Saturday, August 8, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad in Childcare Section of CL:
1) ^^Help Me Please Someone^^ Desperate (New York)
Everyday I am looking for work and I can’t find any. What should I do? Should I start selling my organs, limbs and so on? Does anyone know how much I can get for a kidney? I tried Ebay and apparently it’s prohibited there. I will throw in a pair of lungs at this point to sweeten the pot. Or do you think I could resort to the world’s oldest profession? Oh, I don’t know, I think I may be allergic to STDs. What about selling crack? Does anyone know where I can find a used bullet proof vest? Or does anyone have re-runs of the tv show cops or America’s most wanted so I can brush up on my skills and know what to expect? Or better yet, do you think I could rob someone? Does anyone know where the wealthy neighborhoods are and the best time to try this? I don’t think rush hour is such a good time but hey, that’s just me. What do you think? Pan handling, that’s right, I will pan handle. Any suggestions on the best intersections or organizations to pan handle in front of? Any suggestions on attire? I don’t want to seem too needy. Plus I hear that the next few days will really be scorchers. Any suggestions you have will be really appreciated. I am really hungry right now so it may take me a while to crawl to the computer to reply.
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j.d.c.f.b. said...

#1 - I feel bad and sorry for this person, they are desparate for a job like so many others.

#5 - I would have no problem with this childcare provider, other than she needs to stop using ALL CAPS and maybe work on the grammar a bit. They are probably very nice ladies.

And people, please stop begging for strangers to watch your kids at the last minute. If you don't have a sitter, you need to stay home, period.

Marypoppin'pills said...

About 4am this morning as I was working on CL-WTF... I heard my son screaming. I run to find out what is going on and am confronted with a guy that had broken into my house. I screamed at him to get the fuck out and ran into the back of the house with my son to call 911. Several Police showed up and caught this guy about a block from my house. For those that do not know, I am hearing impaired... it frightens me that I did not hear this guy breaking into my house... but thank God I heard my son scream. He is my Hero.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh MPP... that is so scary! I'm really glad you guys are ok and that they caught the guy... how terrifying!

NVMom said...

MPP, thank God you are both ok. What a scary experience. About the noise, many thieves are very skilled at break-ins and can do it very quiety and quickly. Most homeowners won't hear a thing until they are already inside. It's not always the loud, glass-breaking thing you see on tv. I saw a show on Discovery channel about it. Anyway, take care. I hope you and your son can go do something relaxing and get out of the house today.

nyc mom said...

Wow, you and your son both sound incredibly brave! Having a stranger invade your home and safety like that must be upsetting on so many levels. You both reacted with courage and that's pretty impressive in such a scary situation.

CuriousDad said...

I am glad you are safe and had the presence of mind to get your son and call 911.

CuriousDad said...

You know every time I read the CL-WTF, it really gets me to thinking if I ever have a Nanny (or two). I really need to use one of those services and check backgrounds etc...

Chantel said...

Is #2 the same person that posted a few months back looking for someone to watch her Daycare kids? If so, she really needs to be shut down, and quickly.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I appreciate all of your kind words. I did not mean to monopolize the thread with my story. I hope all of you will continue Posting about the Ads our Readers sent in. They are the ones that make my job so much easier and I am really grateful for that.

mom said...

I'm so glad you're both safe and that they caught the guy. How horrible!
Is oyur little guy still frightened? It might take some time for him to get over that.

Marypoppin'pills said...

He was scared but I have told him that I was very proud of him and that he did a great job being "man of the house"... that lit his face up. (He says he wants to be a Cop now so that he can catch the bad guys.)
I think he will be ok, as will I, as soon as the jumpiness wears off.

Jane Doe said...

That's awful! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You should have let me know. :(

Well, I guess I couldn't do anything from here, but jeez. I hope you guys feel safe again in your home. So glad they got the asshole.

mom said...

MPP, Tell your little guy that I can tell from his picture that he is a very brave hero!
Maybe it would be a good time for him to start some karate lessons? Not only does it help kids gain confidence, learn self control and keep in good physical condition, but it also gives them a certain sense of control in a world that is becoming increasingly scary for all of us...especially kids. I swear, it is the best single thing we did as parents for our kids. (And I say that in hindsight. I never expected all of the benefits I now see they have gained form it.) They gained so many things that help them on so many levels that I can't even begin to list them all. My oldest started karate at 7 (slightly against my wishes because I WRONGLY thought it might cause him to be overly aggressive, or think fighting was a good thing. It is completely the opposite, in reality.) The younger two each started before they were 4 years old, and all of them stuck with it throughout high school (my daughter is still in high school, but going strong!) All of them are high level black belts and all of them would probably list that as their best and most proud achievement thus far. It's also a great sport because it allows kids to progress at their own speed...they learn that the harder they try and more they practice, the sooner they advance in belt levels. If they slack up they might miss a promotion. If they work extra hard, they might just get to promote early...just like real life.
Anyway, there's my karate commercial, for what it's worth. I just thought it might help your little sweetie feel some measure of control over "bad guys," during what you will probably find over time has been more frightening to him than he is able to express up front.

MinuteMuggle said...


My god! Sending you lots of love and am so proud of you and your little guy, so happy you are both safe.

TC said...

I can't imagine what you went through. I'm hearing impaired too due to a burst ear drum and scarring on my ear drums due to ear infections so I know how scary it is to not hear something.
Have you thought about installing lights? I know I've seen it used but I don't know what it's called each room has a light that will blink if the alarm goes off, that way you don't ever have to worry because you can't hear the alarm

CuriousDad said...

TC? Is that me? CD?
I have the same problem, uhg people around here have a hard time with me. Some days my hearing is great some days it isn't so great. :)

Phoenix said...

This is really sad that people are acting out like this. I feel sorry for our country. We are in tough times and no one seems to want to help anyone else. I don't have much but I give what little I have. The world is changing and the bad energy is radiating and spreading all over. I must say this is a sad time... to hear some thing like the first article is a real eye opener... God am I happy to be emoployed.

sdmom said...

mom, thanks for your "ad". I have been thinking about signing my 4-yo up for karate (she passes by a studio on her way to preschool and is fascinated, and wants to learn) and after reading your post, I think we definitely will try it.

MPP: I can't imagine how scary that must have been. Glad you guys are OK.

sdmom said...

Also: Jane, could you maybe have the horrible childcare news section under a link? The descriptions of the crimes against children are shocking to read when I click on this site and it's up at the top, and I would appreciate some warning.

Roxanne said...

What is wrong with #2?

Psyber Chica said...


I'm speculating many things regarding #2.

What if the parents do not even know she is bringing a stranger in to watch their kids? What if the parents are not even going to meet this stranger before they are allowed to watch their kids?

It's just strange to me that anyone would be ok with letting someone they just met watch children.