Columbus Avenue and 69th - UWS - Manhattan

Received Thursday, January 21, 2010
112009 sad face 9:15 AM Upper West Side, Manhattan: Columbus Avenue and 69th walking North ---double stroller -- brown color, multi-stripe diaper bag hanging off the back. Red-headed child under two years old bawling, sobbing, totally distraught. Heavy-ish black nanny completely ignoring child, chatting to fellow nannies with children. Child has no hat, no gloves --- very distraught. 1/21/2010

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SPAM ALERT! said...

f-off spammer.

Really? said...

Boring. Another case of not knowing the circumstances. Kids cry, kids make a fuss when they don't get what they want. Do you actually know why the kid was upset? I certainly don't give my charges lots of attention when they are acting up.

No hat, no gloves? Today was actually pretty warm, with blue sunny skies - at least it was over Columbus and 72nd where I was. And no, I'm not the nanny you describe.

maybe, maybe not said...

I agree with the previous poster. We have no idea why the child was crying- it was very likely the kind of thing the nanny was right to ignore. It wasn't a baby, after all. Plus, when a child is screaming like that, are you really going to fight with them over wearing a hat on a not-too-cold day?

Manhattan Nanny said...

If the child was in fact throwing a tantrum, the nanny was right to ignore him. If he was having a melt down because he was exhausted, maybe she was heading home for nap time.

A couple of posts down an OP is saying if children in strollers with nannies DON'T cry the nannies must be drugging them.

get pregnant said...

I have to admit, I ignore my kids when they are crying when I know it is for a reason that they shouldn't be crying like wanting something and knowing they can't get it. Not in public though because you know how people think, she is ignoring her crying kids, she is a bad mother. Don't want to be perceived as that and draw attention. I hope it was warm to not have a hat and gloves on the child.