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Friday, May 22, 2009
Man Charged in Attempted Sexual Assult at Daycare - St. Louis, MO
A 19-year-old man was charged today with two felonies for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a child at a St. Louis daycare center.

Thomas Washington, 19, of St. Louis faces one count of first-degree attempted statutory sodomy and one count of first-degree attempted statutory rape, St. Louis police said.

Washington is accused of trying to molest a 3-year-old girl Wednesday night at the Dependable Home Day Care at 5918 Lillian Avenue, according to police.

Police Arrest Babysitter on Abuse Charge - Post Falls, Idaho
Police are investigating a Post Falls woman accused of abusing an infant several times during the past year.

Post Falls Police say they have arrested 20-year-old Stephanie R. Coppernoll, who was hired about a year ago to be the babysitter for the 15-month old boy and his older brother.

Investigators say the toddler has suffered three broken bones and was taken to the hospital again this week for an evaluation of an arm and leg.

Police: Mom Killed Boy, Buried Him in Playground Sand - New Mexico
A 23-year-old woman suffocated her son and then buried his body beneath the sand of a playground, police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said Thursday. Police arrested Tiffany Toribio about 4 a.m., just hours after they said they wanted to speak to her about her missing 3-year-old son, Ty.

Family members had contacted authorities, saying her son matched the description of a boy found Friday at an Albuquerque playground. Police Chief Ray Schultz said she confessed to killing the boy soon after being apprehended.

"She placed her hand over her son's mouth and nose and suffocated him. She had second thoughts about what she did. She performed CPR on her son, brought him back to life and then decided to go forward with that original act she had started to commit," Schultz said.

Toribio was charged with first-degree murder and an array of other charges, including abuse of a child under 12 that caused death. (continued)

Ex-Teacher's Aide Charged With Repeated Molestation - Burlington, VT
A former Chittenden County teacher's aide accused of repeatedly molesting a young boy over the course of several years pleaded not guilty in Burlington court Thursday to charges against him.

Douglas Cavett, 43, of Milton, was arrested Wednesday by detectives from the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations after the alleged victim came forward with the allegations of sexual abuse, police said.

Police initiated a search of Cavett's home on Wednesday. Police said Cavett came home during the search and then tried to flee the scene. Police arrested him on a dead-end road in Milton.


UNIDAD said...

What happened to the "mary poppins" fake nanny sighting? It's been completely removed it looks like. WHat's the deal?

MinuteMuggle said...

This is just horrible. I feel so awful reading these news reports. What makes a person, a mother do things like this? We really do live in a sick, sick world. I of course get frustrated with my child but to ever do anything to hurt them is just...there are just no words for people like this. I hope the mother who killed her son fries for this. She is the lowest form of life, in my opinion.

world's best nanny said...

What kind of mother would murder her child? That child was real to her before it was real to anyone else! For those moms out there you know what I mean, those little butterfly feelings when they first start to move and then that hard kick that wakes you up at 2 am. How can you harm something that was a part of you? And how can you do that, bring him/her back to life and then go thru with it anyway? Lock this nutcase up!

cali mom said...

Yeah, I think that is the sickest part of this whole sickening act. That she performed CPR and revived hom, THEN murdered him a second time. I always think, when I hear that people like this are put on a suicide watch, "why bother"? Save the taxpayers some money.

MinuteMuggle said...

WBN and Cali mom:
I could not agree more.

Amy said...

All stories are very distrubing to me. The one where the mom kills her kid and buries him in sand. For her sake and ours, I hope she does not have any other children. It is also my hope that she is never allowed to be around any child ever again. That is the doing of a really sick and twisted mind.

As far as the teacher assistant goes. Being a cert. teacher myself, this is very distrubing. I really do doubt that this is the first child this person has sexually abused. I wonder if they completed all the background checks that are needed. There is a good chance this person seeked out this job, for only the purpose to find kids to abuse. Which is also very sick and twisted.