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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for fun, loving childcare for my lil ones! (Norfolk)
I am the mother of a 4 month old and 21 month old. I have just started back to work after 3 years and have been through 3 babysitters so far I am looking to find the right sitter to care for my children. I am also looking for a small ratio less than 10:1 and someone who will supervise the children. I'm looking for someone that won't feed my child junk food all day. Someone who is caring, knows where my child is at all times, will be open to my questions about their day, and needs. Not easily offended and caring. I would like someone who limits the number of non child related people in their home and does not have my child around strangers (with the exception of other parents picking up their children). I need someone who is in charge of the children and doesn't pass them off on family members or other children that may be in the home. I need someone who is sensitive to the individual needs of my child. These things sound pretty common sense but you would be suprised about what I have witnessed in my child's current daycare. I am looking for someone who is fair and will not let children beat up on my child or my child beat up on other children. I am very easygoing and I just want my children to be safe. I used to work in daycare so I need someplace safe for my child to go.

If this doesn't sound like too much to ask please contact me at your convenience... :)

IF you believe you could be this person, then please answer my questions as best as you can and send your response to me. ***ONLY SERIOUS RESPONSES PLEASE. I AM NOT LOOKING TO WASTE YOUR TIME, SO PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MINE. THANK YOU.*** . Have a blessed day!

Questions pertaining to care (please fill these out with as much information as you can provide ):

What are your certifications? Do you have any education or training in childcare? Do you have a childcare license or first aid certification?
How long have you been watching children?
What is a typical day/night like for the children? (ie- daily activities/ daily schedule)
What things do you provide vs. what do you not provide? (ie- extra car seats for field trips, daily snacks or meals, wipes, blankets/ bedding for naps/ sleeping, games, toys, and other things of that nature)
What are your emergency procedures?
If a child suddenly becomes ill or has an allergic reaction what precautions do you take to “cure” the child or isolate the issue?
What are your methods of punishment for a naughty child?
Are there any animals in your household? If so, how many and how do they interact with the children?
Can you provide references?
What are your hours like?
What are your normal rates?
What education do you provide the children ?
Do you provide any kinesthetic learning-times for the children (as in, do you allow times for them to learn through songs, dance, and movements)?
Do you take field trips to any places?
Are you willing to set up an interview and/or test run or two to test how well my child will fit into your care?
What days/nights are you available for a face-to-face interview?
Do you have any children? Are they punished equally to the children you take care of?
Do you permit any of the children to bully the other children (i.e.- do you let the children “get away with” biting each other or hitting one another)?
Are you willing to give a tour to potentials’ parents so they may see what your facility is like?
Do you have a file system readily available to keep track of emergency procedures, allergies, necessary emergency contact information, children’s typical schedules, and other notations?
How do you help with a child who is difficult to potty-train?
What ages of children do you care for and do you try to do activities to cater to each level of learning?
Do you have a facility of your own where you care for children or do you prefer to go to the houses of the people you sit for?
Also, if you'd like to simply tell me about yourself then please feel free to do so.

I am not asking for your life story, but in these hard times it becomes harder to find someone truly trustworthy.
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1552190360.html

2) NEED afterschool childcare in my home for a few hours (Norfolk)
I need someone to come to my home possibly starting next week. My children will get off the bus at 2:40 so you must be here no later than 2:30. My son is nine about to be ten, he won't need to be watched, he will do his own thing, and my daughter is five, soon to be six...she will do her own thing too...and the most she will need is someone to read her homework assignment to her and that is it. They are pretty independant. My oldest son who is almost 12 will be home at 3:30, he obviously doesn't need watched either. I need someone here in case of emergencies or if problems arise. I will pay 100 per week and most days you will get done pretty early because my husband is usually home by five, and the latest would be six when I get home. This would be great for a college student looking for some extra money or pherhaps a stay at home mom...with one child only please.. Also in the summer this would be a full time job and the pay rate would be rediscussed. We have a pool that would be set up and the kids would want to swim so you would have to want to swim with them or WATCH them while they swim. They can not be left alone in the pool. Also I believe in appreciating the people who help you in your life, and there would be a Christmas bonus as well. I would like someone with some maturity please, and that has NOTHING to do with your age...just a state of mind, but can also just have fun and be easygoing with children! Thanks
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1548772465.html

