Monday, January 18, 2010
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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for fun, loving childcare for my lil ones! (Norfolk)
I am the mother of a 4 month old and 21 month old. I have just started back to work after 3 years and have been through 3 babysitters so far I am looking to find the right sitter to care for my children. I am also looking for a small ratio less than 10:1 and someone who will supervise the children. I'm looking for someone that won't feed my child junk food all day. Someone who is caring, knows where my child is at all times, will be open to my questions about their day, and needs. Not easily offended and caring. I would like someone who limits the number of non child related people in their home and does not have my child around strangers (with the exception of other parents picking up their children). I need someone who is in charge of the children and doesn't pass them off on family members or other children that may be in the home. I need someone who is sensitive to the individual needs of my child. These things sound pretty common sense but you would be suprised about what I have witnessed in my child's current daycare. I am looking for someone who is fair and will not let children beat up on my child or my child beat up on other children. I am very easygoing and I just want my children to be safe. I used to work in daycare so I need someplace safe for my child to go.

If this doesn't sound like too much to ask please contact me at your convenience... :)

IF you believe you could be this person, then please answer my questions as best as you can and send your response to me. ***ONLY SERIOUS RESPONSES PLEASE. I AM NOT LOOKING TO WASTE YOUR TIME, SO PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MINE. THANK YOU.*** . Have a blessed day!

Questions pertaining to care (please fill these out with as much information as you can provide ):

What are your certifications? Do you have any education or training in childcare? Do you have a childcare license or first aid certification?
How long have you been watching children?
What is a typical day/night like for the children? (ie- daily activities/ daily schedule)
What things do you provide vs. what do you not provide? (ie- extra car seats for field trips, daily snacks or meals, wipes, blankets/ bedding for naps/ sleeping, games, toys, and other things of that nature)
What are your emergency procedures?
If a child suddenly becomes ill or has an allergic reaction what precautions do you take to “cure” the child or isolate the issue?
What are your methods of punishment for a naughty child?
Are there any animals in your household? If so, how many and how do they interact with the children?
Can you provide references?
What are your hours like?
What are your normal rates?
What education do you provide the children ?
Do you provide any kinesthetic learning-times for the children (as in, do you allow times for them to learn through songs, dance, and movements)?
Do you take field trips to any places?
Are you willing to set up an interview and/or test run or two to test how well my child will fit into your care?
What days/nights are you available for a face-to-face interview?
Do you have any children? Are they punished equally to the children you take care of?
Do you permit any of the children to bully the other children (i.e.- do you let the children “get away with” biting each other or hitting one another)?
Are you willing to give a tour to potentials’ parents so they may see what your facility is like?
Do you have a file system readily available to keep track of emergency procedures, allergies, necessary emergency contact information, children’s typical schedules, and other notations?
How do you help with a child who is difficult to potty-train?
What ages of children do you care for and do you try to do activities to cater to each level of learning?
Do you have a facility of your own where you care for children or do you prefer to go to the houses of the people you sit for?
Also, if you'd like to simply tell me about yourself then please feel free to do so.

I am not asking for your life story, but in these hard times it becomes harder to find someone truly trustworthy.
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cali mom said...

#1 should be able to research LICENSED daycares and get all the info she needs. Just another cheapskate parent trying to cut corners and wants everone to cater to them. Business owners do not cruise cl ads and spend hours individually replying to each query, painstakingly typing out the requested info in an email, though desperate unemployed people might.

I had my own cl wtf this morning, where someone in Redwood City CA wanted a website and logo design for a new construction company and was offering $10/hr. Yeah right!

just another mommy said...

So #19 wants to pay less than $1.25 an hour?? Crazy people! Even in home daycares need to make more than that!

MissMannah said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with #1 and I'm wondering why it is even included here. This parent is obviously not looking for a nanny, rather she's looking for an in-home daycare. Yes, she has a rather long list of questions she wants answered but pretty much any reputable in-home daycare would have a parent handbook or something similar that the provider could easily email the parent. And yes, cali mom, licensed home daycares do advertise and search on craigslist everyday.

JacksMom said...

#1 - They're not asking for anything unreasonable, but I've found that local childcare councils are great for providing this general info. From there, it's up to the parent to investigate individual caregivers.

#19 - Ashley with the 10 month old & who can afford only $10/day. My initial reaction is admittedly harsh. I'm envisioning a young girl who had no idea of the consequences of unprotected sex. Next thing you know, you've got a baby and reality sets in. Children are EXPENSIVE. I know solid couples who work hard & would love to have children, but probably won't, because they know they can't afford it. I know I'm just being cranky here and in the end, my heart goes out to people like Ashley. She clearly wants to leave her baby with someone who will do a good job, but she simply can't afford it.

