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Monday, August 10, 2009
Teenage Mother Sentenced For Snapping Toddler's Spine - Utah
Adrianna Lucero -- who was 17 years old last year when she fatally snapped the spine of her 2-year-old son at the Kearns apartment of her boyfriend -- was sentenced Friday to prison for 15 years to life. Lucero initially told police the boy had a seizure while she was with him but changed her statement after she learned Alejandro's back had been broken. (continued)

Toddler Found Sitting in Street; Caregiver Arrested - Florida
A 1-year-old boy was found sitting in the middle of a sharp curve on a DeFuniak Springs roadway Thursday morning, and the baby’s caregiver faces a felony charge. Walton County Sheriff’s Office personnel, along with Department of Children and Family Services case workers, investigated, eventually arriving at the front door of Susan Blalock’s nearby Arielle Lane home. Blalock was arrested on a charge of cruelty to a child without great harm and transported to the Walton County Jail. (continued)

Burglar's Use 3-year-old to Break into Home - Utah
Police believe three burglars broke into a Glendale home by sending a small child through a window and having him open the door. A resident near 1000 South and Glendale Street opened her door to see three men and a boy, about 3, inside her home, said Salt Lake City police Lt. Melody Gray. (continued)

Help Find Lindsey Baum -McCleary, WA
10 year old Lindsey Baum disappeared from her hometown of McCleary, WA on June 26th, 2009 as she was walking home from a friends house a few blocks away.


nannyash said...

The first story is so tragic. I read the article more and was surprised to learn that the young girl in the story also had 5 month old twins!! Why do so many young people have children they can't take care of? :( It makes me sad.

mom said...

Exactly. If there is any light in this story, it is that the twins at least will not be destroyed by her, and are young enough that there will be a long line of loving families willing to adopt and love them the way they deserve. I think 15 years to life is too short a sentence for the mother though. She should have been locked up until she is too old to possibly reproduce and harm another child.

The lady who has now twice let small children wander aimlessly outside while she sleeps ought to get a failry severe reprimand, and lose her ability to caretake children. I can see something like that happening once, but it ought to have scared any normal person enough that they took every possible precaution not to ever let it happen again. How about securing the house enough that a one year old couldn't get out for starters? It doesnt take much with a baby.

Those of you who keep insisting that it is perfectly safe to let kids travel about alone outside, and that those of us who fear child abduction are nuts, might want to contact Lindsey Baum's family and tell them that it is just their imagination that she is gone. How many stories have we had on here recently about kids who go missing while playing outside alone? And, how many of them came home safe and sound? Um, none? Again, watch your children, people. You don't necessarily have to hover...but when there is something like a several blocks trip to a friend's house, put down what you are doing and join your child on a walk or bike ride over there, and ask her to call you to come get her when she is ready to come home. It's simple enough, and it just might make the difference. It's not a high probability that something will go wrong, sure....but if it's your child's number that comes up that day, it will have been worth the effort.

world's best nanny said...

2 16 year old girls who volunteer at my local YMCA are pregnant. Birth control pills are free if you are on medicaid, family planning clinics will get you anything you want for birth control, and condoms, how expensive can they be?

There is no reason whatsoever for someone responsible to be pregnant when they don't want to be. Who is going to take care of all these children born to children? The American taxpayer, that's who! Us, and some poor grandmas and grandpas who should be enjoying themselves, not saddled down with raising their grandchildren!

nannyash said...

I completely agree with you; mom and world's best nanny. I am 21 years old and have worked as a nanny for two years. I love what I do and I would love to have children one day. (key word one day). I graduated in 2006 and a former classmate of mine is pregnant with their third child!! She is unmarried, and the children each have a different dad. I feel so bad for those poor kids :( Children deserve every chance and break they can get in life. I just don't understand being fairly young myself as to why these girls are being so reckless. I have a sister and a soon to be sister in law this has happened to. I am not judging I am just shocked with all the forms of birth control out there why people are using them.

ChiNanny said...