3) Childcare needed SHORT NOTICE (Seattle)
I need childcare for my little one on short notice. Our other sitter cancelled last minute. It would be tonight from about 7:30 to probably 2:00am maybe earlier. Must have own transportation or live close
Original URL: http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/kid/1554602870.html

4) i want to work (Norfolk)
i am a 35 yr old female looking to work hate sitting at home. i have done child care and can provide references, i have been painting experiance, i have been a companion and enjoyed doing that till my client passed away, i have years of house cleaning exp. i am currently on lay off from the motel where i was working in williamsburg, i also have cashier exp. and dispatch ( i worked for a tow truck company till the owner sold). if you need any of these services please feel free to contact me at tthewhiterose@**** i do have my own transpotation. serious enployers only i am NOT looking to preform sex acts as i am happily married. Thank you for your time i look forward to speaking with you.
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/csr/1547495037.html

5) Single mother needs babysitter tomorrow morning!! (San Francisco)
Im a single mother in desperaate need of a responsible reliable nanny/babysitter/caregiver to watch my son in there home tommorow morning starting at 10 till around 9 or 10 tommorow night. if anyone is available please let me know ur rates!! Thnk You 4 ur immediate response!!
Original URL: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/dmg/1532557741.html

6) FT NANNY needed in my home (Florida)
Looking for a FT Nanny needed M-F 8AM until 5:30PM for my 4 month old baby boy. I cant afford much, hoping to find someone out of work who enjoys babies and could use some money.
You are welcome to anything in my house. TV, internet, food, etc..I would just love to keep my little baby in home with no other children. Holidays not needed, as well as spring break and xmas break, etc. Please inquire if you are interested! Thank you!
Original URL: http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/kid/1536805808.html

7) Nanny verses Home Daycare (Florida)
I work as a private Nanny and I have parents all the time who want me to come to their home and watch their children for $100.00 a week, which by the way when they report this to the IRS for a childcare credit, I am responsible for taxes which drops my pay down even lower. They always say, well, the daycares and home daycares only charge $100.00 per week, why do you charge so much? Because I AM ONLY WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN!!!! How do daycares and home daycares watch children for $90-$100 a week? Because they are able to watch multiple children at one time, increasing their weekly income (example $100.00 per week X 5 chilcren equals $500.00 per week!!)
I cannot pay for my gas to get to your house and pay my bills on $100 per week!!! And I should not be made to feel guilty because I charge more!!!!
I also had a parent who wanted me to work 8-10 in the morning and go home and drive back and work 3-6 p.m. so she would only have to pay for 5 hours of care, yet she refused to pay more than $5.00 per hour, even though I would have to be out gas for double trips to her home and with those hours, I would be unable to get another job.
I am just tired of parents expecting me to work for the same pay as daycares and home daycares!!
P.S. I now have a wonderful job watching a 3 month old baby for a professional couple and I bring home $400.00 per week :)
Original URL: http://sarasota.craigslist.org/kid/1547111325.html

8) Babysitter - Housekeeping full time (Seattle)
Father four children under 10 years going to school one block from home.
Needs Nanny, you receive room/board and $200 week.
Dinner, housekeeping, babysitting, picking up four kids from school one block from home 3PM, etc, etc
Must pass background check
call for interview 206-664-****

HI! My Dad is the licensed HANDYMAN home repair service HandyKC-911C5

All Home Repairs & improvements!
No job to small
Licensed/Bonded/Insured HandyKC-911C5

Building since 1970, over 38 years experience!

My Guarantee! Perfect guaranteed work! you select & purchase your materials, I install perfect = you're 110% guaranteed/happy! "Perfect Remodeling". All remodeling is quick - clean - efficient, I'm the professional Handyman with over 30 years experience.

NO JOB TOO SMALL - Repair & build any home project! Handyman of all building trades! Perfect and guaranteed licensed contractors!
Compensation: room & board & salary
Chris 206-664-****
Original URL: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/dmg/1550073335.html
Note: photos included in Link

9) Looking for Live in Nanny (California)
I will be moving to merced (in the home buying phase at this moment) shortly within the next few months. I am a single mom of two boys ages 6 and 2. I plan on buying a 5 bedroom house and I would like one of those bedrooms to be for someone who in exchange for minimal rent would be our live in nanny.

You would get paid for caring for my boys during the week (playing and interacting with the little one and taking the oldest to school and picking him up from school).
The wage for this is what normal daycare providers make. If you have a regular job and dont wish to quit we can discuss this part of the arrangment.