#27 - I don't see anything wrong with this one. 10 years ago, I paid $1000 for a studio apartment in SF. With $385 in addition to the rent-free studio (utilities included), the mother's helper would earn the equivalent of nearly $12/hour. This would be a particularly good situation for a young couple where the other partner has a job.

#30 - So, the nanny would be sharing a room with the baby, yet the "job" starts at 6:30? Does this mean that when baby wakes up at night, mom or dad will respond? Uh huh. This sounds much more like a 24/7 job. With a nanny cam in the shared room. No thanks.

About the author said...

I can't believe all the backing and forthing about that Nicole provider.
Makes me wonder what's real and what's not between all those postings!

NannyinON said...

To JacksMom
"I'm envisioning a young girl who had no idea of the consequences of unprotected sex. Next thing you know, you've got a baby and reality sets in."

Seriously? Since when are teenagers NOT aware of the consequences of unprotected sex?!

read between the lines said...

I think number one is perfect for CLWTF because the OP is a nut. Sorry but she is a nut. She wants good childcare, fine but any person who is not retarded can read between the lines: she wants to pay home daycare prices for a nanny's job. That is the bottom line. People should learn how to write a proper ad. No truly self-respecting childcare provider is going to respond to this ad unless they are really hard up simply because the mother comes across as a bitch.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

um, is it just me or is it freaking insane to leave your child with a last minute sitter who is a stranger and who you couldn't possibly have done a background check on in the time before you need her?

and people wonder why children are harmed and mistreated. it is because parents are freaking idiots. um, you just don't go out that night, hello! or: you have to call in sick to work. hello! oh, you will lose your job? well is it better to leave your child with a complete fing stranger?

good lord.

Sugar Booger said...

Who are these people with small children going out until 2:30 AM? Shoot I'm exhausted by eight... Where do they find the energy? Maybe I'm just old...

JacksMom said...

To NannyisON:

To JacksMom
"I'm envisioning a young girl who had no idea of the consequences of unprotected sex. Next thing you know, you've got a baby and reality sets in."

Seriously? Since when are teenagers NOT aware of the consequences of unprotected sex?

Yes, seriously. Sure, it gets hammered into them over and over again from about 6th grade on, but a lot of them think that it won't happen to them. And even if they do get pregnant, most of them don't really have any idea about the day to day realities of having a baby.

What's even more frightening is how prevalent STDs are in teenagers. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor when my doctor told me that she treats an average of 3 junior high school girls per week for STDs. It's an epidemic.

mommylicious no more said...

#27 sounds like a good deal to me.

M. said...

#29- Is it legal to require an HIV/AIDS test from potential employees? Doesn't really sound right to me. . .

MissMannah said...

Readbetweenthelines...I don't know what you're talking about and I'm pretty sure I'm not retarded. Nowhere in the ad did she say she wants a nanny. In fact, she specifically said what caregiver-to-child ratio she's looking for, which tells me she wants daycare. I may have also missed something, but I don't remember seeing anything about specific prices either. is sad but so true. Teenagers seem to have the idea that they are all invincible and then when they do get pregnant they think about how much fun it will be to have a baby to dress up and how people will pay attention to them.

Number 1 is okay said...

I agree that ad number 1 is very demanding but you should want that information when someone is caring for you child.

Parents are often raked over the coals on this site for being to lax with who they will leave their child with and then deemed "crazy and demanding" when they ask too much. This person is going to be with your child more that you can, you should be as thorough as possible!

missmannahhasamangina said...

miss mannah:

yeah you are retarded

ManginaMannah said...

I have a mangina? Surely you could come up with better insults than this.

mom said...

What I'm curious about is the photo at the top. It seriously takes five adults to manage four children? So much for a "family" outing. Looks like mom and dad don't want to be actually "bothered" by having the kiddos in tow.

cali mom said...

Hey mom, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to! How are you?

It's a photo montage, but I wondered about it also. The rooster and the boy jumping are clearly pasted in, and I think the woman behind the jumping boy is pasted in also. Just creates a funny scene though, I guess.

A said...

Isn't it Heidi Klum, hubby Seal and their cadre of nannies?

mom said...

Hi Cali Mom,
I have wondered where I have disappeared to lately too! hehehehe
Life has taken a very busy turn for me...but I still love ISYN!

Anonymous said...

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