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pre new years cl wtf with mary poppinz
.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for the Perfect Nanny for 3 children full-time (California)
We are looking for a nanny to care for our three children in our home. We have a 6 month old boy, an almost 5 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. The hours are 9AM to 6PM. The oldest is in school until 2:30PM and the middle one is in preschool on M-W-F from 12:30PM to 3:30PM. You would have all three kids full-time during school breaks. You must have the ability to take care of the infant and all his developmental and physical needs while still keeping the older 2 engaged in creative and fun activities (NO TV). You must be able to set limits and maintain composure and keep all three children safe, happy, stimulated, and well cared for at all times. Duties are all child-related. Requirements are as follows:

Full-time experience caring for both infants and active, older children simultaneously for more than one year with the same family
Perfect references with parents who say "I can't think of anything negative about......(insert your name)" when I ask them if there were any areas of weakness.
Own reliable car with room for 1 infant seat and 2 booster seats in the back. Car must be a 2005 or newer.
Perfect driving record with no accidents ever. We will order a copy of your driving record AND give you a one hour driving test before offering you the position.
Trustline registered with no criminal background
Be willing to work a two week trial period with close supervision before we offer you the job
CPR and First Aid with preferred further training in child and home safety
Signed document from a physician (we provide the document) stating that you are smoke-free, drug-free, TB free, and in excellent health
Willing to follow parent's directions exactly
Mature in nature and NOT bring personal problems or drama to work. Do not reply if you're going to come here all upset because of drama you're having with a boyfriend, roommate, or family member.
Can handle constructive criticism without getting defensive
Neat, clean, and organized. No scatterbrains or slobs. We realize there will be messes but the nanny should be willing to clean up after all three children and herself, of course.

Please include the following information in body of the e-mail rather than as an attached resume. We will delete e-mails that do not have all the information:

Your full name: we will call trustline to verify that you are listed with them. If you're not, we will not contact you back.
Your age and number of years as a nanny
A description of your personal living situation right now (are you married, living with a boyfriend, living with roommate, living with relatives?)
Do you have your own children? What ages? If so, who will take care of them while you work for us? (you may NOT bring them with you)
A vivid description of your most recent nanny position
An example activity for a crawling infant
An example activity for 5-7 year olds
The names and phone numbers from two families you have previously worked for as a FULL-TIME NANNY. We will call them before even setting up an interview
Your salary requirements

We look forward to hearing from you,
David and Karen
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2) Anyone available tomorrow? (Sacramento)
Merry Christmas everyone! This is last minute but my babysitter is stranded at her mother's house until tomorrow night and I work at 12. If anyone lives close off the 80 and would be available tomorrow until 5 to watch a three year old boy I can pay $30 in cash for the few hours. Thanks! Erin J****
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3) Warning: New Nanny Position is a Fake (Milwaukee)
This notice is to let anyone who answers an ad for a nanny position in Mayville WI it is not what it appears to be. This guy will promise expense free living w/ room and board. What he fails to mention is that he is only willing to $40.00 a week in exchange for a sleeping room w/ no heat. You pay for your own groceries or groceries for the house, provide child care over 70 hours a week, pet sit every weekend for a pitt bull and 2 cats, are expected to clean, cook, do laundry, shovel snow take out trash, and clean filthy litter boxes. This guy is a truck driver and makes a $1000 plus a week but refuses to pay a proper wage. Be warned....I'm not the 1st nanny he has screwed over...I'm the 5th.
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4) Live-in Nanny Needed (Las Vegas)
Minimum of 5 years of verifiable experience
Provide 5 references (only 2 of which may be family members)
Valid NEVADA driver license
Provide copy of your vehicle registration and insurance (if you have your own transportation)
Pass local (LVMPD) and federal background check (FBI)
Possess current childcare license
CPR/First Aid Certified (provide proof of same)
Fluent English

Your nanny services will only be required Monday through Friday from 3pm to approximately 7pm (sometimes earlier) with very occasional Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights but it will only be one of those nights, not all three. On some occasion, Fridays will not be necessary. Holidays will not be necessary either. This position will average out to 15-20 hours per week as sometimes your nanny service will be required and sometimes it will not but I like to list Monday through Friday 3pm-7pm to give you a general idea as to when your nanny services are needed. Light housekeeping such as cooking and running errands will be requested from time to time. You will be living with us full-time but your nanny services will only be needed part-time. The rest of the time, you would be more of a roommate than a nanny. I am being generous about this to avoid any hassle. It will be much more difficult for me to ask someone to live with us part-time and live in their own house part-time but I also do not need a full-time nanny.

It would be more convenient if you had your own transportation and if you do, your monthly fuel will be paid for and of course, room and board, food, entertainment and basic necessities will be provided.

