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Thursday, September 17, 2009
Clarksville Man Charged with Child Abuse Over Whipping of 11-year-old - Tennessee
A Clarksville man was arrested Monday and charged with whipping a minor with a belt and causing injuries. Robert Charles Small, 33, was charged with one count of child abuse and neglect. His bond was set at $1,000.According to his arrest warrant filed by Detective Larry Boren, Small struck an 11-year-old child with a belt several times, causing visible injury to the child's face, arm, legs and back.

DHR takes Custody of small child at Hotel, Arrests Grandmother - Alabama
Hetty Rebecca Kilgore, 48, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at an extended stay in Huntsville and the Department of Human Resources took the child into protective custody. On Tuesday afternoon, officers were called to a room at Value Place off University Drive. They were asked to check on the welfare of a child who had been crying for a long period of time. Police said they found a 2-year-old's grandmother intoxicated and the room was "determined to be an unhealthy and unsanitary environment."

School Bus Driver Charged in Boy's Death - Georgia
The school bus driver who struck and killed a 5 year old boy is now charged in the death. 39-year-old Sharon Dale is charged with 2nd degree vehicular homicide in connection with the incident. It happened Tuesday at Hobart Drive and Vanderbilt Court, as the boy was getting off the bus to go home. Students who witnessed the crash, say five year-old Everette Johnson had gotten off the bus when he dropped his book bag. When he bent down to pick it up, he was hit.

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mom said...

The guy who hit a child in the face with a belt needs to be kept away from society entirely, for a long period of time, because it takes a special combination of rage/ignorance/lack of self control to get to the place where a human being could do something like that. He's a danger to society.

I feel really sorry for the poor baby taken form the drunken grandma. Obviously baby is surrounded by an entire family of crappy people..because somebody also saw fit to leave the baby with alcohol addled granny in an unsafe/unhealthful hovel. And nobody else who may have known about it cared enough to put a stop to it. These are the cases where the child would be best adopted out before she gets to old to be a desirable candidate. Why wait until the family has been "rehabilitated" five or six times and take her away only after her psyche has been destroyed, she is too old to be adopted, and/or a tragedy occurs?

The bus driver case...I don't see enough facts to have an opinion...other than I am sick thinking about the poor child and his family.

cali mom said...

Agreed mom. Sickening excuses for humans who have no business being responsible for a snail, let alone a child.

Completely unrelated to these stories is an interesting and relevant news article:

jennifer lecarlo said...

Great article Mom. And these stories make me sick. I can only skim them, can't really read them. It hurts.