CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, April 25, 2009
.... What?!

* Not CL... but worthy of being our Feature Ad:

1) Opinionated Child & Butt Sniffing Dog Need Nanny ASAP (Houston TX)
Busy! Very giving and the chosen Nanny will become family to us. We're very humorous and like to occasionally have a drink and BBQ. Love the beach we live by. We need someone to be the backbone of our family. You can't get grossed out by misdirected pee pee streams or dog farts. You've got to be able to wipe tears and boogies. It's fairly easy to figure our what a 6 year old needs. It's finding out what he doesn't need that's the task. Just help take care of us. A non-smoker. My son, Casey, would like me to add: he wants someone who... isn't taller than me (wtf?), who has a baby he can play with or will take him to the park, likes Xbox and bacon, is nice, likes coloring and movies, and will give him quarters for the vending machines. "And that's completely it, mom." We're opening a Bait Camp & Seafood Market in Freeport, TX (lookit up). It use to be called Beach Bait & Tackle. My Boyfriend, Donnie, is a commercial fisherman...he catches shrimp. Yes, like Bubba Gump; sort-of. My son, Casey Blaise, is highly opinionated and bored. He's really good in school, gifted & talented crap and all but he gets very bored very quick. Yeah, most kids do. Toys get blown up with firecrackers around here and the BBQ pit is always going. You'll need to take care of Charlie. He's a 2 y/o American Bulldog & Boxer mix. He's a big luggof 100#. Don't like big dogs? Don't apply.We are searching for someone ReaL. We swear. *gasp* I drink a single drink in the evenings sometimes. Our dog is slightly unmannered and may sniff your butt. My son has developed this little thing called an opinion and he will express it liberally. He's in gifted & talented for kindergarteners; which, I think means he can cut in a straight line and doesn't eat glue. If you choose to include housekeeping and cooking in your duties you would become gold to me. I need an assistant MoM. Don't let the dog pee on the carpet, don't let my son pee on the toilet seat. Oh, he will. I love my son to death. I don't think you'll meet a kiddo quite like mine but then again, everyone thinks their child is the best ever right? We prefer a live-IN. You will have a car to drive, you will have shopping money and you will have your hands full. We do prefer a younger girl who does not smoke and has no social life. (Hah!) I don't want someone who has a lot of theories on the right way to raise kids because I'm just trying to do what's best for him. I'm willing to learn from you, but not about parenting. Teach me Frisbee .. Do not tell me to put star stickers on a good boy chart. I hate stickers. adrianballew@**** Weekly cash salary negotiable. No fancy experience required. You must pass a drug test and a background check to take care of my boys.
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just another mommy said...

#2 – advertising that you have a lot of valuables in the house is not smart. Plus, if the person is being paid by the state, it’s more likely that they will be taking in multiple children and thus doing care in their own home.

#3 – Children lead to emergencies, no medical problem necessary!  Oh, and your smoking around the children could lead to medical problems involving emergencies as well. What are you thinking??

#10 – Your three year old will play computer games all night?? Seriously? I have a three year old son and he likes his webkinz, but only plays for about 10 minutes and then he’s ready to be active again. No all night on the computer for him.

#21 – You expect to find someone who has never called in sick? Do you want a nanny who is willing to spread their sick germs around to the kids?

#23 – Does she mean she can’t afford the $300 - $400 a week, because I imagine that $30-40 is a small price to pay for two days of daycare.

#25 - $4 to $5 an hour is what you would pay a sahm in her home while she was watching other children, not for someone coming into your home and exclusively watching your one child.

stellarlikewoah said...

just another mommy--

I submitted this one. After I read it, I replied to her asking if she'd made a mistake and meant 300... She replied and went off about how money is tight and 30 a week was not doable.

Kim said...

Some of these are obviously looking for high school students but calling them "Nannies"

I hate how that has become a catch-all term for anyone who watches a child.

world's best nanny said...

I live in Massachusetts. The CraigsList killer is all anyone is talking about. I know he cruised the "exotic" ads, but I am afraid that there will be some copycat who will collect victims from any section of CraigsList. Even if one of these ads were offering $1000 weekly and a Jag for my use I'd still run in the other direction.

DT said...

I was wondering if someone was going to mention the craigslist killer. I have to admit, I'm a bit spooked and even though I have found jobs through it on the past, I think I may go through an agency this time.

I wonder if other nannies or parents are taking precautions? Meeting at a public park or coffee shop perhaps?

WTF? said...

How do ads looking for dog sitters keep ending up here? I think this is at least the second time I've seen an ad featured where childless people are seeking a dog nanny and it gets posted. WTF? indeed.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

If I was single and lived in TX I would totally apply for #1. LOL. That sounds hilarious.

UNOME said...

That feature ad is priceless.

In a round about way she is simply saying her son is a brat with a capital B! God help his nanny!