pool membership and little yard with swing set and trampoline. easy laid back job with Thursdays off!! call or email if interested 610-622-****.
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29) Need babysitter Tues/Thurs (Las Vegas)
Looking for a babysitter in my home every Tuesday/Thurs. I am a student so the times will change next semester as will the amount of hours. Next semester (starting beginning of June) will be about 25-30 hours. My daughter is 9 months old, and very easy to care for. She is extremely independent. We have wireless internet, and have no problem bringing your own children if need be. We are looking to pay $30 per day. The hours would be 715am-4pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. We have 2 dogs, but will have no problem leaving them outside so you will not need to worry about them. We pay cash daily. If this interests you, we are looking to start next Tuesday. Also, we have an overnight this Sunday from about 1130am-1130am on Monday. We are looking to pay $100 for the full 24 hours. Please let me know if this is something you could work with so that we can meet either tomorrow or first thing on Saturday morning. Thank you!
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30) Live-in Nanny Needed - Room & Board (New York)
Physician, single mother looking for a live-in female nanny for a sweet 11-year old boy with special needs.
Responsibilites include:

- Taking him to and from school on the Subway
- Homework assistance
- Light housekeeping
- Cooking healthy meals
- Ocassional help with our two adorable Persian cats.

Non smoking household.
We prefer a young lady with some college education, who is articulate, responsible, caring, creative, and who will also be a friend to my son.
Flexible hours.
You will have every other weekend off.
Free time during weekdays while my son is at school to pursue your interests and other part-time work.

Free Room and Board in chic and vibrant Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill neighborhood.
Private sleeping loft, internet access.
$100 cash per week, plus hourly compensation for any extra hours outside of our pre-determined schedule.

Walk to fabulous restaurants, bars, shopping, beautiful parks and the Brooklyn Heights Esplanade.
Numerous subway lines a few blocks away; 10 minute subway ride to Manhattan.
We are a fun, artistic, creative and loving household.
Looking for a positive, patient, mature and nurturing individual.
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31) Seeking Live in Nanny (Idaho)
We have a delightful 4 month old little boy in need or reliable child care. Hours are monday through friday 7 to 6. We will pay room and board, internet and plus 20 dollars a day to the right individual.
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32) Sitter needed 2/18 (Madison)
Hi, my husband is going out of town and I need a sitter for my 2 year old daughter so I can attend a meeting, Thurs Feb. 18. I need from 6:30 till late in the evening, probably 10:30, maybe 11. She goes to bed around 7:30 or 8, so it will be mostly while she is sleeping. I can only pay $20 for the night - students are fine. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!
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33) Daytime Nanny in our home for Triplets (non-live in) (Wisconsin)
In need of a daytime (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. ) caregiver for our 5-month-old triplets. Previous Nanny must reduce to 2 days per week due to health issues. We have an immediate need (fill by February 16).
Looking for individual who is trustworthy, has experience with infant multiples, and will work Wednesday and Friday with core hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We can offer $7.25/hour before taxes. Pets include German Shepherd (indoor) and cat.
Original URL: unkown

34) Live in Nanny needed ASAP (Florida)
I'm a stay at home mom transitioning to working status and I am looking for someone to care for my two children. I have two boys, one is 3 yrs old and the other is 4 months old. I will have normal working hours M-F 8-5 although my husband might be home earlier some days. In return I can offer our master bedroom which has a private bathroom and walk in closet plus utilities, cable, and wireless internet. Someone with their own mode of transportation is preferable. We're looking for someone who is good with children and can do activities with them during the day so they're not stuck at home all day long and bored. This is probably good for a student who can take classes online, evenings, or weekends or someone that has some of their own money since on top of living expenses we cannot provide monetary pay. We may be able to provide a small fee if necessary. If you are interested send us an email.
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35) Childcare needed in my home (Tulsa)
I am in need of someone to watch my 9 month old son in my home. Can be flexible on hours and would be willing to work around classes for student. email for more details. Not interested in someone bringing their children with them. Nice home/Pool/2 dogs/smoke free

Drop-ins running 60- 80/week. I am offering $20-25/day. Do homework, watch tv, whatever, while baby is napping. No housework, etc. Just want someone to care for the baby. I have a home office upstairs but my work requires alot of phone time which I cannot do without a sitter.
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36) Nanny needed 4 days a week (Las Vegas)
Hello! Im looking for an experienced nanny to care for my childern four days a week. The days needed are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:15am to 2:30pm sometimes longer. I have 3 childern ages 2, 6, and 9. You will be caring for the little one for most of the day because my two oldest go to school all day. I need someone who is experienced, reliable, honest and is willing to do some housework. Pay is $6.00 an hour. Call 526-**** if interested and ask for Mari. I speak spanish also so if you dont speak english that wont be a problem. Thankyou.
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Claire said...

My favorite one is the doctor with the special needs child looking for a live-in nanny for $100/week. Girl, please.