You will be caring for two small children (both are older than 5 but because there are many perverted criminals living amongst us, I will not reveal if my children are boys or girls or their ages until AFTER you have passed both background checks).

I will conduct two meetings with you (1st will be a general interview, 2nd will be a more extensive interview provided you passed both background checks). This is a PERMANENT position. To ensure that this is a permanent position, a yearly contract will be signed to not only assure you that your job is secure, but to also assure me that you will not suddenly walk out from your position with a key to my house and/or potentially harm my children. If you plan on moving anytime in the near future, getting married, having your own children in the next couple of years, or any other reason that would prevent you from fulfilling your nanny duties, please do not apply for this position. I need a stable nanny to care for and love my children until they reach of age because stability is very important in children's lives. I do not wish to re-hire different nannies throughout their childhood. If hired, you will be more than just a nanny to us, you will be a friend and a part of the family. And of course, you will be included in all of our family outings and functions.

If you already have a pet, that will be fine but we already have 1 dog and 1 cat so applicant must be able to tolerate being around them (you will not be asked to care for the animals).

Be advised that my line of work is with the law so I will not tolerate anyone who misrepresents themselves. If you have any pending criminal charges against you, you will not be considered for the position. The 5 references you will be providing will have a less-intrusive background check performed as well. Since you will be living in my home I need to be assured that you do not associate with anyone with a criminal background (I prefer not to be murdered or have my house robbed). If you have not been fingerprinted, you will be required to do so (Metro PD has Fingerprinting Technicians that will be able to do this). I am taking extra safety precautions because you will be caring for my children, not an intangible item (besides, if you have nothing to hide, then you don't need to worry). If you think I am asking for too much, do yourself and me a favor, don't apply. Please email your resume. Salary DOE.
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5) Need a Babysitter for New Years? (Chicago)
Hello everyone. I love children and I have a safe, extremely clean, smoke free, drama free, kid friendly home. I am opening my home to parents that are in need of a responsible sitter for their children this coming New Year's Eve/Day. I am a 29yr. old college educated woman, married for 9yrs. and I have 3 beautiful children of my own (ages 8, 6, & 3). My family and I will be staying in for the New Year. However, I know that many of you would like to take the night off to go out and enjoy yourselves. My rates are reasonable and I know your children would have a blast at my place with all the other kids. I have pictures of my home as well.
$80 1st child
$20 for each additional child (immediate siblings)
Times are flexible if needed!!!
Group discounts also available for 7 children or more.
Glenda (773)859-**** cell.
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6) Baby Sitter Needed (Milwaukee)
I am going to be needing a part time babysitter, i will be starting a new job next week, not too sure of the hours yet, may even be third shift hours, in my home if its 3rd shift. I have a 3 yr old child. I am looking for a high school graduate, around age 19 or 20 (personal preference) with no children that has experience and references. As i said i am unsure of hours, but i thought that i should get busy looking for someone suitable. Please email at the email above, tell me a little about yourself, your rate, and your experience, and if you have a myspace page, or facebook page you can give me the url so that i can learn a little more about you that way if you wouldnt mind. Thank you.
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7) Nanny wanted weekdays for 8month old (Detroit)
Wanted: Nanny in my home for 8 month old baby - weekdays only
We are looking for someone to come to our home 4 days a week mon/wed/thr/fri.
Our perfect schedule would be from 8:00am - 3:30pm, but we can be flexible with our employer and may be able to modify our schedule if we found a good fit.

Candidates must
1. Complete application form and providing previous work history;
2. Be at least 18 year old with a valid driver's license and reliable transportation;
3. Be able to provide a list of references;
4. Be agreeable to a back-ground check;
5. Be reliable. We need someone who will be here when we expect them so we can be at work when our employer expects us.

We are located near 16 Mile Road and Dodge Park in Sterling Heights, and prefer someone close by. We would expect to start with a trial period and increase the number of hours / days when everyone is comfortable.

Bad points:
1. Husband smokes in house
2. We have a cat
3. Most days Husband comes home from work for lunch usually between 1:00 and 2:00. He cooks for himself and watches tv or checks email in another part of the house, and then goes back to work. He does not expect to watch the baby during this time.
4. Our other two children will be home during the summer months. Candidate must be willing to be flexible with hours/days/number of children during these summer months.

