Abusive Nanny Seen Hurting Toddler "Cara" in front of 112th Street/Riverside Drive Playground

Received Saturday, June 27, 2009
Physical description of caregiver: Large (5'7" or taller), heavyset (170 lbs. plus) medium-dark skinned woman with a Caribbean accent, hair medium length wearing a headband, possibly in her 30s, in the company of another nanny (dark-skinned, older woman in charge of two older part-Asian children on scooters).

Physical description of involved child/children: Toddler girl named "Cara", probably about 18 months old, medium length blonde/light brown slightly curly (in the back) hair parted on the side with khaki colored pants, light-colored shirt.

Address or venue of observed incident: On the path in front of the 112th Street Riverside Drive Tot Lot. The nannies were parked at the bench.

Date and time of incident: Today (June 26th, 2009), 10:30 a.m.

Detailed description of what you witnessed:
I had taken my daughter to the 110th Street playground and we were turning towards home. I looked up and noticed a toddler walk a little ways on the path and then abruptly sit down. I remember thinking it was lucky she hadn't sat in a puddle. The nannies were 20 or so feet away from her. My daughter said something, so I looked down. Then I heard a woman yelling, "_GET_ _UP_! GET UP! CARA, GET UP!" I looked up and saw the nanny come over to the little girl, grab her by the right arm and _yank_ her to her feet so hard she dangled, then bounced, then march/drag her toward the bench. Halfway there she swatted her on the behind. I then heard (no surprise) crying. This woman picked her up so hard she could have dislocated her shoulder, and then she hit her. As I kept walking towards them I noticed that the toddler was staying as far away as possible from her nanny. The nanny kept saying, in a hard, mean tone, "Cara, come here. Come here. Come here." I confronted the nanny and told her what I saw. She tried to lie and pretend that I hadn't seen anything, but I gave her a detailed description and told her that I would be informing Cara's parents of what she had done as soon as I saw them. Then she looked scared. The sad part for me is that I don't know Cara or her parents! I am posting this here in just in case they read this. I will be on the lookout for them and I will be watching this nanny. The other nanny she was with was clearly interested in lying to cover for her friend. When I left they were sobered and silent. I hope I did the right thing.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: I didn't see any of these details, I am sorry. I would recognize the nanny and the child again.


Marypoppin'pills said...

Excellent Post, OP.
Thank you.

Prohibia La Reventa said...
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ChiNanny said...

Excellent post. Hopefully you see Cara and her parents at some time in the future.

CrabbyMissDee said...

I'm guessing this sighting took place in NYC, but I could be wrong. Reagardless of where it took place this nanny should be dragged in the same manner she did to this child, and see how nanny likes it.

OP: Do you know if there is a sign in sheet or playground monitors? Perhaps you could find out who the parents are that way. Another option is if you have a camcorder, take it to the park and go on a stakeout. I am sure you will see this awful nanny again. I would film her abuse and go to the police station. They can find out where the little girl lives and could possibly alert her parents. If the nanny did this at the park, I can only imagine what she is like when she is not in public. Scary.

mom said...


world's best nanny said...

I think this nanny should be tracked down and fired.
I would even consider pressing charges.

park slope nanny said...

I think u did the right thing. Unfortunately because u dont know the parents this nanny will try to stay away from this park in the hopes of missing you. But please still keep a lookout for her, because as they say "better late than never" Keep a camera or camera phone handy next time also.

Good job

Only Dad Here said...

Oh man that is so scary. I'm sure this Nanny came accross as so sweet in her original interview. Poor kid, poor unsuspecting parents.


Mary said...

This is so scary! Bad nannies is just one of the reasons why I chose to be a hands-on mom. I just hope you were able to tell her parents but too bad you didn't know them. Let's hope they soon find out what the nanny did to Cara.