The part that is in exchange for the rent is:

-you will need to be available on the weekends when I have plans and in the evening when I go to the gym. I can be flexible, so if you need a particular weekend/night off we can work something out but I need you to have most weekends/nights open.

- Keeping the house in order. Since I am so busy house cleaning is not something i get around to. It doesnt have to be perfect but in acceptable condition that if people drop by unannounced I wont be embarrased.

-cooking meals.

-helping with homework with my oldest

-basically a stay at home mom for my kids =D


-no smokers or drug users/alcoholics

-must be a kid lover.

-must be female

-have own reliable vechile

-be familiar with soap/water and deodorant

-no crazy exs that will cause problems.

-no party animals

-be able to think on your feet and have common sense.

-no thiefs

-either you have no kids or are a single mom with one kid max and no baby daddy drama.

-experience with children is nice but not a requirment.

-sense of humor a must! I laugh alot and cant stand people who cant laugh!

I am very nice and considerate. I need a responisble person who my children will have fun with but respect as well.

An interview with me first and then my children will take place and if we feel you are a fit you will be hired pending a background check.

If you are good to me and my boys we will be good to you!!!!!
Original URL: http://merced.craigslist.org/kid/1553475397.html

10) looking for last minute childcare for tomorrow (Norfolk)
in need of childcare for tomorrow night around 8pm for my two kids. one is 2yrs old and the other is 6months. if everything goes good will turn into a regular childcare please email at xmiss_larisax@****
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1553248544.html

11) In Need of a Sitter ASAP (Norfolk)
My name is Michelle and I have 5yr old, for whom I need a Thursday night sitter. I attend classes on Thursday nights, starting today, from 6:15 to 10pm at the Strayer Virginia Beach campus in Town Center. I would perfer someone that can possibly come to my home or someone who lives in my neighborhood (Kempsville Lakes). I am open to teenagers looking to make extra cash. If this sounds like you, please give me a call. Thanks, Michelle 757-761-****
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1552922793.html

12) NEEDED: CHILDCARE ASAP! to start tomorrow for 2 toddlers! (Norfolk)
Ok... so heres the deal.... I found an in-home provider and we were set to start THIS MORNING- Yes, I know it's a holiday but she was going to watch them anyway.... well... we showed up and she didn't answer the door even tho both of her cars were there SO now I need to find someone to watch my 2.5 year old twin boys (so you would need TWO toddler spaces available). I cannot risk this happening again.
You MUST be close to EITHER: NOB OR TCC in downtown Norfolk. NO EXCEPTIONS! You also MUST have refrences and be able to meet TODAY. We would like them to start tomorrow. You also MUST be able to provide a receipt for tax purposes. An in-home daycare with an educational curriculum is prefered-- No one just starting off and NO TEENAGERS. NO FREE PLAY ALL DAY! Certified or Liscensed is also preferred.
We are looking for either part time that will be $100 or less a week TOTAL OR full time that is $150 or less TOTAL (meaning for both of them). We will pay weekly or bi-weekly, not daily and will provide some food and all supplies needed for them to help defer the cost. Also, do not want any "one time fees" like a non-refunable deposit to hold their spot- my kids would start tomorrow, if you cannot hold a spot for them for 1 day away we will continue looking.
If you think you can help PLEASE email me with: YOUR RATES, YOUR NAME, LOCATION, A NUMBER I CAN CALL YOU, and A TIME TODAY YOU CAN MEET. Thanks and I look foward to hearing from you
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1558065235.html

PROS: Good prices,
convenient location( Hampton Blvd)
CONS: Children sit on the couch all day
Had exterminator spray for roaches while children were present and didn't notify parents
Takes over 30 minutes to reply to calls or text to check on your child
"Meals Included" consist of spoiled milk only... No solid foods....
85 Degrees or higher in the house which will keep bacteria levels high
Won't wash her hands after she kills roaches and makes your child a bottle ( Saw her do it with my own eyes)
So here is the short version...
Went to pick my son up everyday around 11 am, found him on the couch in the same spot where I left him... He is 15 months old.. Never sits still... Questionable.....
There were 2 other children on the couch with him... Everyday... In the same spot... HMMMMMM????
Her child was up playing all the time.... My son never cries... EVER... Been crying every morning I drop him off.... ?????
Watched a roach run across the floor today when I went to get my son... Asked her "what was that?" HER REPLY: "THEY JUST CAME AND SPRAYED YESTERDAY.."..
There is an 11 month old baby boy sitting on the couch next to my 15 month old son.... A 2 year old little girl on the couch next to the 2 boys... My son threw up today.... Never got a phone call... He smelled bad everyday I picked him up... HMMMM... How many times has he thrown up and I didn't know about it??? Anyhow, moral of the story??????
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1552977308.html

14) DO NOT GO TO NICOLE (Norfolk)
Definitely saw a roach today.. Watched her kill it, throw it on the counter, and proceed to make my son a bottle without washing her hands... UMMMM GROSS....... NOT SANITARY AT ALL...... This is just a little something of the horror she puts children through! BTW, she made sure to remind me to pay her tomorrow so her husband can pay bills... Needless to say... I am using her pay to pay my phone bill since I had to call poison control today after finding out that the exterminator sprayed chemicals around my son...
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1552983871.html

If you are decent parents and you love your child, do not take them to Nicole. I found out today that she has been having an exterminator come in her home with our children there spraying for roaches.... I know there is an 11 month old baby in that house and I really really want to find his parents so they know about this....Her "meals included" consist of spoiled milk which explains why my son hasn't pooped all week. She gives no reports on how they were during the day. He was in her care for 4 days.. Such a shame.. NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR GUT FEELING IF YOU ARE A PARENT... I just found that out the hard way... . The lady has roaches running across the counters.... Seriously??? You charge someone $90 a week for child care and cannot afford to keep your house clean? I don't understand why she makes the 3 smaller children sit on the same couch everyday, all day long. My son is in the same spot he was left in. It's like they are in time out. She allows her daughter to run freely through the house while our kids are sitting on a couch.... Great sitter huh? I think not. She is nasty and has no desire to care for your child. The prices may seem great but what you are putting your child through will definitely not be worth it in the end. Her name is Nicole. Her number is 757-831-****... If this is your babysitter, I strongly suggest you reconsider your options. It will be most beneficial to your child. ***And Nicole, if you are reading this, you will not be getting paid.... Your weekly pay is going to pay the portion of the phone bill that was used to contact poison control considering the fact you allowed chemicals to be sprayed around my 15 month old son.... It is people like you who give other babysitters a bad name.... . You are being warned to get out of the business or I will have child services all over your roach infested apartment....... By the way, if your husband has bills to pay, look at the calendar.... He is in the Navy... We get paid tonight at midnight.. Put two and two together and you will figure it out!!!! Have a great day!
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1552995912.html

Team Nicole:

16) To the person posting about Nicole and to NICOLE (Norfolk)
You are really immature, and if your son were given spoiled milk he would definitly have pooped, in fact he would have had the runs...and how would you know he had spoiled milk? And if you knew why did you send him back after that? No one can honestly take you seriously when you then resort to childish behaviour and say we get paid at midnight, put two and two together. Also, you said her pay is going to the phone bill to cover the cost of a phone call? Seriously, that is the stupidist reason I have ever heard. You are trying to get out of paying her and it will come back to you.
NICOLE - as someone who did childcare....and you said both are in the Navy....go to their command and report that they did not pay you and how much to their superior officers. I would also copy and print what they are writing about you on the internet and send that to them as well via email or in person. If your husband is in the Navy or you know what base they work on it is very easy to get in touch with their superior officers. If you want this to end and want your money and to let them know you won't be their victim I would do this immediatly. Through the Navy you do not need a signed contract. The verbal contract and the fact that you watched their child is enough. I have had to do it in the past and it was handled and I was paid within forty eight hours. The Navy will demand that they pay you, even if they have to get a check cut from the Navy and they will have to pay the Navy back, it will get paid to you. Not only that but it will be put in their record of the incident. I would not take these idle threats from someone who is obviously immature...any mature adult who thought you were dirty would not have left their child to begin with and certainly if they had an issue would pay you and then contact who they deemed fit to report such a matter.
Please contact the Navy...these people need to be taught a lesson..to grow up and pay for their childs care and show some maturity as parents to another human being!
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1553955784.html

17) Response Nicole's Childcare Svc (Norfolk)
You have stated some valid points but it seems as if your trying to capitalize off of someone else’s lies. You didn’t try to find out the truth in the statements. Instead you used this opportunity to illicit your background knowledge on childcare and advice. That being said, I have a son that she has watched since august of last year and never encountered any problems. Her house is always clean and she is always professional. She feeds him healthy meals as well as interacts with him and other children she babysits. Everyone knows to pay their child care provider at the begining of the week. It seems to me, this couple didn't intend on paying her and is using craigslist to slander her. It's sad to see this happen tosomeone who is great with children. Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1553935340.html