We currently pay $40 per day. Our current nanny will be leaving us in February for her own family. Please leave your phone number and best times to call.
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8) Im in need of childcare tomorrow night (new years eve) (Detroit)
Must Have own transportation, im looking for someone from 6pm till about 1am... Plz Call Asap thanks robin 313-575-**** $40.00 plus pizza & party Hats
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9) $20hr Nanny/Sitter Tonight New Years Eve (New York)
Looking for a Nanny to run a New Years Eve Party for children ages 5 to 16 years old
You should have lots of experience with Children Call ASAP 877 256 ****
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10) Babysitter needed for 2 cute little girls UWS, possible live in (New York)
My sister in law is leaving town this week and we will be in need of a babysitter for our two and four year old girls. We have a 3 bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side and live in is a possibility. Please let me know if you are interested and what your salary requirements are. References will be necessary. Kids speak English and Spanish, so bilingual is great, but not necessary. Also interested in someone who can possibly speak French or Mandarin. Thanks
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11) Room for trade for a few hours of help (DC)
We seek a female that is in need of a room and broad is willing to trade a few hours. We need help around the house and a few hours a week keeping an eye on the kids. We are a married couple with 3 good kids 15 13 and 9. We are a very fun loving family that loves to do thing from the movies, mall, park or just hanging around the home so we need some one that is fit and able to keep up. We are drug free home and want to keep it that away. If you are an open mind female that loves to have fun and want to trade write us tell us about your self. Leave your # if you like we can call you Thanks
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12) I am looking for overnight childcare tonight (Norfolk)
I am looking for a childcare provider to watch my 6 year old daughter overnight tonight. I am looking for a chilcare provider that has experience, is CPR certified and provides a safe and comfortable environment for my lil girl. If you have an openings tonight for overnight care and reside in the newport news/hampton area, please contact me asap with rates and location. I check my email frequently. thanks
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.... HOW MUCH?!

13) Nanny/Babysitter needed long term - 6 month old (Houston)
We need a part-time babysitter for a 6 month old baby. The hours are 8AM-3PM, with every other Friday off by 1PM. Also, when I get home early from work, you can leave as soon as I get there, usually 2-3 times a week. I do need you there by 8AM but the leaving time will be flexible. Monday thru Friday and the pay is $120.00 per week, no weekends, no holidays.
You must be able to come to our home, please see the map below for reference. I prefer a Bi-lingual (Spanish) person. All the baby food and bottles will be ready; there are no house cleaning duties.
Please let me know:
• How far from us do you live?
• Do you have your own transportation?
• Do you have any kids of your own that are not in school?
If you have any questions please let me know. I need someone to start ASAP.
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14) Full Time Nanny/Sitter needed until Jan. 15 (Atlanta)
Hello, I am in need of a full time nanny/sitter in my home until Friday, January 15th. It will be from Mon-Fri, 9am until 6pm. I am in the process of finding a new childcare center for my children and in the meantime, need someone to care for my children in my home until I do. Only full time care would be for my 3 year old daughter. My 7 year old son will be riding the bus in the morning and only task for him would be to walk to the bus stop at 2:15 to walk him to the house. I will pay a weekly rate of $80. Serious inquiries only if this rate is acceptable for you. Need someone asap. Please reply to ad or call (706)495-**** Thanks
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15) Jan - May Sitter Comfortable with 3-4 kids (Georgia)
Marietta, GA 30064 (8 miles away)
Monday, 1/11/2010 through
Wednesday, 5/5/2010

Hours are:
Mondays: 9:30 - 1:45 (3 kids)
Wednesdays: 2:30 - 6:30 (4 kids)

Pay is: $170 every two weeks.

Kids: all girls; almost 5, 3, 2, and 2 months old. Very well behaved, fun, and easygoing.

I teach music lessons at two local schools. I need a responsible, fun babysitter who could sit with my girls on Mondays and Wednesdays for the hours specified above while I am teaching. On Mondays, only the 3 younger ones would be home as my oldest is in preschool. On Wednesdays, all 4 would be home. The hours are very short, but I need someone who is very comfortable with multiple small children and who has lots of patience and does not get stressed out easily.
The girls are VERY good and really sweet and lots of fun. But it is still a big job to be with them all so I need to find a great match. We had a sitter we used up until this month but she is graduated from school now and is moving so we are stuck for next semester! The girls loved her and I need to find a good replacement as fast as possible! We like sitters who come with a good attitude, project a good mood to the girls, and are creative and sweet. Thanks in advance for any interest in this position!

If the hours and personality are a good match, I also will be teaching next year after the summer break and would like to continue with the same babysitter if it is something the applicant is interested in!

