Lyon Village Park in Arlington, VA

Received Saturday, July 11, 2009
nanny sighting logo Physical description of caregiver: Hispanic woman with fair skin, slender, around 5'7-5'8 ish. Dark brown hair in loose waves to the middle of her back. She had on a fancy dress to the knees. The dress was cream colored with small pink flowers, medium sized pink boxy type purse.
Physical description of involved child/children: One caucasian boy, I think his shirt was red. He had some kind of dinosaur on his shirt. Jean shorts.
Address or venue of observed incident: Lyon Village Park (1800 North Highland Street
Arlington, VA)
Date and time of incident: 7.10.09 at 12:15 P.M.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: The nanny was sitting with another hispanic nanny talking. The little boy looked to be about 18 months old. He kept trying to get out of his stroller but she wouldnt take him out. At one point the nannies took out pictures and were conversing about them. For about two minutes she did take the baby out of the stroller, she was holding him in a way that he was parallel to the ground and he kept trying to grab the cheerios that were on the street. ( park is partially paved so children can write in chalk, ride scooters on the paved road). She eventually set him down so that his knees were on the ground and she watched as he ate cheerios off of it.

I was so annoyed with this woman. Not one time was the toddler allowed to play on the equipment. She never got up and put him in the stroller or anything. Half of the time the little boy kept trying to get her attention, it just made me sad.


NannyDownSouth said...

That is just SOOO gross!!!

Bint Ethel said...

I was about to tell her, because I thought she didn't see him. But she looked down and just watched him eat the cheerios off the street.

world's best nanny said...