Saturday, July 4, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Babysitter with picture(s)!! (Binghamton)
Hi! my name is Brittney!! im a 12 year old girl. im very experienced with kids from the ages 1 && up. I will clean the mess's the children or child make. i shouldnt make any mess's if i do then somethings wrong with me! im very funny, like t play games with kids, and go outside and do alot of things with kids. my prices are very fair. thy are:
AFTER mindnite 50 Cents extra every hour. I love to cook too. I have references. I will work Hollidays as well. But it cost extra! and if theres more than 3 children it will also be a dollar extra every hour for each child - ONLY if theres more than 3 kids. On New Years Eve my rates double. on Christmas i only work in the Evening from 3PM or later. Black Friday my prices also double - ONLY because this will all happen early in the morning. I will have to meet with you bfore we start to work together. my mom will attend the meeting, maybe! i sometimes will have a helper with me. I will tell you first if i do. I'll call you back and tell you. Shes my cousin. Her name is Kimmy! I know CPR and first aid, and my saftey records are clean. You can get at me by emailiing me at my email (of course, lol) at pinkcandie0@**** - you will need to provide some imformation when you email me! you will have to provide - your phone number(s), kids names && ages, your name as long as every one else's name in your household, my hours i should approxminetly be working - a time ill start and approximate time i should be done, and if you want to know anything else tell me and you can call me to at 607-644-****, but only call m after 2PM. I will be camping at State Park from the 27 of June till the 6 of July, and i can Babysit on July 4! If you need me to i might be able to. soo you got my phone number, rates, email, backround, and just about everything else! and i almost forgott, when you email/call me your regualr/usual rate depends on the type or and how many kids yuou have! (saying that in a nice friendly way) Thank You very much for reading this. Please call me after 2PM only and you need to call/email me 5-3 days before you need me to babysit that way we can make are arrangements. and i will come about a half hour early, if its ok, so you can give me a tour of your home, go through the ground rules, bed times, and emergency numbers, and anyy other things you need to tell me, and if the kids im babysitting have any allergies or things their allergive to please tell me when you call/email me and if you have any pets they cant bite and have to be nice playfull pets. thank you! Brittney! and if your wondering who tose pictures are of their both me..the one with me wearing purple and white shirt....was before i got ready for my 6th grade dance and the other one is me holding 2 massogers in my hand at the store in the mall!!! a couple days after the dance!! LOL!!! soo call/email me!!! Thans and bye Brittney the 12 year old experienced fairly priced animal lover plying with kids outide inside and everywhere else cleaning cooking girl!! im multitaskedd 20 times...LOL see im funny. HAHA!! bye (for real this tiem) BRITTNEY!!!
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Nanny in San Diego said...

I personally do not think this post is too bad compared to some I have seen. This is just a typical 12-yr old who wants to start babysitting and she is trying to earn some extra money...maybe to help the family or buy stuff for her, like movies or clothes. Who knows? If they had CL when I was a kid, I might have posted a similar ad at this age. I think it's kinda cute by the way. :)
Kudos for her for taking the initiative. I think considering her age, it is quite typical of what a pre-teen would say.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Nanny in San Diego
I thought it was very cute... I had to put it up!

MinuteMuggle said...

number one is cute: she sounds like a good kid, maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a good kid. Maybe! Perhaps the ad was also fake: I noticed it was flagged for removal and no longer on CL. She did ask in her ad about all the names and ages of all people in the household. That I thought was weird. You just never know!

The best WTF to me was the mom who said "i'll need to do an interview beforehand. just a quick meet up at a starbucks or something to make sure you're not a skeezy pedophile." Eww. Just eww. Talk about having the tact of a moose.

The other ads are an assortment of horrific parents if you ask me: I would NEVER leave my child with a stranger at the last minute: I would rather miss work and get fired from my job than be forced to leave her with someone I did not know. I cannot believe these parents are putting ads out for sitters for the next day/that very day! It is crazy if you ask me. :(

Lola said...

I think number two is actually a cool idea. It doesn't seem like she's going to leave the girl alone with the babies or anything. She says she's going to watch your daughter while your daughter helps her with her babies. Great experience for a young girl, I think.

Blythe said...

I agree with Lola. The nine year old I look after is quite excited about being a mother's helper-- and I think it's great, as long as I am RIGHT THERE WITH HER. The ad sounds like a good opportunity for a kid to get some experience and have fun, as long as s/he isn't expected to be completely responsible for the babies.

Chantel said...

#7--I had a hand injury in high school that I couldn't get wet, but that didn't stop me from keeping my own body clean. Sounds like he's looking for a night cap more than a nurse.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

I'd consider hiring #1! haha. She sounds cute and needs some cash, I'm glad she's had that class - what a great start for her!

adriatic-sea said...

I want to bitch slap half of parents writing these ads and tell them if they cannot afford to pay someone a living wage to care for their child, then they should either not work or NOT have kids.

Kills me.

NVMom said...

#7 can't take care of himself because he hurt one hand? What's he doing with the other one? Wait, I don't really want to know. ;-)

Marypoppin'pills said...

LOL... thanks for the laugh, NVmom, I needed it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but she gave out way too much information and pictures of herself and there are too many sickos out there.

Amy said...

#19-Would prefer someone with a degree in education..good luck with that one..your only paying 5 something an hour..never in a million years would I do that.

22-Sorry, this is NOT really full time PAYING JOB. Perfect for recent arrivals as I can also help with immigration forms etc. Then you go on to say you need someone up to 40 hours a week. ON top of that you are looking to pay ONLY $200 a MONTH..I hope no one is crazy enough for this one...feel sorry for anyone that is taken advantage like this.

25-Monday-Friday 6:30 AM- 6:30/7:00 PM..And you paying how much per week?? lol To me it is common sense..either you can afford a nanny or you can not..if you offer $100 per week for that many hours a can not afford a nanny.

tea time said...

I love number 10. What a great family.

BmomTami said...

I like that #1 asks for everyone's names in the home. She (or her mom) are probably checking it against a sexual offender list in their area. She wouldn't want to be stuck in the house with a creepy uncle while watching babies. I would also hire her!

WTF? said...

Emailed #32 and told her that you can't expect to pay a nanny only $2.50/hr per kid, that they couldn't afford a nanny and should look in to quality childcare and the nasty ass sent me this response:

"For your information... I had over 10 phone calls in a couple hours. And I started getting the phone calls a couple minutes right after I posted the ad. I have NOT renewed the ad once, because people won't stop calling me. But this is a job opportunity ONLY for those who want to work. Obviously you DON'T have a job and that is why your were looking at my ad. Get your lazy butt off the couch and start doing something. It's better to have a job that will pay you $5.00 an hour, than have NONE. Now... I don't know why you are even wasting your time to tell me I can't afford a nanny... oh.. I forgot... you must have a lot of time to spare... since you DON'T have a job."


alarm bells said...

I don't know about #1... I really hope it is really just a gregarious 12 year old, but I'm a little worried that it might be fake. There are just some things about it that strike me as sounding like a creepy guy's idea of a 12 year old, instead of a real 12 year old... like the fact that she includes a picture of herself holding 2 "massagers". I haven't clicked on the picture but those "massagers" are often used as vibrators. I would hope that NO ONE replies to this ad with their home address and their kids names/ages without getting on the phone first and verifying that this girl actually exists. Just to be on the safe side. I hope I'm wrong.

mom said...

I personally wouldn't let my teenage daughter take babysitting jobs off of Craigslist. The girl in #1 does sound bubbly and sweet, however when I got to the end I was somewhat puzzled as to the description of her photos. Did she describe holding up two vibrators, or what?
So I looked and the ad was flagged for removal...which makes me wonder of the pictures were actually something like that.

Which makes me wonder if it was not actually a real ad, but maybe one of those lead in ads specifically intended to attract pedophiles. No little girl who went to such pains to sound as professional and responsible as possible would then go on to add pictures of herself holding sex toys to the ad. It doesn't make any sense at all. And it sounds like her mom is in on the whole thing, so don't you think she might have nixed the whole picture thing altogether...let alone the "massagers" photo being posted on line? Then again, maybe she did and that's why it's flagged for removal. If so, that little girl will probably be having a long boring summer locked in the house.

Jacqueline said...

Anyone else disturbed by #21 wanting you to babysit in your own home because she "doesn't know you that well." It baffles me that parents will entrust their children to a stranger but they are uncomfortable with them being alone in their home, around their material stuff! Ridiculous!

AwesomeNanny said...

Does number 7 really want someone to help him undress and shower?!?!?!

Cranberry said...

Number one sounds a little fake.Most 12 year olds grammar and spelling isn't that bad. And I agree with"alarm bells", it sounds like what a creepy old man thinks a twelve year old would say.