Saturday, August 22, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad: (All from the same poster)
1) 2 females lokking for a live in nanny or housekeeper postion (Norfolk)
hi we are two gay female that are in need of somewhere to go asap. we are currently on the streets because of a terrible situation we have been put through. we cant affford a lot right now and we would be willing to do house work or watch children in exchange for rent or we can pay up to 200 a month max right now. i know its not alot but we really cant afford much right now and we really need somewhere to go! if you can help us please text us at 757-383-**** u can call but we cant answer beacause of limted minutes but u can leave a message and we can call back as soon as possible we really have no way to the internet so please no emails please text my name is vanessa! thank you for your help and god bless !!! we are looking for a live in nanny or housekeeper /pay rent for a room.
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2) 2 female looking to be live in nanny (Norfolk)
hi our names is vanessa and ashlee and we are a gay couple we have been together for a year and a half. we are drug and drinking free and we have been a live in nanny for two other families. we are recently on the streets because of the last family we came to be a lve in nanny for! she had five kids and told bus she needed someone to come there and live and watch her children for free room seeing that it would be cheaper for a babysitter while she went back to school. well she told us it was her mom jouse but lead us to believe that her mom new we were heere and her mom lived in new jersey till about 2 weeks later her mom came home and no idea that people were livuing there and just kicked us to the streets and since then we have been homeless! we are very good with children and love to interact with them. we are respectful and honest clean and very laid back we get along with just about everyone. and never disrespect. we are looking to be a live in nanny for exchange of a free room/ IF YOU CAN HELP US PLEASE TEXT US AT 757-383-**** IF YOU CALL PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE WE REALLY CANT ANSWER BECAUSE WE HAVE A PREPAID PHONE AND DONT HAVE MUCH MINUTES BUT IF YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE WE CAN CALL BACK ASAP! NO EMAILS HAVE NO WAY TO INTERNET THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.
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3) looking to be a live in nanny/housekeeper (Norfolk)
hi our names is ashlee and vanessa we are 18 and 21 years of age we have been together for a year and half and not into that fighting or breaking up everydaywe are very stable in our relationship. and we are looking to be a live in nanny/housekeeper in exchange for room and board and utlities. we have expierence with children of all ages and we have watch up yo six kids at once. we have been through a rough time right now seeing as the last live in nanny postion we had we got scwered. We are drug and drinking free and do not party or stay oput late we are very mature and our partying days are over.we are very respectful laid back and very caring. we adore children and putting in are all. we also have 5 years of expierence in house cleaning. we are looking for a family that can except us for who we are. we are a gay couple and we have no problem hiding that from the children one is a fem and one dresses likes a tomboy. if you are intersted in us coming to your home to be a loving live in nanny please text us at 757-383-**** if u have to call please leave a message and one of us will call u back asap thank you for your time and have a blessed day.
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Lindsey said...

Is it me or is Norfolk just full of crazies? :P

Portlander said...

I just feel sorry for the girls who posted the first three ads. They seem very young and really desperate.

MissMannah said...

I'll admit it, I almost always apply for the "last-minute" babysitting jobs. A lot of the parents are desperate so they're generally willing to pay more. I always have an extensive phone conversation first and if the job starts after dark, my fiance will come with me to meet the parents, just to stay on the safe side. I've never had a problem with it, and have made some good contacts from it. However, I still think they're all nuts for hiring someone off craigslist without checking references.

As for #s 1, 2, 3...I think this is a very sad situation but I would never in my life hire these girls. For one thing, the spelling/grammar is atrocious. I think these girls need to get a job at McDonald's so they can get back up on their feet and then try to get nanny jobs, if that really is something they'd like to do for a career, doesn't sound like it though.

Speaking of atrocious spelling, I can't believe how many "nannies" try to market themselves when they clearly don't have any education. Who in their right mind would hire these people? The exception is #8. I don't really see why she is listed, except for maybe her usage of "It is a quiet, family and crime." and other grammatical errors. I think this is a language barrier sort of thing. She is Hispanic, and they build sentences differently than English speakers do. For having English as a second language, she spells beautifully.

#7 "Josh Brown" was amusing. I know some people have being babied as a fetish, I don't know why but they really get off on it. Assuming he doesn't want me to diaper him or breast feed him, I might just consider it because $25 an hour is hard to pass up!

#s 12, 13, 14...I hope these are all different Brittanys! Especially the last one looking for a cheap adoption. That sounds just a bit illegal to me. I wouldn't hire her to watch my kids because I would be afraid she'd try to buy them off me!