Posted by
Molly G. from Marietta, GA
Job Details:
Ages of Children: Newborn (up to 12 months), Toddlers (1-3 years), Early school age (4-6 years)
4+ children
$10 - $10 per hour
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16) r u in need of a babysitter - $70 (Norfolk)
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17) Infant Nanny Needed (Georgia)
Infant Nanny M,Th,Fri 1030am-9pm
Description: I am looking for a part-time nanny to watch my 7-week old son Monday, Thur and Friday from 10:30-9pm starting Jan 4, 2009. The job will include bottle cleaning, feeding and diaper changing of course. Also a few learning activities for stimulating brain development. I'd like to find a sitter/nanny with infant experience, who is First Aid and CPR certified and will be available long-term (6mths-a yr). Location: Atlanta, Georgia Rate: $100/Week - $175/Week
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18) NEED: Childcare M, W, F near NOB (Norfolk)
Would like to find a in-home daycare or someone who can come to our home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and watch our 2.5 year old twin boys while I am at school and my husband is at work. We are looking to pay no more than $50 a week for the 3 days and will provide ALL food, snacks as well as a gallon of milk and thing of juice each week and wipes/diapers (they are starting to potty train so we will need someone who can work with them on this as well). We are not interested in high school students and prefer someone with experience. Refrence check and multiple interviews will be done. Would need to start permantly Monday Jan 11th. Email me if you think you're a good fit for us!
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19) Babysitting needed for short-term (Detroit)
I need a baby sitter for my 2 year old daughter starting January 5th and will end in March. The days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and the time is 7am-5pm. I need someone to come to my home and I live in Brighton or at least pick her up. I pay $125 a week. References please.
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20) 13 year old boy needs childcare Monday thru Thursday (Detroit)
I have a 13 year old son who needs a sitter from the time he gets home from school until I get off work. He is developmentally disabled (7 to 8 year old level) and has some emotional impairment Best (and easiest) situation would have him as the only child under your care. His bus drops him off between 3:45 and 4:00 and I usually am off work between 7 and 8 PM (though sometimes a bit later or earlier). Hours will be longer when school has 1/2 day or when school is out. I start work at 10AM. I will pay $75 weekly (more when workload is higher).
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21) Babysitter here (Norfolk)
hello my name is Jennifer i am 26 a mother of a 17 1/2 old baby girl and a navy wife. i have two well behaved cats (dont shed). i now how it feels to either want to go out for a night or looking to save some money. i have lots of babysitting experience. i have watched lots of kids of different ages. I love kids very much and love to watch them learn. we got a dining room that is nothing but a play room of toys and books. i go for walks daily and a park right down the way. i am looking to watch ages from NB-12 years old. if you need a sitter while you work or just a night out. My schedule is 7am-8pm 7 days a week or we can work something out to help you. I do breakfast, lunch, and dinner if need be. only 20.00 a day per kid. If your interested i can be reached at 757218**** or email me If you like you can come look over my place first.......
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22) Wanted: Live-in Nanny (Houston)
Hello, We need a live-in nanny to help with our 2 small boys (3.5 and 1.5 year old). You'll be responsible for taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning. Long hours. 6 days a week: Monday - Saturday or Sunday - Friday Salary $250 per week Call: 713-589-****
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23) Looking for in home Nanny (Houston)
I have 3 kids and 2 of them are at home. I have a 3 yr old and 7 month old that are both very well behaved. I am looking for someone that can work few hours once a week. The hours will grow as I get busier I own my own business and need someone to care for my kids while I am gone in my home. I am willing to pay 40.00 a day for 8:30 to 3 or 3:30. If hours get a little longer I will comp you in pay. Call me if your interested I need someone to start by the 1st of the yr. ALSO MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION Christina 832-326****
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24) Babysitter needed (Norfolk)
Nanny needed for my 2 children. start asap! 3 days a week. Must be kind and have experience with children ages 8-14. Students are welcome. $30 an hour! Get in touch for more info!
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* Response from CL reader:

25) RE: Babysitter $30/hour - SCAM! (Norfolk)
Be careful when responding to this ad. I got a response, and it was something else to be sure. They said they have priceless artwork, jewlry etc. in the house, and that in order to be considered for the job, you are required to use and pass a credit report they say is free. It provides the weblink for the credit report.. They also mention the kids have private tutors and drivers and that if you want to stay on the estate, you can rent a room. Gee, sounds great! I bet they have a private jet too! Any ad that says you can use a free credit reporting web site is a SCAM! And just who hires a babysitter and then makes the potential employee rent a room from them?!?!?
Babysitter needed (norfolk)
Date: 2009-12-26, 12:53PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Nanny needed for my 2 children. start asap! 3 days a week. Must be kind and have experience with children ages 8-14. Students are welcome. $30 an hour! Get in touch for more info!
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Special thanks to meetha for our Feature Ad... awesome job! Also, thank you to cinder38, MissDee, mbargielski, VAnanny, nennydebsays and talesfromthe(nanny)hood... all of you found some really good ones this week... great work! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



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