Saturday, January 2, 2010
pre new years cl wtf with mary poppinz
.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for the Perfect Nanny for 3 children full-time (California)
We are looking for a nanny to care for our three children in our home. We have a 6 month old boy, an almost 5 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. The hours are 9AM to 6PM. The oldest is in school until 2:30PM and the middle one is in preschool on M-W-F from 12:30PM to 3:30PM. You would have all three kids full-time during school breaks. You must have the ability to take care of the infant and all his developmental and physical needs while still keeping the older 2 engaged in creative and fun activities (NO TV). You must be able to set limits and maintain composure and keep all three children safe, happy, stimulated, and well cared for at all times. Duties are all child-related. Requirements are as follows:

Full-time experience caring for both infants and active, older children simultaneously for more than one year with the same family
Perfect references with parents who say "I can't think of anything negative about......(insert your name)" when I ask them if there were any areas of weakness.
Own reliable car with room for 1 infant seat and 2 booster seats in the back. Car must be a 2005 or newer.
Perfect driving record with no accidents ever. We will order a copy of your driving record AND give you a one hour driving test before offering you the position.
Trustline registered with no criminal background
Be willing to work a two week trial period with close supervision before we offer you the job
CPR and First Aid with preferred further training in child and home safety
Signed document from a physician (we provide the document) stating that you are smoke-free, drug-free, TB free, and in excellent health
Willing to follow parent's directions exactly
Mature in nature and NOT bring personal problems or drama to work. Do not reply if you're going to come here all upset because of drama you're having with a boyfriend, roommate, or family member.
Can handle constructive criticism without getting defensive
Neat, clean, and organized. No scatterbrains or slobs. We realize there will be messes but the nanny should be willing to clean up after all three children and herself, of course.

Please include the following information in body of the e-mail rather than as an attached resume. We will delete e-mails that do not have all the information:

Your full name: we will call trustline to verify that you are listed with them. If you're not, we will not contact you back.
Your age and number of years as a nanny
A description of your personal living situation right now (are you married, living with a boyfriend, living with roommate, living with relatives?)
Do you have your own children? What ages? If so, who will take care of them while you work for us? (you may NOT bring them with you)
A vivid description of your most recent nanny position
An example activity for a crawling infant
An example activity for 5-7 year olds
The names and phone numbers from two families you have previously worked for as a FULL-TIME NANNY. We will call them before even setting up an interview
Your salary requirements

We look forward to hearing from you,
David and Karen
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dadiswrongonthisone said...

You have to give number one credit for letting everyone know right off the bat that they are unpleasant people with unrealistic expectations. Bravo. Good luck with that.

Lindsey said...

LOL I replyed to that last minute on in sacramento, I have talked with this girl several times. She seems nice. I know some people gawk at the notion of leaving your kid with someone you just met, but if you came to my house and saw the kids, and me I don't think anyone would have a problem leaving their child with me. I am suppose to meet her next week. I think you can get a good vibe from people and their kids/house when you meet them. It's not like she's gonna leave them with some guy who has no kids or anything. I am registered with Trustline so I also think that helps people who need last minute care. If they have access to a backgroud check they may feel more comfortable.

nc said...

With #4, I can understand not giving your kids gender, but not to give their age, other than just being older than 5? There is a lot of difference between watching a 5 year old, and a 9-10 year old, and what age young is, is debatable. At least give the age, so people won't waste their time when they don't want to work with an older, or younger, kid.

Village said...

I agree about #1. At least they are letting it be known up front they are control freaks, and it's just about impossible to work for people like that because nothing is ever good enough. I'd love to know what they want to pay. I'm guessing minimum wage.

TC said...

I saw the trustline comment on another craigs list add and decided to look them up. I believe I read it costs 145 to 'join' I'm sorry but if a job wants me to do that I would but THEY would have to pay for it.

Village said...

Riddle for you: How do you spell weird?

About the author said...

Riddle me this-
How do you delete an unnecessary comment?


East Bay Nanny said...

Yeah, #1 is just too much. It always cracks me up/makes me wonder when parents post ads that are just so out of touch. Clearly they have no idea what a normal nanny job looks like. And yeah, I'm sure they're going to offer nothing.

cali mom said...

I actually contacted a couple of those. $1.77 an hour???? If they reply, I'll post it >:)

repost said...

Anonymous said...

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Jan 2, 2010 3:49:00 PM

ericatomten1 said...

Number 4--How can you care for an itangible item? Haha!!

CuriousDad said...

PSST! mpp Is it not 2010?

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Curious Dad wins!
I was wondering who would be the first to catch that! Haha!
(Not really, I fell asleep at the wheel, lol... thanks for pointing it out to me.) ;-)

world's best nanny said...

Well number one certainly has crossed their T's and dotted their i's.
You know up front what kind of people you are dealing with. I personally like a family like this, because I too will come back at them with my expectations.
Actually I have been trying to come up with something called "A Nanny's Bill of Rights" Perhaps I may scare some families away with it, but if you are going to come at me as an employer (not my friend) and I your employee (not a member of the family)then I will not tolerate any gray areas. It will all be black and white.
Some people think if they come off as Hard Asses that they can push people around. I for one will push right back.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

I think that is a good idea, WBN. Unfortunately, families like this sometimes scare good caregivers away: caregivers who may not be as assertive as you. I think your idea is a great one though and it reminds all of us to be more assertive in our expectations.

This family definitely does not sound warm and fuzzy: I think you can have a businesslike relationship with a nanny and still not come off as a slavedriver: this family seems like slavedrivers to me! I understand their point about not bringing drama to work, however I would be interested to know if they plan on compensating their nanny with personal/berevement time in the event of family "drama" and if they would expect their nanny to pick up slack were they to have some family "drama" of their own.

Lindsey said...

TC, TrustLine is a database of nannies and baby-sitters that have cleared criminal background checks in California. It's the only authorized screening program of in-home caregvers in the state with access to the fingerprint records at the CA Dept of Justice and the FBI. (this is wha the website reads)

I did not have to pay for it because the family I was caring for at the time had Child Action and they require you to be Trustline registered therefore they paid for it. Most family will pay for a background check if they want one.

I think paying the $140 is worth it though because that puts me a step ahead of other sahm's who haven't been fingerprinted and a background check ran.

East Bay Nanny said...

Re: Trustline

I too was hoping to have a family pay for this for me. Then, after looking and looking for a job in this economy I decided to bite the bullet and pay for it myself.

I love adding at the end of my emails "You may like to know I'm Trustline and CPR certified"... such a great feeling.

If parents know what it is then it gives me an automatic leg up, and if they don't, well, it has "trust" in the name and that's got to be good. :)

cali mom said...

I guess someone wanted to work for $1.77/hr. Here was their response:

In a message dated 1/5/10 4:26:45 AM, writes:

Looks like we do have good luck, with a weekly rate of $80. Sorry, the position has already been filled.

Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 00:16:13 -0500
Subject: Full Time nanny/sitter needed until Jan. 15 (Kennesaw)

Holy crap, you're trying to pay someone $1.77 an hour????? Good luck with that..

too quiet said...

Where is everyone?

MissMannah said...

Ha! Calimom, your next email should ask them if their potential "nanny" is an illegal because she'll certainly be working for illegal wages.

I am surprised they even responded. I've called out a couple of cheapskates from craigslist and the only response I've gotten was someone all indignant about how they make less than $10 an hour so why should they pay me that much. I figured that would be a no-brainer to not hire a nanny but some people are just clueless.

cali mom said...

We actually exchanged a couple after that, and I pointed out to her that $1.77 was completely illegal under all labor laws. She threatened to "report" me to craigslist (for what, responding to her ad??) so I've been flagging her ad instead of emailing her back. I was tempted to send her the link to this site though!

dadiswrongonthisone said...

Ha! report you! lmfao! that's a laugh and a half! She is just mad that you called her out on being a cheapskate loser!!!! Good for you CM. Did you link her to this blog so she can see all the people laughing at what a dick she is?

CuriousDad said...

Actually she may not be illegally paying her sitter. Just becuase someone calls someone by a title like "Nanny" does not mean that the "Nanny" does not qualify under an exemption. It all depends.

cali mom said...

Curiousdad, is there ANY title at all under which you could legally have somoene work 40 or more hours per week for you at a rate of $1.77 an hour?

CuriousDad said...

Yes, certain independent contractors and those who fall under salaried exemptions.

Oh! And the military.

CuriousDad said...

Oh and I forgot the biggest title of all that can fall under $1.77 an hour.