#19...$120 a week for 50 hours?! You have got to be kidding me. I like that she made a bilingual post but why did she say she'd be home at 4:30 in English but 5:00 in Spanish? I get $225 if I don't drive and then an extra $75 if I do? Whoa, big spender there!

#s 22 and 23...I always love it when a nanny goes off on these cheapskate parents. I always try to on our craigslist here in Tulsa but it is always flagged for removal within about a day.

#26...sadly $9 an hour is about the average here. (Actually most families tend to think it is above average for a baby. They use the old "he sleeps most of the time" excuse.) I would probably take this job, provided that in the contract we note that the overnights are few and far between., honey, I think you should just cancel your hair appointment.

#30...I see nothing wrong with this. I don't know how much the going rate in Madison is, but in Tulsa the high school kids expect to be paid about $5 for babysitting. I don't ever remember charging more than that until I was an adult.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I thought #8 was both precious and funny... not only for the mistakes you mentioned, MissMannah, but for this one also:

"My husband is military so it is not at home most of the time."

MissDeeCollegeStudent said...

I want to move to Norfolk! I want to work for crazy people!!!


I sent in 30 because parents are funny about pay here in Madison. There is no universal set starting pay for a babysitter, however, when I mention my rates are negotiable I find that parents run when they hear me say that. It's not that I am going to charge them an outrageous amount to watch their children. I won't personally babysit for under $10 per hour.

The gay couple's story was interesting.

Brittany scares me.

world's best nanny said...

I was just going to say the same thing!

I wonder which Norfolk it is as I know there are many.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Norfolk, Va.

VAnanny said...

I am from the Norfolk area and there are just as many crazies here as there are anywhere.

Someone is only looking at Norfolk said...

I think it isn't that there are more crazies in Norfolk but rather someone is only looking in that area. I am sure if I looked in just one other city I could find just as many ads.

VAnanny said...

Someone is looking:

I agree. Believe me, cities such as NYC, LA, Chicago, and Miami have their fair share of crazies!!!!

Just Me said...

I hope someone had the smarts to report the Brittany adoption ad to the authorities.

ahhh said...

What a creepy new picture!!

Ashley said...

MissDeeCollegeStudent..It is nice to see another person from Madison on here :) Do you currently work as a nanny?

Liv said...

haha, I'd breastfeed Josh for $25/hr.

nc said...


LOL! $25 an hour isn't too bad in this economy.

MissDee said...


Hey! FINALLY someone else from Madison is here...I was a nanny for the last year until the mother told me she didn't feel comfortable employing me anymore. I took her son to work with me (I work in a daycare) and she got charged for drop in fees. She then sent me a text message telling me I wasn't at the top of her list of priorites at this time.

Anyway, glad to meet you! Hopefully I'll see more of you on this blog...

Phoenix said...

No lie... I have seen these people that dress like babies.

I was in the grocery store one night about midnight and I look at the doors and in walks a white man about 250 ibs. around 6'3" I would say. I just glanced and then had to do a double take. This giant man was a giant man baby. He had a bonnet (pink) and he was wearing a light pink shirt with a collar and the three buttons. he had yellow suspenders that were holding up what I would assume was a sheet fastened to look like a diaper with a giant pink safety pin. He had onn pink shoes with white bows. No pants or shorts or anything. He carried a ginormous rattle and was sucking on a pacefier.

I didn't quite understand and that was one of those kinda things that you don't really ask the stranger next to you if they'd seen it too... so I left it alone thinking that this was a strange occurance.

The next day at work I was telling someone what I had seen. And he used to work at that store. He was like "Oh yeah! You mean David." I guess the giant babies name was David. His story was that he only came out of the house every now and then. He has a ton of money. I asked him how he got to the store because as far as I knew babies don't drive. He said that he would just come out of the house when his babysitter was sick and couldn't do it for him... and btw it was a diaper and he used it as a diaper... I was shocked and still am.

Ashley said...

I believe I remember you asking a question on here about that situation..(bringing your charge to daycare and the mom getting charged drop-in fees). I have nannied for a family for the last year who just moved to Steven's Point and now I am starting a new afterschool nanny job. I am curious how other Madison nannies feel about their nanny jobs? ie: How they're treated, pay rate, parents, etc. Its very nice to have someone on here from the same area :)


Bay Area Nany said...

Hey Phoenix,

That's really weird. At first I thought he could have been a raver since sometimes they dress a little like babies, but the guy you saw sounds different. I wonder what kind of normal "babysitter" would ever want to watch him? Maybe he pays $25/hr too?

Andria Lisle said...

the Phoenix baby was actually pretty famous -- and also the heir to the Popular Mechanics fortune! the New Times did a great story on him a few years ago: