New Roc in New Rochelle, NY

Received Wednesday, May 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw a black woman with a red shirt, black pants, black slide in tennis shoes at new roc in new rochelle. She was with a boy who was about 5. He had thick dark hair, pale skin, black boy sandals, long khaki shorts and a white polo shirt on. She dragged him about 40 feet by his arm to get on the escalator with her saying very loudly that she wanted to look at a jersey and he would learn to sit tight. As if that was not enough, once on the escalator, she did something else to him and he yelled ouch and tried to run back down the escalator. She turned and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back. He fell to his knees on the steps. At this point, they were already past half way up the escalator, he could have seriously fallen. This woman had mean and control freak written all over her. I followed her to the sports store up there and tried to take a picture of her with my cell phone camera but I could not get a good shot and then she spotted me, and well, like I said, this woman was mean. I did not need her coming after me.

One thing that might help identify her is she had a lot of little moles or skin tags around her eyes and nose. She was probably in her late 40 or early 50s. This was yesterday at around 5.


world's best nanny said...

I hope someone spotted this bitch, or at the very least seen this post.
People like this woman should not be allowed around animals, let alone children.
Poor kid is probably scared of this woman everyday!

MinuteMuggle said...

I think escalators with children are so dangerous. I always prefer the elevator if they have one. If this child was walking, they also could have used the stairs, which I think are safer.

To be quite frank, although this woman does not sound like nanny of the year (I am assuming the "jersey" she wanted to look at was for herself and I don't think you should drag children on your shopping when you are on the clock) also yelling at the boy/ sounds like she was snapping at him, still and all, he sounds like he was being difficult to handle. If he tried to run back down the escalator, it doesnt neccesarily mean that he is scared of the nanny. He could have been misbehaving. What was she supposed to do, let him run back down? She most likely grabbed him so that he would not fall. Sounds dicey to me.

Thank you, OP. I hope the parents see this so that they can investigate further.

a regular poster said...

There are a good amount of security guards at this place. I would think it would not have been terribly hard to alert one to say that you saw something that looked very suspicious. People need to know that they cannot get away with treating children this way.

me said...

sounds like the kid is a BIG BRAT!

itsbeenalongday said...

The kid may very well be a brat..but the nanny's actions put the child in a dangerous position.
Children act up..some of them always,
some often,some only when tired or cranky..point is nanny needs to lead by example with a firm but loving discipline. Dragging a child by the arm is neither.

Sprak said...

Wow, this monster paired with an escalator and a child could cause serious harm. Hopefully, she'll be outed and outsted. Speaking up might have caused her to do something that would have guaranteed her job loss. I understand your hesitation but knowing me, I couldn't have stopped myself from confronting the B*tch.

WTF? said...

OMG, it doesn't matter if the child was a "brat" (grrrrrrr, I so hate that word when referring to children.) The nanny turned this in to such a dangerous situation. You don't f*ck around with escalators like that. What if the child's clothing had been pulled in and he'd become entrapted. People have lost limbs and even died from that.