This is really sad. If Nicole seriously killed a roach during the interview, there is no reason why your child should have been in her care at all. Sure shows how much you cared. Now, for those that don't know the difference, water bugs and roaches are two different things. Water bugs will come and go based on where there is water and isn't exactly a sign of filth no matter how disgusting the bug looks. Water bugs are very indigenous to the area and no amount of pest control can 100% bug free your home. You should also know that when you have pest control come in that some of the chemicals are safe around children and pets. Not all of them, but some are. The exterminator will tell you when you have to leave and will not begin spraying until everyone and all pets are removed from the home if they are dangerous. They will also tell you when you may come back. The first time I had it done several years ago after buying my house I took the kids on a field trip to the local park and we had a picnic. After that, they usually spray outside of your home. Without knowing all the facts, it is hard to say whether the children were in any danger or not. If you think they were in danger, you should contact the authorities immediately rather than ranting and raving on here. The last thing you should worry about is your phone bill when your children and other children are at risk.
Also, if you are only paying $90 a week for full time care no wonder why she has spoiled milk in her fridge and can't afford an exterminator. Really? $90 per week. In order to stay in business she has to pay rent, electricity, water, gas, food, etc. and $90 per week barely breaks even when you consider all the expenses. But I guess the old adage about you get what you pay for has a bit of truth considering how dissatisfied you are.
Now, for the provider. I strongly recommend making sure your home is bug free because if you are reported and they come in to inspect you could face serious repercussions. I recommend Terminix. Also, if your home is clean and you provide a quality service, the parents will gladly pay you on time and for more than $90 a week. Good providers tend to get good parents. By the way, I don't know what your fridge looks like but children need a balanced and nutritious meal. Spoiled milk is a no no. If you give a child spoiled milk, they will likely get the runs and throw up. Trust me. You are setting yourself up for worse messes. Refer to any food pyramid for more information. There are several available on the web. With a good daycare, you will attract the right type of clients so it is in your best interest to get your daycare up to par if there is any truth to this parent's post.
I don't know whether or not there is any truth to it, but children need stimulation. Keeping them in one place all day affects their growth. TV should be allowed in moderation. And parents do your research. Don't come complaining on here when you failed to do a thorough examination or worse knowingly allowing your child to be exposed to a harsh environment and then don't want to pay. Personally, I think if you allowed your child to remain there knowing that there were bugs in the home that you should still pay because it almost sounds like you put your child in the home for a few days for free childcare cause you knew that when she came to collect that you could throw in all of her cons to get out of payment. Not that I am condoning any bad behavior on the provider's part.
P.S. I am a provider but I work mainly with part-time clients so as of right now I do not have any children in my care. My daughter is at school and my youngest is with the grandparents. I have been a provider for a few years but have never had any problems collecting payments or getting clients. Most of my clients have been with me since I started. I browse Craigslist for any clients that have schedules that I can accommodate which are very few and usually only occasional care and to keep an eye on childcare trends and my competition. You won't find any of my advertisements on here.
Simply put...do your research. Parents and providers alike. Providers should know how to make their daycare better and parents should seek the best option for them.
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1553645299.html

.... HOW MUCH?!

19) I need childcare (Nashville)
Hello..My name is Ashley, Im needing childcare for my 10 month old daughter. Right now as most know times are really hard. Im a single mom with no help at all and just trying to work to support my baby. Right now all i can afford is 10 dollars a day. I have someone doing it right now but she is pregnant and is unable to watch her some days which throws my off in trying to find a sitter, but i know there is someone that will do it for that much. That is all i have to spare at this time for childcare. I have got her food that i bring and i have her walker an pack and play. She is a VERY good baby.. she plays to herself and is good with others. she is not one that cries unless something happen to her. We dont baby her so most of the time she is fine. Normal cries are when she is sleepy. All im asking is for someone to watch her during the day.. i have everything that she needs. My hours are simple no getting up early or anything. I have to be at work at 1130 so depending on were you are is depending on how early i bring her.. I get off at different times as well.. depending on what all has to be done.. i get off from 6:30 to 7:30 most of the time its around 7 so i can have her picked up as soon as i get off.. I do work random days.. normally i work 3 or 4 days a week but lately i have been working a couple more due to people calling out. I also normally have every other weekend off. But that is not a for sure thing i may work 2 weekends in a role. I am REAL picky with who keeps her.. she never goes anywere or is around other people except for my 2 nephews and my sister an the lady that keeps her now. I am looking for someone that knows what they are doing.... not a teenager. And i can't go up on my price. That is what i have to spare.. that is what i have been giving daycare now and that is all i have.. so 10 dollars a day will be all that i can give.. that is with me buying an bringer all of her stuff. If you have any other questions or you are intersted.. you can TEXT.. 615 788 **** or call 615 643 ****. So please remember BEFORE you call.. Random days, 11:30-7:30, $10 dollars a day, and you must be in the springfield.. greenbrier.. ridgetop area.. i can't go further.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Ashley
Original URL: http://nashville.craigslist.org/kid/1552720464.html

20) Friday night sitter (Nashville)
Friday Night Sitter (Rivergate)
I need someone to hang out with my son Friday nights while I am at work. I work in Belle Meade at a restaurant friday nights from 3-11. My son is almost 10. He is very nice, well behaved, and funny. This is an ideal job for a teenager wanting some extra spending $. My son is NOT needy. He needs someone to be here when he gets off the bus, make him some dinner, and remind him to brush his teeth before going to bed. Cable, internet, and fully stocked fridge. Pay will be $20. If interested please send an email and phone number.
Original URL: http://nashville.craigslist.org/kid/1553161439.html

* Response from CL reader:

21) Re: Friday night sitter (Nashville)
$20.... for the one night? Seriously? 20.00 for 8 hours? A whole $2.50 an hour. Holy crap. That barely helps the gas to get to and from your place!
Original URL: http://nashville.craigslist.org/kid/1553357472.html

22) House Manager needed (D.C.)
Ok.. so here is my situation. I have 4 kids… ages 15, 14, 11, and 9. They really do not need a babysitter. I own my own business so schedules just all run together. Oh.. did I mention all of my girls are very active in sports  So… here is what I need. I need someone to help me with everything! I need someone who can clean the entire house and help keep it that way. I need help with laundry – about 2-3 loads per day. I need someone that can cook. I will need help driving the girls to various activities. Hours can be flexible, but mostly will need from about 12 pm-8pm. (kids are home from school at 3pm) I am willing to pay $275 per week.
So to make sure we are on the same page… I need:
Housekeeping – you will be responsible for entire house upkeep.
Laundry – 2-3 loads per day M-F.
(Both of these items I just mentioned should be able to be completed during the hours of 12-3pm while kids are in school).
Cooking Dinner Daily & cleaning up after
Grocery Shopping (once a week)
Driving kids to activities
I can definitely be flexible with your schedule if you need modification to this schedule. For example, if you prefer to work 2-10pm instead, I’m fine with that. If you prefer to work some on Saturdays and less during M-F, that is fine too. My goal is to be able to come home from long hours at work to help my girls with homework, workout (that is desperately needed) and have my weekends to be with my children instead of doing a million loads of laundry and cleaning.
Please let me know if you are up for it. I am looking for a hardworking energetic person who can truthfully handle this. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Original URL: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/dmg/1545071540.html

23) I need childcare for infant from next week (Madison)
I am looking for part time drop in car efor my 4 month old son. I am looking for nanny , home day car eprovider with drop in option. I nee dit for Wenesday for 4 hours and thursday 4 hours and some drop in hours.I amlooking to pay upto $5 an hour. If youa re interested, please contact me immediately at 608-837-****
Original URL: http://madison.craigslist.org/kid/1545985166.html

