Costco in Port Chester, NY

Received Saturday, August 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw a nanny at costco in port chester Friday. She was black, 5'5"-5'6", 230, built solidly, about 20-25 short hair in the shape of a helmet, white brand new looking tennis shoes, blue jeans, lilac colored polo. She was driving a very late model white Jeep --- and she had a little girl with blonde hair, long, one braid down the back, wearing pink and yellow striped shirt, the girl was about 4. The nanny lost her at one point in the store, granted for a short time and granted i was there to facilitate a quick reunion but I could have been a sikko and absconded with her. So I have my eye on this woman who is on her cell as she is shopping, right? When they get to the parking lot, the little girl goes running, bolting like lightening saying she wants to see the river. The nanny took too much time to run for her, in my opinion and she was already 1/2 way across the parking lot. Then weirdest of all, an old, white toyota corolla with rust on the underbelly pulls up next to her and she loads several cases and bags in to that small car. The driver of that vehicle was a black male with a shaved head, looked to be early twenties.


MissMannah said...

Doesn't seem weird to me. She was probably on the phone with her husband, doing grocery shopping for him and then he met her at Costco when she was finished to take the groceries home. That might be out of line and it might not. I once worked for a family who didn't mind me doing my family's shopping while on the clock. I would do their shopping too, and the children loved it.

However, I do agree she should have kept a closer eye on the child. This could be a negligent nanny or she and the child might have been having a bad day. The child could have been giving her trouble all day, running off when she knew she wasn't supposed to. We all have those days.

Either way, I think this sighting is a bit grasping for attention more than anything else.

just another mommy said...

I wouldn't call it grasping for attention. I think if someone has that feeling that something was off, then it is better to be safe than sorry and report it. It doesn't mean that this nanny will be fired, but she and the mom might be able to come to a better understanding of how to shop with a 4 year old. I know that my 4 year old boy is sometimes a handful while shopping, that's why I don't do Costco without my husband. He behaves better for daddy and it makes me feel more comfortable that way.

Anyway, my point is that sometimes looking at something from reading a story does not portray the problem as well as being there would.

MeaCulpaMannah said...

You're right, Mommy, it always is better to be safe than sorry. As a nanny, I tend to take the nanny's side, especially if it is something I've done in the past. Maybe nanny and parents had an agreement, maybe not. I shouldn't judge.

OP said...

The nanny put over half of the stuff in her nanny vehicle. The other half in the beater car. Yes, the family may know. But still. Why would he meet her there if it was on the up & up?

JacksMom said...

Come on, OP. Meeting her there isn't an indication that something's off. Maybe they live in the area and there were refrigerated and/or frozen things in her personal load of things. Having him meet her there is a lot more efficient than her schlepping their personal stuff to her job, particularly if he also drives her to work and she doesn't have her own car to reload her stuff into. There is nothing suspicious about this scenario AT ALL. I often go to Costco for work purposes and do personal shopping while I'm there. Of course, I pay separately for the two orders, which is what this nanny likely did as well.

When my kids were little, I never took them to the grocery store or Costco, because it was a HUGE hassle having to reign them in while we were there. I'm fortunate that I had that luxury, particularly after the time my husband momentarily misplaced our daughter in a department store... he turned around for one second and she slipped into the center of a circular clothing display for an impromptu game of hide & go seek. It was only after security shut down all the exits that she found him and told him he was "it." Hugely stressful and slightly embarassing for him. We laugh about it now.

Anyway, in the scheme of things, I suppose this is worth posting, but it's definitely not something that I think is worth getting too upset over.