It has nothing to do with the availability of birth control. It's a lack of information and caring. Kids think they're invincible. "It's not going to happen to me" mentality. And parents don't talk to their kids. I've worked with teen groups and the amount of misinformation teens have about sex, STDs and birth control is amazing. We need to change as a society and not make talking about sex with kids taboo, especially when it's everywhere they look. Kids see sex on tv, in music, and video games, but no one talks to them about it.

Its sad the number of children who grow up in bad situation because of teen pregnancy.

WTF? said...

mom, you're just ridiculous on this topic. You seriously wouldn't let a 10 year old walk a few blocks?

mom said...

Saly enough, I think some of these girls actually even have babies on purpose...either as "toys," or to hold onto their little boyfriends.
Most of the ones I have personal knowledge of...the babies are not as accidental as it would appear.

world's best nanny said...


My son is nearly 14 and there are situations I don't want him in..period.
A few years back a 16 year old, responsible young woman holding a job as lifeguard at a local state park went missing. Her name was Molly Bish, I believe they found her skeletal remains years after she disappeared.
Kids of any age can and do make poor decisions every day. What looks like an afternoon of blowing off work and hanging around with friends can turn into something more sinister in a heartbeat.

MinuteMuggle said...

I guess im overprotective, but I still would not let a 10 year old walk around unsupervised. Maybe it is because i live in a city, but no way jose.

as far as pregnancy, I agree with the poster who said it has nothing to do with the availability of birth control. Look at that show on MTV : 16 and pregnant. The media is making it positively cool to have a kid: they have become accessories, like prada bags. it's a real shame if you ask me. these kids are smart, they are just not thinking. well, they are thinking, just not with their heads, they are thinking with their vaginas.

ChiNanny said...

16 and pregnant is actually a halfway decent show to show the difficulty of teen pregnancy. The only big problem I have with it is the fact that all the daddies stuck around even months later, which doesn't happen in real life. But, if cameras are involved, I'm sure that makes a difference. But that show proves the point that birth control just isn't being used or used properly. All those girls used it wrong or thought they didn't "need it" and look what happened.

When I was working with teens what I found completely amazing was that they often said "I love kids, I babysit, I could handle being a mom." and no matter how much I tried to explain that 4 hours of caring for a baby for $ was nothing like being a mother, they refused to understand how big of a responsibility a baby is.

I agree with Mom, girls think babies are toys or will fix relationships, it's sad.

CuriousDad said...

This sounds like the difference of what is also between a nanny and a babysitter:
"When I was working with teens what I found completely amazing was that they often said "I love kids, I babysit, I could handle being a mom." and no matter how much I tried to explain that 4 hours of caring for a baby for $ was nothing like being a mother, they refused to understand how big of a responsibility a baby is. "

I keep seeing all the 25 year olds and younger with over ten years of nannying experience and just shake my head.

Lola said...

I know of grown women who continue to have babies to hold onto their relationships as well, it's not just teens but delusional women of all ages who could do such a stupid and selfish thing.

mom said...

I haven't seen 16 and pregnant, but it is hard for me to believe that it could possibly send any sort of good message...especially if the fathers are still in the picture. This is a very atypical result...hence the many, many young women with multiple children, all from different fathers.
And even if the girls are having hardships and groaning about lost opportunities...they are still frickin' television stars BECAUSE of their poor choices. That alone can't do anything but glamorize it in our sick culture where women are willing to go on television and give multiple men paternity tests all at once to determine which of them fathered her children...just for the opportunity at a moment of "fame."

Faith said...

I'm probably the only one but I actually feel sad for the 17 year old in the first story. If you read the long news story the boyfriend said she did it, she said the boyfriend did it. Boyfriend also had a prior DV and testified against her in exchange for not being deported. I think there is a really good chance that she didn't do it. She still sucks for originally lying to cover up for her scum bag boyfriend. But, look how tiny the girl is in her picture. Do you think she could snap the spine in half? That actually takes force. Wonder how big the boyfriend was?

Nv Nanny said...

