CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 23, 2009
.... What?!

1) I need a sitter (Englewood)
Im looking for somewho who can be on-call throughout the week (*mostly overnights) to babysit my 3-1/2 year old and my 8 month old...If u really dont have a life (maybe a hs/college student over 18) and want to make sum extra money, I need u...serious inquiries only...Must be good with kids and be mobile...No experience is necessary...prefer some1 outgoing, and fun yet responsible and & drink & cable are available to b_ent05@****
Im not rich, so dont come to me talking about u charge $10/hr...Lets be reasonable about the price...prefer price-per-day or week...not hr!! I live in the englewood area, so if your nearby please let me know!
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Kim said...

Ha ha, #4. A 5 year old and 20 month old take care of themselves and only need meal prep and they'll clean up after themselves. Amazing I've never met a 20 month old who can take care of herself all day.

Blythe said...

Kim, that's exactly what I was going to say. I love all of these advertisements, claiming that their children are "independent" or take care of themselves.


NVMom said...

It's actually very sad because that's probably how these kids are raised by their parents. They are probably attention-starved and can really be prey for someone with the wrong intentions.

BTW, what's with the 'free rent' to be our slave, trend going on here?! #2 is a flat-out lie. She promises 35 hours a week, but the then says Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm (9 hours!), plus one weekend day off. So what happens the other weekend day? Plus, these people are way too demanding for what they are offering.

MinuteMuggle said...

These ads are crazy. Obviously they were written by people who either a) have done no research on nanny salaries or b) people who just don't care. The bottom line is that you cannot get something for nothing.

Also, I don't think these people really know what a nanny is. If they did, they would know that they cannot/will not afford them. If you need a babysitter, say babysitter. But gosh, even the ads looking for babysitters were ridiculous!

As far as claiming "free rent!" this is crazy. Everybody knows that when you hire a live-in nanny, room and board should be included, above and beyond the fair pay that a nanny is entitled. I have never been a live-in nanny, but I can imagine that it would be extremely challenging to actually immerse yourself in their home life. Definitely worth more than minimum wage!

These people are wackos!!!!!!! God help them, and God help their kids.

Lindsey said...

I can't even believe #3, I emailed them the following;

Are you insane? You expect someone to take care of your infant, and clean your house for no pay? What planet are you on? What about a persons, car, car insurance, cell phone, credit card bills, spending money? At most you could say $500 for room, $200 for utilities, and maybe $100 for food if y ou provide it, and these prices are on the very high side. Who can live of $800 a month? You should be offering room and board plus at least $800-$1200 in pay. What would you do if your boss said come to work and I will pay your rent and utilities only? How would you buy diapers and wipes, and clothes, and pay for your car. Maybe you should sit down and go over your finances before you insult someone and make them your slave. Don't take advantage of someone because the economy sucks and you can probably find someone desperate. Remember you get what you pay for, you don't want to come home to your baby not breathing because the stressed out nanny who got paid nothing couldn't take all the work and shook your baby. If you do find someone who will work for slave wages, please do your baby a favor and install a nanny cam.

just another mommy said...

#3 – These “live-in nanny/housekeeper” positions where you get no pay to watch the kids all day….do people really take these jobs? And if so, why? It’s as though they are a sahm.

#4 – Seriously, what 20 month old (less than 2 years old) do you know that “cleans up after themselves”? That’s crazy!

#8 – 4.7 years old?? That’s worse than the moms who say 32 month old! Good for a laugh, though.

#12 – based on the difference between working part-time for that lady (which it’s 36 hours a week, I don’t think that is really considered part time) and the amount for just being a roommate, this poor person is only going to get “paid” 2.43 an hour. And not actually paid that amount, either…just having it taken off the rent. This is just unbelievable that anyone would take such a job!

I really love the ads with angry responses! It's good to know that at least some of these people will actually hear how stupid their ads are.

cali mom said...

So #8 is offering to pay the right pedophile $2.66/hr to do as they please with her kids for 15 hoours. Doesn't get much better than that.

Nanny Taxi said...

#12 Free rent and you have to stay on the second floor guest bedroom all day. What is mom doing down there? You think she's covering the room in draperies, slapping on a head scarf and busting out the crystal ball?

Allison said...

You couldn't pay me enough to babysit in Englewood. For sure one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

fox in socks said...

She has a palatial home and she doesn't even know how to spell it . . .

Christina said...

Nanny Taxi,
You'd be surprised at what some of these SAHM/D do.

My first nanny job (for an 11 year old in the summer, no less) I found out much later that the mom was an online psychic after she asked me to design some graphics for her website. (Think of the crappy coding on old geocities websites.)