24) Need childcare in Westerville (Ohio)
Looking for childcare for 3 and 4 days a week. Sun through Tues or Sun through Wed. The weeks rotate so 3 days 1 week, 4 the next. then 3, then 4 etc. I work 12 hour shifts those days.My son is 13 months old. Eats people food but will provide baby food, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. Willing to pay 20 a day.Negotiable ofcourse. but when you look at it it rounds out to a reg work week. I work 7am to 730pm. We do not need it now becuase we live in mount gilead but will be moving shortly to westerville/ northeast are. Would like it to be as close as possible to Cleveland ave by polaris/Schrock road. I work at Chase there... Talk to you soon! Beth
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25) Childcare Needed (Ashland)
I am expecting a little boy due in Feb. I am in search of a babysitter for a 6 week old infant, starting in mid to late March 2010. Childcare provider needs to be CPR/First Aid Certified. Interested candidate must be a NON-Smoker. I am looking to pay between 85-100 per week. Childcare will be needed from 7-4 or 5 M-F, no weekends. I would like a list of five references and a resume emailed to me. I will contact all individuals applicants to let you know I received your references and resume. All applicants that my husband and I are interested will be contacted to set up an interview. I would like to have a sitter in place no later than Jan. 15th. Only serious inquiries, please. Thank you, Kelly
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26) In home childcare needed a.s.a.p. (New Jersey)
I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter that needs a very responsible person to watch her between the hours of 830am and 530 -6pm mon- fri. I am willing to pay 150.00 per week for the right candidate. References needed.No driving ,cleaninng ,cooking needed just childcare. if interested please call 973930**** to schedule an interview at my home in clifton, n.j thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Original URL: http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/kid/1546819166.html

27) ISO: Mother's Helper in exchange for Studio Apartment (San Francisco)
We are a friendly and easy-going family with a busy schedule looking for a super responsible, kind and caring mother's helper.

30 hours a week in exchange for rent of our studio in-law apartment + $385/mo

This bright garden facing studio apartment has a separate entrance, large bathroom and kitchen.
utilities included.

Love of children, great recommendations and at least 1yr prior experience.
Non smokers please

**This is a mother's helper position not a nanny position.**
Original URL: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/kid/1545516874.html

28) Au Pair/Nanny (Live in) (D.C.)
We are easygoing family with funny and really sweet 4 years old boy and a new addition (girl) who will be little over 7 month by the time you would start. We are looking for a loving, attentive and energetic au pair/nanny - sports, outdoors and arts activities are a must. You are going to be part of our family, not just an employee, and would be welcomed to join us in all of the activities we do.
Typically 8am-4pm:
Child care (get our boy ready for school; driving to/from school; take care of the baby girl - playing, feeding, changing diapers, going for walks, etc.; children's laundry, children's rooms/bathroom) plus two evenings of babysitting per a month.
I would also like some help with other basic house work (vacuuming, cleaning, bathroom etc.).
There is a lot more to be said so I am looking forward to discussing the details with you and meeting you soon! Compensation: $200/week
Original URL: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/dmg/1548388368.html

Hello! I am in need of a RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, and VERY FLEXIBLE sitter in my home. At the moment I will only need you on certain days when I have things like a job interview or doctors appoinment that I am not able to take my children to. I am in the process of finding a job so this will eventually be a "full time" job for you. I am hoping to get an evening job, that way if my husband around your services will not be needed, however once I have a job, I WILL STILL PAY YOU. Here's the deal, for right now, I will pay you 6.00 an hour when I need you, to watch my children in my home, ie use my electric, feed them with the food we buy, let them make a mess for me to clean up. However once I have a job I will be willing to pay you 90.00 a week to watch my two and three year old regardless if you watch them at all! Even if we are on vacation we will STILL pay you!!! How is that for a good deal. This will be a great job for a stay at home mom, I would be willing to allow you to bring your kids to my home, preferably no more then two children please. The key is I need someone that I can rely on as your lack of dependability could cause me to lose a job. We will have nanny cams in our home and will tolerate no mistreatment to our children. We will also require references and be willing to give me your information for a criminal and background check as well as a copy of your drivers license. If you are interested in this position please email me your name, phone number and a list of references. References should be people you have babysat for in the past or related. Please no past employers or anything unrelated to childcare. Hope to hear from you soon, my name is Debbie by the way.
Original URL: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/kid/1553206957.html

30) Seeking Nanny for Infant w/ Light Housekeeping (California)
We are seeking an infant nanny to care for a 4 month old, and do light housekeeping including laundry and light ironing in Hollywood. We have a small townhome. We are very nice professionals who are looking for someone that wants to be like family. The hours are Monday - Friday from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, or live in Monday to Friday. (If live in, you will share the room with the baby.) The pay is $275 per week, paid every Friday. SOME English is required. Must be willing to get a flu shot and swine flu shot. Must have reachable references. Must have recent infant care experience. Will be required to take infant CPR & safety class if not certified already. Must be willing to work in an environment with nanny cameras. Must be willing to be tested for HIV/Aids, TB and Hepatitis. Experience in a Kosher home is preferred but not necessary. There will be at least two interviews per considered candidate.
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