I took my first nanny job when I was 15. None of my friends understood the difference between my job, and their babysitting jobs.

Looking back, even though I was a wonderful nanny (tooting my own horn there), I can only assume the parents chose to hire me to get away with the low pay they were offering.

I can't wrap my mind around that first story. That poor boy... That's so heart breaking. And I honestly don't care if she did it or not- if someone killed MY child, I wouldn't be lying to keep them in the country with me. And then add they have twins together. Why would you keep MORE children around the man who you're claiming murdered your son?

nanny jobs said...

Yeh a bit of a tragic read. Suprising too.

CuriousDad said...

Anyone can snap a small childs spine in half, it does not take great strength. It only requires the right kind of leverage, an 8 year old could of done it.

MinuteMuggle said...


I totally agree. I have seen the program 16 and pregnant and it really does glorify teen pregnancy. It makes it seem cool. These chicks are on MTV, for crying out loud. You said it perfectly: they are tv stars because of their poor choices. Sure, it shows them learning how to change diapers, and throwing up and stuff like that but over all it shows that they are doing ok. I think it sends a horrible message to teens. But that is the media for you.

rosey said...

Wait, the kid that was found by the curb- a similiar incident happened last year? Same nanny? Or mom chooses bad nannies all the time. They took her kid away because she left her kid with a bad caregiver. YEAY to Child protective services. I mean that. Parents need to be accountable for cutting corners where the child's health is involved!

moom said...

OK, so I went back and read the whole story about the boy with the snapped spine. I guess, not having been on the jury and not having heard the trial, I am going to have to trust that they made the best decision they could with the information given to them. There must have been evidence implicating the mother specifically, otherwise the police would have been all over the boyfriend...who would be the first typical suspect in such a case. They had no reason to try to pin it on the mom instead of him...unless there was some evidence.
Think of the jello story. One of them took hom to get jello and then all of a sudden he is fatally injured within about a minute. Probably the mom would have been the one to take him to get a snack. And it sounds like the mom admitted to being the one with him when he died. (Remember the "seizure?")
And if it had been the boyfriend and she walked out to the kitchen to find he had killed her child and her first thought was of his immigration status, rather than the fact that her child was dead, she's a complete heartless idiot.

It would also mean she participated in a crime directly related to the murder of her child by hiding the facts. If that crime came back to bite her in the butt in a bigger way than she had hoped, oh well. That's the thing about being a sort of put yourself in a position where a judge and jury have to try to reconstruct just exactly how heinous of an a-hole you actually are...and if they get it a bit wrong in one direction or the other...well...maybe it would have been best not to put yourself in that position at all. Maybe don't kill your child in the first place, or don't let your boyfriend kill your child...or, if, God forbid, he does hurt your child, stand up for your child...maybe just for once stand up for your child. For the last time you have a chance to do anything at all for him, make sure his murderer is punished. Duh. (Even though the use of that word is apparently causing somebody here to foam at the mouth.)

As for the pathetic cries at the end of the trial that her boyfriend is getting away with murdering her child...maybe that would have served her better to say it on day one...if it was true. (I very much suspect it is not.) And how do we suddenly believe her now, when she lied before?

Either way, for the sake of her other kids, it's best that she's out of their life picture.

mom said...

oops, mom, not moom

world's best nanny said...

The length of the response told me that it was Mom and not Moom! LOL!

not moom said...

Well...everybody needs a trademark, right? hehehe

MissDeeHasTeethPulled said...

I am curious as to where the mother of this teen in the first story was. Secondly, where was the father of this little boy? Did the mother know of her daughter dating a man who was 27? Isn't dating or having sex with someone under 18 considered statuotory rape? At least in Wisconin it is.

And with this man being 27, he wasn't charged with rape or sexual assualt of a child?

My ex fiance had me pick up a young lady who he claimed as his "cousin". Said "cousin" didn't talk much when I drove her to his house. He didn't say much either. After I dropped them off, I had a sinking feeling that something was up. A few hours later, "cousin" called me and asked me if I wanted to go out with her and my fiance. I cussed her out, telling her she may have had him, but he was still my man and it was my house. I never did see her again. The girl he cheated on me with was 16-17 years old. My ex would love Utah, since he loves young girls. That's why I am not with him anymore.

