Beware of this Nanny

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - Rants and Warnings
Do not hire KAROLINA G. as a nanny. She was caught neglecting 2 children entrusted to her care on more than 1 occasion and was fired this week. She has also been caught stealing money, clothes, other articles from homes she visits for playdates. She's a kleptomaniac.


MissDeeWantsAnISYNTeeShirt said...

Could we have more details? This sounds made up, kind of like some high school gossip.

I guess Jane and Mary are done playing outside now....

DenverNanny said...

Oh! there's t-shirts?! I want one! Love the new comment "directions" btw...

MissDee said...


I have been asking Jane about ISYN tee shirts for 3 years. I am considering having my own made that says:

I am a nanny and I am doing my job.

And the back:

Any other suggestions for the front of the shirt?

mom said...

Now usually I am the first to say that people outed here have no basis for a lawsuit. But if you are the OP of this tidbit, please be sure you have actual proof of these things nanny has done. The details are somewhat vague, so you need to have real proof of "neglecting," I mean beyond a subjective opinion. The people she has stolen from need to have more than an assumption that missing articles were stolen by her...since you say she has been caught, and you label her with a specific psychiatric diagnosis.

Don't get me wrong. If she did these things, she ought not ever work as a nanny...and this type of accusation, if made public, will see that that happens. But protect yourself.

If you want to say something more concrete like, "I feel my baby was neglected because when I came home after a 9 hour work day, her diaper was loaded and dripping and only one diaper from the new package I bought last night had been used," then you've got little to no worries about a successful lawsuit against you. If you give unfounded generalizations and call names....that's pretty much what the laws were specifically designed to protect against.

The truth is always a defense to a libel or slander suit, but proving generalities (especially a psychiatric diagnosis, unless it exists in medical records) is a lot more difficult.

I suggest you rewrite your post using specific examples and leave out the generalizations and the diagnosis. Ask Jane and MPP to replace the current post with that and you should accomplish your warning just as effectively and not put your life's fortune at risk in the process. (In fact, specific examples will probably be much more compelling anyway, so you will make your point that much stronger by sticking to the facts.)

MinuteMuggle said...

too long miss D.

I think it should say on the front in big block letters ISYN and on the back it should say, simply,

That sounds catchy, don't it? :)

MinuteMuggle said...
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MinuteMuggle said...

I agree mom, not enough info from OP. Perhaps she could write in again and give us more deets?

male in nc said...

I agree with the others. There needs to be more info about the neglect. What one person sees as neglect, another might not necessairly see it that way.

jennifer lecarlo said...

I want to know more about this nanny. OP?

badabing said...

is wondering when can nannies post DO NOT WORK FOR THESE HORRIBLE MOMS?PARENTS???

wut said...

So we are supposed to be paranoid of anyone named Carolina or Karolina with a last name that starts with G now?

That's a pretty long list.

Law Not Opinion said...


You're poorly informed. The vast majority of those outed here have a basis for a lawsuit because of the usually shit poor job on how they are "outed" in a one-sided way.

The truth is a defense to libel and defamation, but we really don't get it as often as the average reader here believes.

The reason why ISYN hasn't been sued to release the personal details of those filing reports isn't a lack of legal right but rather those outed aren't aware the vast majority of time. This is fortunate for Mary and Jane because due to how they screen each post it isn't clear to me that they'd be free of liability in case someone did decide to sue. They may not exactly qualify for the ISP exemption.

Anyway, ISYN just isn't that well known. This is a blog, one of millions on Blogspot. This isn't a twitter feed being picked up on by the CNN newsroom.

That is all.

mom said...

Well, there are probably not dozens and dozens of Carolina G's out looking for nanny work at the moment, so yes, I would be wary. Call references every time you hire a nanny. And be sure to check those references to be sure they are likely nanny employers and not simply nanny's friends and family. (Make sure they don't live all around nanny's house, and that they are of an income level to have hired a nanny, etc.) Do a background check on nanny. People should do this every time they hire a nanny...and now be extra alerted if the nanny at their door happens to be named Carolina G.

These are your children. Never take any chances. Ever.