Saturday, September 19, 2009
.... WHAT?!

*This Ad did exist but was removed almost immediately from CL:
1) In Home Nanny Needed (Hampton)... OMG... U HAVE TO READ! (Norfolk)
Is this for real? This is the ad posted:
I'm a Single-Father in search of a lady who is willing to be an in-home Nanny. I have a 5 year old little girl, and a 8 year old little girl. I'm in the military, and also run a business so I'm not home a good majority of the time. If you are a student, or you are involved in some type of activity or venture which requires you to be flexible with your time, then this is the job for you. You'll be living in a beautiful home with all expenses paid. All you have to worry about is helping with child-care. Also, I'm single, 28 years old, and a grown man. So, I ask that you be between the ages of 24-34, beautiful, not crazy or deranged, and single. Like I said, I'm a grown man and we will be living under the same roof, so who knows what will happen. So, if you are interested or have questions, please email me at the above address. We will then set up a time to meet, and see how things go. Thank you...

I don't know if this man is serious or just perverted but this sounds like something bad waiting to happen. As a parent and provider...I would NOT advise anyone to respond to this? What does being between the ages of 24 and 34 and beautiful have to do with taking good care of your children? Yeah, right...sounds like a crazy pervert to me. And what does he mean, since he and the woman would be living under the same roof, "who knows what will happen"???? I'm flagging! Original URL:
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Village said...

Here we go again. A man who wants a wife without a commitment, and apparently with no pay.

We need to think up a name for these guys, they are getting so plentiful.

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...

Number 24-25 made me a little angry and these ads rarely make me angry. Chuckle, yes, angry, no. While there are other daycare options available to this person, she is offering half of her salary to her sitter. And while it is a miniscule amount, it is more than we can say for many of the ads that have appeared in Craigslist WTF?

I didn't think the woman looking to pay $20 a day for before/ after school care was unreasonable. The child was in elementary school, so he would be there from 6-8am(ish), so that's 2 hours in the morning and then from around 3:30-6pm (another 2.5 hours) or 5.5 hours a day (roughly). That's just under $5 per hour. That's the going rate a home daycares in my area. Where I live, home cares can have up to nine children between 6am-9am and 3pm-6pm (before/after school). If that sitter has 9 children and is getting paid around $5 per child, that is $40 per hour, gross (now what home daycare providers gross and what they make are an entirely different subject that I would rather not delve into). I am just saying that it is not an unreasonable amount. Unless I am missing the WTF portion of it?

Lola said...

Number 2 is strange! Can she not remember the sitters name? Or where she lived specifically? Must have been one of those "I need a sitter tommorrow!!...anyone will do.....desperate....."

East Bay Nanny said...


Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Ads I especially enjoyed:

#19 - Why did she give so much more detail in her English version than in the Spanish one?

#22 - This woman is making a surprise visit to a boyfriend she only sees six hours a month. Hope it works out for her.

#23 - The Hawaii people posting in Jacksonville. I've seen similar ads posted on my local Bay Area CL and now suspect it's a scam.

#27 - They're strong LDS but sounds like they're living together and have a baby. Thought Mormons weren't into that? And they want the nanny to do baby preschool? What's that?

ChiNanny said...

Is it normal for home daycares to hire people to watch the children while they run errands? I don't know much about home daycare, but I think I'd have a problem if the person I hired to watch my child hands them off to someone else.

And number 2 makes me worry how well that child is cared for by her mother that she can't even remember the name, address, or phone number of a babysitter. What else doesn't she pay attention to?

MinuteMuggle said...


I have run a home daycare, and I always use family (only two members) that my clients knew very well. And they ALWAYS knew well in advance when these people would be caring for the children in my stead.

I echo your sentiments!

RedHeadMissDee said...

ChiNanny and Muggle:

I considered starting my daycare this semester, prior to school starting, wanting to take 3 children, either all full or part time. Because I am not yet liscensed, I can care for only 3 children, as stated by Wisconsin law governing DHFS. I then thought about hiring someone to assist with field trips, meals, and to cover for me should I want to take a long weekend. I also had to decide about school, such as when I would attend school, how many credits, would the person I hired work during my classes, how many hours I wanted them to work, what I could afford to pay them, and how parents would feel if they enrolled in my center, transitioned as both a parent and family member with a new child care situation only to have someone else other than me care for their children.

I really want to open my daycare. I may wait a few years at least before I get to UW-Madison to do so. I don't plan on jumping into being a business owner, especially a daycare. My plan is to make my daycare like Kindercare, yet with more of a focus on children and families, because I don't think big corporate daycares do that. To them you are just a family, and if you decide to leave, they know they can make money by enrolling another family. I also plan on opening a center in Milwaukee, as an alternative for the crappy care that happens there, with children and babies being left on daycare vans.

Here's my question:

If you had a child in a home daycare and the owner was in school, would you want to be part of the interview process to hire an assistant of sorts to fill in for days the owner takes off work or has school? Would you as a parent want to be part of a group interview where you, along with a few other parents and the owner meet with candidates? After the panel interview, would you want to discuss each person's strengths and weaknesses, making a group decision as to second interviews with maybe 1 or 2 parents, either together or alone, and then a "working interview", before extending an offer?

What ChiNanny and Muggle are talking about does exsist. If I were a parent, I would want to conduct interviews for an assistant in a home daycare using the manner described above, even though it is time consuming, lengthy and may offend some candidates. I would want to know as much as I can about the person caring for my child, such as their background, childcare style, etc. if the owner isn't watching my child. As an owner, I would rather have parents assist me in finding an assistant, because I want the best possible care and customer service for the families and children.

Sorry for being long winded today....It's wonderful not to have 7a Spanish anymore!

ChiNanny said...

Personally, I grew up in a home daycare and NEVER did anyone else watch us beside the woman whose home it was. If she needed a day off or had an appointment, she closed the daycare, gave parents weeks notice, and they made other arrangements.

As a parent, I don't think I'd feel comfortable with anyone else watching my child at a daycare beside the person I hired. I guess if you hire an assistant and that person was there regularly, then I might be okay with that. However, having someone else come in for a day or for some hours every once in a while would bother me because I don't know that person and they don't know my child.

As far as your question MissDee, I think it would depend if you're hiring before you take in children or after. If it's before, then no because when a parent chooses your daycare they're also accepting your assistant. If it's after, then as a parent I think I would like to have some say. And in the end if I disagree with your hire, I would have the right to remove my child.

VAnanny said...

East Bay Nanny: I thought the same thing about #27. Strong LDS but not married with a baby? Weird. I love CL-WTF?. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures!

kungfubarbie said...

i thought that most daycares had to be licensed, so isn't it illegal to have some person from off the street come and watch the kids even for 10 minutes? i'm pretty sure most daycare assistants need certification.