CuriousDad said...

If you want to date young girls you have a better chance in any city then in Utah. Unless you are one of the LDS sects that practice under age Polygamy.
And no you do NOT have to chase them, which is one of the biggest crocks I see people spewing, very rarely does the guy start persuing the girl from the get go, usually he gets a signal from her that she is willing to be persued. Granted there are scum bags who do persue and there are scum who once they know they girls is willing will do what they can to get in her.
I know in my neck of the woods to many 16-17 year olds chase after the 19-27 year olds because they are more "mature" (read better able to give a good line too her), over all better looking then the boys they are in high school with (hey did we not have a discussion about this on the pedophile teacher thread?), treat them at least at first better and can take them out to something besides, behind the local high school.
I know of a group of girls in NYC that are or were under 19, at the time they were ranging from 15-17 when I met them, that actually hunt for older men to take them out. Their reasoning is these guys have money are willing to show them a good time, and will not cop a tantrum like the boys in high school will if their ego gets put out. They can easily get in the high end clubs on these guys arms and just party with their friends while in the club as long as they walk back out with the guy they came in with.

mom said...

Curious dad,
Yes, I have seen many girls like this in my life. I have just one thing to say about this practice....eeeeewwwww.

mom said...

Although Curious dad,
My ewwww is for the girls who date MUCH older men. A 19 year old is not so bad for a 17 year old. But to date somebody you are not attraced to for "perks" is really icky.

CuriousDad said...

Ahh, but that is part of the point, "But to date somebody you are not attracted to for "perks" is really icky" these girls were attracted to the older men. Not like they were going after guys who were slobs. These were not older overweight guys, ugly guys by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone remember right after Desert Storm when they had the parades in NYC? I was there and OMG these girls were coming out of the wood work and throwing themselves on us. Most of them had older boyfriends. The girls were a pretty mercenary bunch. They wanted Rich, good looking and out going men to take care of them. The sailors marines and soldiers were useful for a night out to party. We were after all heroes then.

just my opinion said...

What branch were you in?

CuriousDad said...


mom said...

First, Curious Dad, thank you so very much for your service. You are a hero.

Second, you didn't tell us you are a hottie! (There really is something about men in uniform that is very sexy.)

Third, if a woman of any age is truly ATTRACTED to a man of any age (as long as it's legal), and is dating him based on that attraction, I have absolutely no issue with that. My objection is to women dating men they are not necessarily attracted to, but are mostly in it for for in choosing an older man BECAUSE he can spend money on them, etc. I really dislike using people, especially in ways that toy with their feelings.

The girls I knew who dated much older men did so entirely for financial reasons, and I still say ICK to that. Sounds like the younger girls you know are a bit nicer and more ethical than the ones I saw doing this.

CuriousDad said...

Not sure about the Hero bit, I was in during Desert Storm. I was NOT IN Desert Storm. The guys who went over there and did the job, are the real Heroes. I won't claim to be one of them.

While either;
A: I am an overweight 40 years old have a belly that stretchs my shirt out. Hair out of my ears. Lopsided handlebar mustache and usually look like I need a shave.


B: I am 40 fit, long haired goateed. With the look of the devil.

Your choice on how I look. The reality is I am just a bunch of words commenting on this blog. Take anything I say with a grain of salt and filter it as you need to.

mom said...

Curious dad,


And yes, you are still a hero. Anybody ready, willing, and signed up to do the job is a hero. Just because you didn't get called to go over there...that's beside the point. All soldiers are heroes in my book. (And they should be in every American's eyes.)

One of my very best friend's son was just signed to the Naval
Academy a few months ago. I went to the signing ceremony and bawled my eyes out, I was so proud of him. Both of my boys are making noises about joining the Army and Marines after college.
While I will be scared for them if they do, I will also be incredibnly proud of them.