Good and bad nanny sighting on the UWS in NYC

Received Sunday, September 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo UWS, two nannies in the same area, around a sunglasses shop near 90th and Amsterdam (can't remember the exact streets at the moment). A younger black woman, cute in the face, somewhat thick, glasses and cornrows, standing outside rocking two little boys around 2-ish (twins?), blonde hair. The boys were screaming for mommy, who I can only guess was in the shop, and she pretty much rocked them, gave them lots of affection and stopped their quabbles using distractions with other toys, as well as rolling the stroller around to try to soothe them.

The other nanny didn't come until later, after a little Asian girl with a large cut on her lip walked up and started talking to the first nanny. The nanny was really sweet to her, and (logically) asked her if she was waiting for someone (since her nanny was about 5-7 feet away yapping). Another black woman, Caribbean accent, thick as well. She left your sweet little girl (short black hair) to talk to (albeit kind) strangers and then dragged her off by one arm down the block rudely. The girl seemed maybe 6-8 years old.

To the first, you have a frigging brilliant nanny.

To the second...argh. Nanny cam

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anon said...

the 2nd nanny acted oddly... maybe her name is trish!!!